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Diet for esophageal hernia – menus and recipes

Diet for esophageal hernia - menus and recipes

The hernia of the esophagus is one of the most common diseases, suggesting a treatment only with surgical intervention. After the operation, there is a long period of rehabilitation, where the diet should be reviewed.

Symptoms, such as complete or partial interruption of the passage through the intestines of the content, frequent constipation, indicate an exacerbation of the disease. Diet and rational menu. Proper nutrition for esophageal hernia is the basic principle of recovery.

Effective hernia treatment with diet.

The diet for esophageal hernia is incredibly effective and useful. The treatment of this disease with the help of a diet implies a complete change in the diet, elaborating the correct menu for the week, from foods that reduce the symptoms that accompany the disease.

Diet properly compiled (diet) help reduce symptoms such as:

  • heartburn
  • nausea
  • chest pain
  • Increased acidity in the stomach, etc.

Dietary treatment for hernia of the esophagus is based on adequate nutrition. This reduces painful symptoms and speeds up the process of stomach recovery.

What should be the food?

Diet for esophageal hernia - menus and recipes

What should food with a hernia of the esophagus be?

  • Total rejection of food products that can cause greater gas formation.
  • Nutrition according to the grazing method (eat at least 6 times a day at 3-hour intervals).
  • The recipes of the dishes must be exclusively of thermally treated products.
  • Exclude overeating on a diet and after it.
  • To refuse nocturnal food, the last intake is no later than 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Use enveloping and vitaminized foods.

In the treatment of a hernia of the esophagus with a diet, it is very important to pay close attention to the water-salt balance, that is, observe the drinking regime.

Drinking is at least a liter and a half of water per day.

From the diet, it is necessary. eliminate spicy and fatty foods, It contributes to the irritation of the mucous membranes in the stomach, and also weighs it down.

Also during the dietary treatment for hernia of the esophagus. do not consume alcohol, strong hot drinks (Coffee and tea). This prohibition is due to the fact that these foods cause an increase in acidity, which will create painful sensations.

During the treatment of esophageal hernia in the menu, you should Minimize the quantity of baked goods., Fermented milk products, all kinds of cabbage, beans and grapes.

The main recommendations in the preparation of the menu for a diet with hernia of the esophagus:

  • The menu of the diet should contain foods that contribute to the slight envelope of the esophagus and improve its fermentation (boiled porridge).
  • Recipes of low fat varieties of fish and meat, which are steamed, boiled and cooked: this is the most useful food, after surgery to remove a hernia of the esophagus.
  • Include a large amount of boiled vegetables on the menu. From the favorite fruits you can make recipes for desserts and salads.
  • The soup diet is applied the first month after the operation. This food includes recipes for vegetable broths, soups and light broths.

Diet and menu for the week.

Diet for esophageal hernia - menus and recipes

The diet for esophageal hernia with high acidity can include such products:

  • Bananas
  • green apples
  • green beans
  • soaked peas
  • the carrot
  • broccoli
  • oatmeal
  • durum wheat pasta
  • bran bread
  • Skimmed milk, yogurt, cottage cheese.
  • Lean types of meat (rabbit meat, chicken, otter, quail)
  • fish
  • rice toast
  • baked potatoes, etc.

Diet for esophageal hernia - menus and recipes

Menu for hernia of the esophagus – a diet for a week:


  1. Breakfast Semolina with soy milk, tea with lemon balm, apple soufflé.
  2. Second breakfast: two apples
  3. lunch Rice soup in chicken broth, without adding zazharki. Dehydrated bread in oven 2 pcs. Baked Potatoes With Cheese 3 Pcs.
  4. Tea time Dry cookies and tea.
  5. Dinner Beef stew with green beans.
  6. 3 hours before bedtime: Kefir 0-1% with the addition of herbs and fresh ginger.

On Tuesday

  1. Cheese omelet, marshmallow 2 units, Green tea.
  2. Cottage cheese with berry jam, fresh apple-carrot.
  3. Meat steak chops, mashed potatoes in the water.
  4. Vegetable salad with kefir.
  5. Stuffed Pepper (Beef With Chicken Fillet).
  6. Jelly Fruits.


