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Exercises in the pool to lose weight: simple advice.

Exercises in the pool to lose weight: simple advice.

The pool is a great alternative to the gym. There are several exercises in the group that allow you to solve a series of tasks. When there is a question about weight loss, associations can arise with several trainings of sometimes heroic professionals.

However, if you choose a pool, you can get a pleasant pastime, wellness treatments and a perfect figure.

What lessons will it bring?

If we talk about the benefits of swimming and training in the pool, it is very good. When exercising in the water there is stress on the joints and spine.

Do not forget that swimming is also a massage for the body, it is not as tangible as the manual, but it is very effective. Classes in the water and swimming: it is gymnastics for the whole body, which allows you to exercise all muscle groups, while not charging them as much as in normal sports.

But if the gym has warnings that do not allow you to practice sports, in the case of the pool there are no such restrictions.

Exercises, as well as swimming, help burn calories, form a figure, allowing you to make individual sections. In addition, the water very well calms, energizes and gives strength.

Improves blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure. It affects favorably the cardiovascular system, strengthens the respiratory system.

Finally, relax and give pleasure.

Basic principles

All physical activities should begin with a small rhythm and duration. You should never force yourself and do more of your abilities. Classes should start with a duration of 30 minutes, even with a load of this type will be a remarkable result.

In two weeks you can increase the time. If you like to swim more, you can simply combine with classes, which will further increase the result.

All classes must read with a warm up. This can be voluntary movements in the water or simply swimming.

After a workout, take a two-minute break. Classes should be carried out according to an incremental scheme, and at the end of the lesson to reduce, so that the greatest burden falls in the middle of the lesson. It ends with a simple walk.

Swimming involves all muscle groups in the legs, buttocks, abdomen, abs, back, chest and arms.

Exercises in the pool to lose weight: simple advice.

Of course, the hands are well prepared for swimming, but the movements in the water with your hands are just as effective when you exercise. To start, time does not play an important role, you must get used to such activities, start with a minimum and get up to 10 minutes.

Steps The socks need to pull, keep the back level. The hands should shake as vigorously as possible.

It works the muscles of the legs, glutes, arms, back, abdomen and even the neck. These exercises in the water should be repeated until a sensation of tension appears.

The jumps are very effective: all muscle groups also participate in these exercises. Slightly crouched, the arms are placed along the body, moving as far away from the floor as possible and jumping as high as possible, but in a jump, try to separate the legs. Here the inner side of the thighs works well.

These exercises must be done in an approach 10 times, then the number of approaches can be increased to three.

There are also stretching exercises for the pool. There is one side of the pool involved. Stand close to your side, holding one hand, to bend over.

If we hold with the left hand, we make an inclination towards the left, while we raise the right hand, we turn it over our head and we take the left hand. For each hand it can be repeated 10 times.

All these exercises in the water are basic, help to deal with excess weight, keep the body in good shape, strengthen and improve their health. They can be done in a complex and selective way, you should always pay attention to your feelings.

If you do not feel comfortable doing this or that exercise: it is not necessary to force yourself, swimming is a good substitute for exercise.

Lightness and efficiency

When training in the pool, you can use a series of exercises. These exercises are designed to lose weight, allow you to use all the muscles of the body, which will allow you to face the task in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Also during the exercise will be the effect of the massage, with the result that the skin will become elastic and elastic.

Swings The muscles of the legs, arms, abdomen and glutes are involved in this exercise.

You need to go to the water as far as possible by stretching your arms in front of you, you need to move your legs, trying to reach your arms. Each time the leg is lowered, it is better to lower the arms to activate them. When this exercise is done easily, you can add a movement of the legs to the sides, in this case, the inner thigh works.

Such blows are enough 10 times for each leg.

The posture This exercise is aimed at the abdominal muscles, it also has a positive effect on posture.

You need to stand up straight, straighten your back. By doing push-ups of the body, the tension of the abdominal muscles.

This exercise can be done in a break between the most intense, so you can take a breather with benefit.

Paddling The hands, the muscles of the back, chest, legs, buttocks and abdomen will work here. Place legs apart and sit a little, arms stretched sideways and with strong movements, reduce and extend your arms as if swimming.

With this exercise, your hands are massaged. To begin these exercises, 10 in one approach is sufficient, but as you get used to it, you can increase the number of approaches.

Exercises in the pool to lose weight: simple advice.

Steps For this exercise you must walk on the ground, but raising the knees as high as possible, trying to jump. If you stretch your arms in this exercise, your back, arms and chest muscles will work.

But this exercise is aimed at the muscles of the buttocks and sides. To start, you can start with 10 times, but as you get used to increase.

This exercise gives you the opportunity to become the owner of elastic and tense glutes in a very short time.

Creeps You need to stand up straight, keep your back straight.

Keep legs, buttocks and press in tension. Keep your legs tight, lift your legs one by one, trying to reach your buttocks with your heel.

Here all the muscles are worked. This exercise can be started 10 times for each leg, and then increased as much as possible.

Steps to the side. Standing erect, with the back aligned, feet spread shoulder width apart. Take turns one side at a time with one foot, then the other.

Here the muscles of the legs, glutes, hips, abdomen are involved. Do 10 times on each leg, but over time it increases.

Torsion In this exercise, almost all muscle groups will also be involved, but this exercise is aimed at the abdominals, the waist and the oblique abdominal muscles.

For those who are just beginning classes in the group, it is worth doing a simplified version and complicate with time. Staying still, the arms bend, hold at the waist and begin to move the body with a twist.

Staying still, we turn around, as if we were looking around us. When there is a desire to complicate the exercise, it is necessary to separate the arms to the sides and, when turning, to bend the leg of the knee alternately, pressing it against the stomach.

The side. For the abdominal muscles, abdomen, legs and buttocks, exercises near the side of the pool will help. Leaning with one hand, we swing the leg as high as we can.

You can also stand with your back to the board, lean and swing your legs, raising the spray. With such exercises it is a good massage.

Massages Water will help to get rid of cellulite. For this, the hands support the hips, waist and buttocks.

But the movements must be sharp, at the same time 10 movements. But this should not be painful and cause discomfort.

They must be nice feelings.

Health and Beauty

All these exercises in the water are quite effective and offer the opportunity to get rid of the extra calories. Starting with short sessions, the result will already be visible. If the exercises for the pool are not obtained immediately, you can not despair on the contrary, any time spent in the pool already has a positive effect on the figure and health.

Even ordinary swimming allows you to lose weight. If you feel uncomfortable doing any exercise, do it as it will be convenient, and then you will get better results.

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