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Exercises on the ball to lose weight, the best technique.

Exercises on the ball to lose weight, the best technique.

Quickly lose fat from the abdomen or sides, the goal of many girls. But it is quite useless to go to the gym, carry loads and follow a diet. Is there any other task option? – Try to make the process of losing weight pleasant.

Change your lifestyle so that it makes you healthier and more beautiful! This will help you exercise to lose weight, which will help eliminate excess abdomen and sides.

The Swiss ball can not be compared to other simulators, training with it is useful not only to lose weight, which is very important, but also to give flexibility to your body. This element of training costs a bit and involves many different muscle groups.

This happens due to the fact that many calories are spent to maintain balance.

A little about fitball

The story began in the 50s of the twentieth century. A Swiss physiotherapist offered patients with an injured spine or central nervous system disorders as rehabilitation classes a set of exercises on a ball. Later, doctors noticed a series of characteristics of a seemingly simple ball:

  • The ligaments become more elastic.
  • the healing of the wound is accelerated
  • improves metabolism,
  • coordination is developed
  • The vestibular apparatus is trained.

All this was the reason for the use of the projectile, not only in medicine, but also in sports. Therefore, the occupations in the Swiss sphere today the integral direction of fitness and gymnastics, improving both a figure and health.

You will get the expected effect, the abdomen fat and the sides will disappear if you choose the subject for the wrong training. First, inspect the sphere itself.

The material must be odorless, dense and uniform. Then find the appropriate size.

It is best to ask the sellers about the opportunity to try the intended purchase. To avoid excessive stress on the joints, the angles between the thigh and the lower leg, the thigh and the torso should be equal to 90 degrees.

Many people think that the projectile can not support its weight and burst. Take it easy

Even if a hole appears, the air will slowly come out through it, preventing the object from exploding.

Exercises on the ball to lose weight, the best technique.


Occupations in a fitness simulator a lot. They are not particularly complex, but they quickly burn fat from the abdomen and sides, strengthen the muscles.

The results are remarkable after 14 days!

But, as with any other sports complex, there is a small list of recommendations. Its implementation will help to obtain even more benefits for both figure and health.

  1. Do three or four cycles, in each of which 15 to 20 repetitions.
  2. The same exercise with a fitball has different difficulty options, so choose your weight loss complex so that it is not painfully difficult, but you can feel the load.
  3. To get the best results at home, it is recommended to take time for cardiovascular training or physical fitness between projectile approaches: just three minutes simply jump off a rope or run in one place.
  4. First, warm up a bit, then fix the stretch.
  5. It is not necessary to perform exercises on the ball to lose weight every day: it is better to alternate the days of training on the ball with the days of other sports, such as cardio.

Maybe the tips are over. Choose your own training set, proceed to perform. Remember: the fitness area not only removes fat from the abdomen and sides, improves health, but also helps stress.

Therefore, after a fruitful day of work, simply jump on the projectile, the mood will improve.


From the back, lie on the floor, throw your legs on the ball, arms along the body. Wrap your legs around the Swiss ball, squeeze it. Forcing the press, raise the hips, pull the knees towards the chin.

Stay still for a while, go back to the starting position. With good physical fitness, you can complicate an exercise with a fitball to lose weight faster: lift your hips with your head and shoulders.

Stand in front of the fitness ball. Place your legs shoulder-width apart, sit on your knees, place your palms on the sphere.

Straighten your belly and lean forward, slowly rolling on your elbows. Remember the straight posture.

Stay for five seconds, then return to the original.
There is a more difficult option. When the sphere is below the elbows, raise the knees and form a flat line with the body.

After 25 seconds, relax, go down.


Sit on the projectile, take a step forward. Pull so that the boot does not touch the subject and the back pressed. Raise your arms, divert a little.

Exhale, stretch your abs and raise your head with your shoulders. The chin stays straight.

Stay between three and four seconds, breathe, go down.

Easy exercise with a fitness ball to lose weight. Extend your legs wide open.

Cross your arms near your chest. Begin to perform from this position.

Hard view: stretch your leg so that it is parallel to the floor and hold with the other. After half a repetition, change.

Exercises on the ball to lose weight, the best technique.

On top

Lie on the ball, with your legs and hands on the ground. With the help of the palms move so that the projectile is under the buttocks.

The legs are flattened, the press is tense, the body is a straight line. With your knees bent, turn the ball towards your shoulder with your shin. Stay for five seconds, return the item again.

Then do the same, only on the other side.

The light technique is performed in the same way, but without shuffling the shoulders. In a sophisticated version, the projectile is initially located near the calf, rolling it up to the socks.

Upside down

The joined legs are in the projectile, it is under the buttocks. The main focus is on the arms, the body is again a straight line. Try not to bend the knees, strongly press the press, raise the ass and roll the ball towards the fingers.

Stay in that position for a while, then relax.
An easy option: lifting the hips by five centimeters, roll the ball to the knees. Difficult vision: fitness near the leg, the back of the body so high that the back is upright.


Lie face down on the projectile, leave your feet on the ground. Squeeze the back, bend the arms, connecting the shoulder blades. Wait 3-4 seconds, rest, do it again.

Stretch your right hand up, left at your feet. Then change.

Static retention

Stand in front of the training object, kneel. The palms are in the ball. Stretch the leg and stretch in a straight line.

Hold for 10 seconds and change legs. Complicated view: lie on the ball with your back, legs stay on the ground. Straighten the torso, pull the leg to a flat line with the body.

After 10 seconds, do it for the second stage.

As you can see, the exercises with the fitball are simple, excellent to do at home. You can try each one and select the most appropriate, create an individual set of lessons.

Very soon you will notice how the fat burns from the abdomen and sides.

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