  1. Light sandwich of cheese, cucumber and lettuce, dried biscuits, tea.
  2. Baked apples with cottage cheese and honey.
  3. Lavash Roll with chicken fillet of vegetables and sour cream.
  4. Grilled veal cutlet, cut from fresh vegetables.
  5. Protein omelette


  1. Buckwheat milk, green tea, oatmeal cookies.
  2. Pumpkin puree soup, steamed custard meat pies, berry jelly.
  3. Tincture of rose hips with cookies.
  4. Grilled red mullet with vegetables, bergamot tea.
  5. A glass of skimmed milk.

On Friday

  1. Vegetable salad with feta cheese and olives, tea, milk jelly.
  2. 2 bananas
  3. Soup with peas and broccoli, rice crackers, buckwheat over water with boiled chicken fillet.
  4. Apple sandwich, soft cheese.
  5. Grechaniki with ground beef from kolyatiny, boiled beetroot, cottage cheese with dried apricots.
  6. Baked eggplant and pepper.


  1. Oatmeal with berries, dried cookies, tea.
  2. Fruit with kefir.
  3. Quail soup with eggs and steaks, boiled potatoes with vegetables.
  4. Banana yogurt
  5. Baked mushrooms with chicken and cheese, vegetable salad with olive oil and chopped nuts.
  6. Green vegetable salad.

On Sunday

  1. Yogurt, rosehip tea, bread with honey.
  2. Baked apples with nuts and honey.
  3. Spinach puree soup, millet porridge with steamed chicken chops, lettuce leaves.
  4. Low-fat yogurt with fruit (banana, kiwi)
  5. Stew with whiting vegetables, tomato and radish salad, seasoned with sour cream, chicory.
  6. Milkshake on skim milk.

Useful recipes

Diet for esophageal hernia - menus and recipes

Diet recipes for esophageal hernia can diversify the weekly diet with tasty and healthy dishes. Despite a series of restrictions on the choice of products, in the treatment of diet, recipes can always be quite nutritious and original.

Fish soup recipe for the diet menu for esophageal hernia

Diet for esophageal hernia - menus and recipes

Fish soup


  • Pike perch carcass 1 pc.
  • Processed cheese 1 pc.
  • onion 1/2 piece
  • carrot 1/2 piece
  • Laurel leaf 2 pcs.
  • greens


  1. Sudak must be washed, cleaned and gutted thoroughly.
  2. Cut the fish in portions and send in boiling water, drain the first broth.
  3. Then pour the fish with cold water and put on fire.
  4. Add the bay leaf, ½ onion and the carrot.
  5. After 30 minutes, remove the vegetables from the broth, cut the carrots into cubes.
  6. Cut the processed cheese into cubes and put the fish.
  7. Once the cheese has completely dissolved, add the vegetables to the ready soup.
  8. A little bit of salt.

Beet Salad With Prunes

Diet for esophageal hernia - menus and recipes

Beet salad

It can not be used in daily nutrition for the treatment of esophageal hernia, it can only be used in the diet every 2 days.


  • boiled beet 1 pc.
  • prunes 50-100 g
  • walnuts 20 g
  • olive oil


  1. The beets should be peeled and grated on a coarse grater.
  2. Soak in boiling water for 15 minutes.
  3. Then put it on a towel and let it cool.
  4. Chop at random and add to the beet.
  5. Grind the nuts in a blender and mix with the rest of the ingredients in the recipe, season with butter.

Banana Souffle Recipe For use in the treatment of diet with hernia of the esophagus.

Diet for esophageal hernia - menus and recipes

Banana Soufflé


  • Bananas 3 pcs.
  • honey 50 ml
  • Cottage cheese 0% 100 g
  • raisins without seeds 50 g


  1. The raisins should be washed and pour boiling water for 20 minutes.
  2. The cheese is curdled through a fine sieve and beaten with a blender until smooth.
  3. Mash bananas with a fork.
  4. Mix all the ingredients prepared for the recipe: honey, cottage cheese, bananas and raisins and place for half an hour in a heated oven at 200 ° C.

Conclusion: Diet treatment for esophageal hernia (orifice of the diaphragm) is a fairly long and thorough form of recovery, the most innocuous method of treating a disease. By reviewing the forms and mode of nutrition, the patient can improve their health and accelerate recovery.

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