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Exercises for biceps at home.

Exercises for biceps at home.

Inflated hands: the dream of all men who want to get an athletic figure. It is the pumping of the biceps that receives the most attention both in the gym and at home.

For an effective pumping of the biceps, like any other muscle, you must perform a series of exercises, control the proper functioning of the technique, observe the rest regime and control your diet. A set of properly selected exercises will help in the shortest time possible to develop the muscles of the upper arm.

How to pump your biceps?

Biceps: muscle of the biceps shoulder, formed by long and short parts, each of which has its own head. Directly below the biceps is the shoulder muscle, which when performing the exercises systematically, as if pushing it up, visually increased the size. For proper growth and restoration of the biceps, a complex of exercises for a muscle is performed no more than 2 times per week.

The duration of a workout should not last more than 10-15 minutes, otherwise the muscle can overload.

Contrary to popular belief, when a muscle group is pumped, others are involved. For example, when performing exercises for the biceps, triceps, back and press are involved.

However, to give a figure an athletic appearance, attention must be paid to all parts of the body, therefore, it is recommended to perform a series of exercises not only to pump the arms, but also the biceps of the thigh.

Beginners should perform exercises to pump the biceps slowly, learning and memorizing the correct technique of execution. It is best to start with 5-6 repetitions of an exercise, increasing the intensity after a couple of weeks of training at 7-9.

It is recommended at the beginning to do exercises with weights (dumbbells, bar) with low weight, gradually increasing the load.

Biceps exercises with dumbbells.

Exercises for biceps at home.

Strength training for men helps pump the muscles of the biceps and increase their volume. The duration of training for beginners does not matter, because it is important to strictly control the correct technique of execution.

The weight of the load should be increased gradually. One of the most effective strength training for biceps pumping is dumbbell exercises. You should start by doing 3-4 exercises for 6-7 repetitions each in 3 sets.

Warming up before training will warm up all the muscles, prepare them for power loads and, therefore, it’s worth giving at least 10 minutes. As an exercise, you can do push-ups, squats, jump rope.

Exercises for biceps with dumbbells at home:

  • Folding the arms with dumbbells. Sit in the chair, taking dumbbells. Flex and extend the arms in the joints of the elbow. When exhaling, the hand should bend, and with a sigh – without bending.
  • Weight lifting with hammer method. Stand up straight. Hands with a load in the lowered position, expanding the brush in the direction of the hips. Alternatively, raise your arms with dumbbells to your shoulder. When performing the exercise, the back should remain level, the legs should not be pulled off the floor. While fully flexing one arm, the other should remain tight and slightly bent at the elbow. In each position, it needs to be fixed for a couple of seconds.
  • Weight lifting standing. Stand up straight, your back should be level, your legs are slightly bent at the knees. Take a dumbbell, turning your palms towards your hips. Gently bending the arms on the elbow alternately lift the weights on the shoulder. Look at the immobility of the shoulder part.

We balance biceps in the gym.

Exercises for biceps at home.

In any gym there are specialized simulators: the Scott bench and the bicep machine, which will help pump the biceps. The main thing is to follow the technique of correct exercise, breathing and the stable position of the body in the simulator.

For the maximum load on the pumped muscles, you must remain a couple of seconds at the time of the heaviest point of lifting the bar or dumbbell.

Exercises for biceps in the gym:

  • Flexion of arms in the bicep machine. Sit in the bank, choose the desired weight. Put your elbows on special supports. Adjust the support so that the elbows are flush with the shoulders. Hands to take the handle and to exhale lift it. The shoulders should remain motionless. Fix the position for a couple of seconds. While inhaling, gently lower the handle to the starting position.
  • Lifting the EZ bar at Scott’s bank. The initial position can be sitting and standing. The most important thing is to adjust the height of the support in such a way that when the bar is raised, the body is stopped. Lower grip take the projectile, the arms bent at the elbows should be in the support. Inhaling, raise the bar to the chest. Fix the position for a couple of seconds, then gently lower the projectile, straightening the arms completely.
  • Lifting weights in scott’s bank. Take the lower grip shell. Adjust to a convenient level support. Sit on the shell, body leaning forward. While inhaling, lift the dumbbells towards the shoulders, bending the arms towards the elbows. To remain in this position for a couple of seconds, then on the exhale, gradually lower the arms with the shells down.

It is recommended that each exercise perform 6-8 times in 3-4 approaches.

Exercises for the biceps thigh.

Exercises for biceps at home.

For the figure to have proportional shapes, it is necessary to pay attention to the pumping of the muscles of the whole body, including the legs. No doubt, you should pay attention and pump the biceps of the thigh, the muscle located on the lateral side of the back of the thigh. When training the biceps of the thigh, the gluteal muscles and the quadriceps are also involved.

Before starting the training, you should warm up for 5 to 10 minutes to warm up all the muscles and avoid injuries.

Exercises for the thigh biceps at home (8-10 repetitions for 3-4 sets):

  • Squatting with dumbbells. Lower grip takes weights. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight. Hands with dumbbells must be down and straight. Gently lower the pelvis backwards, bending the knees to the formation of a right angle between them. Return slowly to the starting position.
  • Squatting with a bar. Take the bar, lift it and put it on the shoulders so that its handle is behind the head. Straighten the back, legs spread shoulder width apart. Slowly lower the pelvis backwards, bending the legs on the knees. Between the knees and the pelvis should form a right angle. Set the position for a couple of seconds, then return gently to the starting position.
  • The torso forward with the load. Collect the weight (bar, dumbbells). Straighten your back, with your legs spread shoulder width apart. Slowly tilt the body forward, lowering the load, but without touching the ground. Your knees must be straight. Return gently to the original position.

The gym complex for men in the gym:

  • Bending the legs on the simulator. Lie on the simulator face down, pressing the box against the surface. In the ankle area to fix the legs. Gently and slowly bend and stretch the legs in the knee joint. In the lower part of the knees should be slightly bent.
  • The slopes of the body with a partner. He kneels to the simulator, arranging his legs with a roller on his ankle. Straighten the back Tilt the body forward as low as possible. For the safety net there must be a partner. Return to the original position.

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