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Exercises with a rope to lose weight: technological performance, efficiency.

Exercises with a rope to lose weight: technological performance, efficiency.

In the search for the perfect figure, many are exhausted with hard diets, buy expensive gym passes or to the gym. However, coping with the extra kilos will help the most common exercises with a rope to lose weight.

How to lose weight with a jump rope?

The physical exercise with a rope allows you to perform many tasks: lose weight and cellulite, tense muscles, improve coordination and resistance. And, best of all, it is not necessary to go to the other end of the city to a popular sports club, spend money on modern and expensive equipment, or deprive yourself of sleep to run in the morning.

Regular classes with this simple shell really contribute to weight loss. On average, in one minute you can do approximately 100 jumps, and it is not surprising that after a short period of time the heart rate increases significantly, which, in turn, leads to an acceleration of all the processes in the body.

With only 15 minutes of exercise with a rope, you can burn 200 calories and, with a high intensity load per hour, you can spend up to 1000 kilocalories. The greater burden and, consequently, the result, will be felt by people with an important weight, because they will have to work hard to complete each jump.

Many people are wrong to think that only the legs work while jumping. This is not the case at all.

The exercises performed with the purpose of losing weight will involve the muscles of the entire body: arms, abs, back, buttocks.

An additional advantage will be a tense figure with twisted legs, flexibility, resistance and excellent coordination. It is not surprising that professional athletes use this projectile in their daily workouts: gymnasts, boxers, volleyball players, etc.

Exercises with a rope to lose weight: technological performance, efficiency.

Jumping technique.

For rope jumps to provide visible benefits and results, it is necessary to master the correct performance technique:

  • The rope is taken by the handles, bending the arms slightly at the elbows and pressing them against the body.
  • The rotation is done only by the work of the brushes.
  • back and head in a straight position
  • In any case, they land on the surface of the feet, the heels must not hit the ground, this can cause injuries.

A small pre-heating will help the muscles warm up and become more active in the process. The exercises to lose weight begin to be done at a slow pace, gradually increasing it. Over time, you should increase the number of jumps to one hundred per minute.

It is under this load that the fat burning process begins, you begin to lose weight intensively.

A common mistake for novices is to get quick results. Wanting to lose weight in the shortest possible time, you are already in the first lesson, and choose the maximum load.

As a result, instead of a pleasant fatigue, you can win the most severe krepaturu, and for the next few days you will feel like after a meat grinder. This is especially true in the case of people who have previously devoted little time to physical exertion.

Only the exercises correctly executed will allow to obtain the long-awaited effect. It should start 10 to 15 minutes a day, taking a break in a day between classes so that the muscles can recover.

Gradually, the duration increases to 35-40 minutes per session, and if physical training allows, then up to one hour. This is the optimal duration of training in which additional kilocalories are burned.

It is worth noting that with intense jumps, the fat will burn within an hour and a half after the end of the class!

The visible results will be noticed after a few weeks of regular training: additional centimeters will shoot up at the waist and hips, the muscles will become more toned and relief. A simple rope can do wonders!

Exercise to lose weight.

Skipping rope technique there is a lot. Once you have mastered the basic version, you can vary your daily set of exercises with different variations, depending on the result you want:

  1. The exercises with a jump rope to lose weight of the abdomen consist in the fact that during jumps, the press must always be in a tense state, and the body must be tilted a little forward.
  • To make the waist thinner, it is recommended to jump around the shaft, while the body should not turn sideways. With the same torso position, jump left and right.
  • The characteristics of the exercises with a rope to lose weight of the abdomen are such that the exercises do not necessarily include the jump. The shell is folded several times, taken in the hand and placed in front of it at chest level. This is the initial position, from which they begin to bend the corners and turn the body to the left-right, without lowering the hands. You need to get to 35-40 repetitions in each direction.
  1. The exercises for the buttocks, thighs and legs work perfectly on the lower part of the body, tensing the muscles and, at the same time, not making them too heavy, pumped.
  • Alternate jumps in one leg.
  • Alternating legs, creating an imitation of running in place. You can diversify this exercise by lifting the knees as high as possible, lifting the chin or, on the contrary, try to touch the buttocks with the foot.
  • The rotation of the projectile in the opposite direction.
  • Jumps with reproductive legs to the side: jump the legs together, jump the legs to the side (but not very wide, at the level of the shoulders).

Exercises with a rope to lose weight: technological performance, efficiency.

How to choose the correct rope

To get the maximum pleasure from exercise, not to hurt yourself and follow the correct jumping technique, it is important to choose the right projectile.

Today, sports equipment manufacturers offer a wide selection of jump ropes, including:

  • Conventional – the most affordable option. The handles are made of plastic or wood, sometimes they can be made of rubber. The cord is made of rope or silicone.
  • Weighted: intended primarily for professional athletes, for whom the load on the upper body is equally important. With the help of a projectile of this type, it can significantly develop speed, strength and general resistance. The handles or a cable can be made separately, and maybe all together. If you do not trust your own strength, it is better to temporarily refuse to buy such a rope.
  • With a jump counter, necessary to control the number of jumps made, whose value is shown in one of the controllers. There are also models with the calculation of calories expended.
  • With adjustable cord, useful to share with the whole family.

It must be said immediately that costly options for counting calories or jumping are not fundamentally more effective. To perform rope exercises, you can choose the most common model.

It is very important to determine the length of the projectile. Then, with the growth:

  • Up to 168 centimeters you must choose a jump rope of 2.5 meters long.
  • 168 – 183 centimeters the length of the rope should be 2.8 meters
  • More than 183 centimeters of suitable length to jump the rope of 3 meters.

When buying a treasured jump rope it is not necessary to measure your rule. Just fold it in half and stretch your arm forward: the length is considered appropriate, if the projectile hits the ground, if it does not reach the ground or is free, you should look for another option.

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