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Exercises for legs and weight loss.

Exercises for legs and weight loss.

In the modern world it is fashionable to sit on different diets and practice sports. All women want to lose weight and find the perfect figure in a short time.

The cult of beautiful and thin legs is more relevant than ever. In order for women’s legs to become attractive, they need to be taken care of.

A diet is not enough for this. It requires a special set of exercises for its adjustment and slim.

Exercises to lose weight: this is the only tool that will eliminate accumulated fat deposits and help maintain the muscles of the buttocks, calves and hips.

A set of exercises to lose weight.

To achieve the desired result of weight loss, it is important to stay in shape constantly. Any set of exercises for the legs or other parts of the body requires compliance with several important rules:

  • The basis of quality training is regularity and healthy food
  • Slimming is important Complete diet and availability of diets.
  • It is also necessary to comply with the daily intake of fluid – 2 / 2.5 liters per day. It must be pure water, not carbonated.
  • It is recommended to train 2 or 3 times a week..
  • So that the exercises do not harm, it is important. Do a regular warm-up to warm up the muscles. before each training.

Exercises for legs and weight loss.

Basic exercises to lose weight in the hips and legs at home:

  1. Squats low. Stand up straight, with your feet shoulder-width apart. We put our hands on the belt and we crouched down. Starting the foot from the ground at the time of squatting is impossible. The number of repetitions – 30-40 times.
  2. Swing back. We kneel, we keep our back straight. Straighten one leg back and turn upwards, keeping it straight all the time. Then do the same with the second limb. Repeat – 30-40 times
  3. Waves from a reclined position. We lie on the stomach, we put our hands under the chin. Then, taking turns with each leg bent towards the knee, we turn upwards. Repeat – 30-40 times.
  4. Squatting 50-60 times
  5. Jump the rope
  6. Stretching (stretching of hips and glutes).

Stretching: it is an effective exercise to lose weight in the hips and glutes. At home, you can quickly get rid of the sides, lyashek, take off the ass and achieve elastic and attractive shapes.

For thin legs and elastic buttocks, effective will be: Swimming in the pool, aerobics and cycling. Morning useful for outdoor jogging and long walks on foot.

Effective program of thighs and legs.

Exercises for legs and weight loss.

To achieve a good result of losing weight, you need to perform Set of exercises for 2-3 weeks. At home, it is possible to get rid of the hated sides and the fall of lyashki, if you train constantly.

Effective exercises to lose weight. The thighs and legs will help achieve the desired sexual forms and correct the figure:

  1. Wide squats. Wide legs separated, with divorced socks. Exit bulging backwards. Crouch gently, pause (for 5-7 seconds) and get up. The back is straight. The number of repetitions – 30-40 times.
  2. “Plie.” We put our heels together and stand on tiptoe. You can do it near the wall. We do slow squats, with a pause in the lowest position. Then we return to the starting position (30-40 repetitions).
  3. We take the ball, place the legs and squeeze with them (the distance is above the knees). Hold the ball with your hips, do slow squats (20-30 times)
  4. We lie on our backs and press the ball with our knees (30 seconds). At the same time, alternately, we stretch and relax the hips (20 times).

Training for girls

Exercises for legs and weight loss.

The complex of exercises to lose weight in the legs and legs at home includes a set of exercises for certain muscle groups.

At home you can make Simple steps to eliminate the sides and squeeze the buttocks:

  • Squatting
  • Turn to the side and back.
  • Use the exercise “scissors”, “bicycle”
  • Make thrusts
  • To do stretches

Effective set of exercises to lose weight. legs and legs will help quickly get rid of additional deficiencies in a week:

  1. We stand back. Then we make a movement, as if we wanted to sit on a bench. We did not complete the squat until the end (20-40 times)
  2. We kneel, but we get up a little so that it almost touches the ground. The torso is straight. The front knee should not extend beyond the line of the toe. In this position, we go up a few centimeters, and then we descend. “Spring” (20-30 times)
  3. We stand near the chair and take the hands from his back. We back one leg. Pull the stocking as much as possible. Then we lower the limb. At the same time, we do not touch the surface of the floor (20-30 times).

If you decide to lose weight and eliminate a couple of centimeters in the amount of lyashek, it is not necessary to wait for quick results. The body of each person in the process of losing weight behaves differently: in some process it becomes remarkable for 4-5 days, and in others for 7-10 days.

So Set of physical exercises for girls. That can be easily done at home.

  • Effective exercise in the home of sunken priests – lifting the pelvis

The most effective procedure – raise the pelvis. Lie on your back and lift the body. The heels are pressed to the buttocks as much as possible.

Lift the torso 30-40 times. Then, during the last climb, we freeze and try to maintain this position for 40-60 seconds.

  • Exercise to lose weight calves and legs.

We turn our backs to the back of the chair, pressing our ass hard against it. We take our hands on the back of the chair and climb on our toes.

We perform a kind of stretching of the hind limbs.

Comprehensive program for legs, sides and abdomen.

Exercises for legs and weight loss.

The exercises to lose weight of legs, sides and abdomen will help to forget about the excess of weight and to obtain a thin and tense figure.

Many dream of ideal forms, so that the stomach is tense, the chest and the back are elastic and pumped.

To achieve the desired results will help a comprehensive approach to lose weight:

  1. Exercises for all press groups.
  2. Stretch all muscle groups (pectoral muscles of neck muscles, arms, legs, hips, priests, etc.)
  3. Exercises for the buttocks.
  4. Exercises for the back and waist.
  5. Lunges and swings
  6. Squats
  7. Jump the rope
  8. Running
  9. The swimming
  10. Diet and healthy eating.
  11. Drink a lot of water.

Effective exercises to lose weight. In the abdomen and thighs, accessible from home. considered to twist.

  • Lie on your back and put your feet on the floor. Hands on the head, and elbows are pushed to the side. Lift the body up to the knees. Be sure to exhale. In the inhalation – we pull back. We perform 30-40 times. (For greater efficiency, you can perform approaches: 3 sets of 30 times)

Another important element is leg lift.

  • Back pressed to the ground. We lift our feet and keep them straight. The hands are along the torso. Slowly lower your lower extremities to the floor, but do not touch it, and then lift it up again. The back, however, does not leave the floor. The number of repetitions 30-40 times.

For the loss of said plan to generate results, it is important to adhere to a comprehensive methodology. In addition to physical effort, you must pay attention to proper nutrition.

In the diet there should be a lot of vegetables, fruits and proteins.

An excellent way to get rid of the hated sides, is a massage or anti-cellulite wraps. Such procedures will help to tighten the figure and achieve its elasticity.

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