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Home hand exercises, tricks and tips.

Home hand exercises, tricks and tips.

Dissatisfaction with their physical form sometimes visits both men and women. You can solve the problem in different ways: some put the problem in the background, others become members of the gym, others decide to train at home.

The last way to get in shape quickly is good, but the requestor of the relief agency will have to work. This material is dedicated to answering questions about how to pump the muscles of the arms, which exercises are most effective and how to develop a training plan.

Following the advice will help men and women in a short time to achieve the goal.

Types of training

The inflated male hands attract the attention of the opposite sex. The muscular biceps are an indicator of strength, endurance and reliability. The arms include three muscle groups:

  • biceps (shoulder biceps),
  • forearm
  • Triceps (shoulder triceps muscles).

It seems ridiculous that a man with a torso and legs has relief, and the biceps are weak, like a child. For a human body to develop organically, it is necessary to pump all three groups.

This also applies to the forearm: the so-called small muscles are imperceptible, but their strength, flexibility and development influence the correct and complete exercise of the biceps and triceps exercises. For girls, this also applies: it is impossible to get a lean body if the hands do not have the right appliances and tone.

In order to train the muscles at home, the proper effect was achieved after 2-3 months of training, it is necessary to perform exercises with a load. Such may be:

It is desirable that the applicant has a beautiful relief in having all the inventory.

Bar – an indispensable attribute, if you have a goal to increase your hands. Exercises with him allow you to increase muscle mass, relieve muscles and the object itself will not occupy much space in the home.

Before training, when the bar is used, it is necessary to lift as much weight from the projectile as is difficult, but the technique does not suffer.

Home hand exercises, tricks and tips.

Dumbbells are comfortable: you can pump your biceps and triceps while watching movies, reading books or just walking around the house. Thanks to the shells, muscles are trained with pleasure.

If it is not possible to buy dumbbells with a bar or a competitor of inflated muscles that live in a small room, it will have to do with its own weight. Classical work of this group – push-ups.

Next, we will describe what exercises are effective with the proper pumping of muscles in women and men at home.

Training at home with bar

The most famous exercise is easy to do. Starting position: Stand with your back against the wall, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, stretch your back, take the projectile from below with a wide grip, lift it up so that your arms are slightly flexed.

When you exhale, the bar rises, when you inhale, it falls. Quickly performing the movement is not necessary.

The elbows remain fixed. If this joint helps the arms lift the projectile, the benefit of the training is reduced.

Another powerful job is to lift the bar towards the chest with a reverse grip. The initial position is the same, only the upper grip (the thumbs point downwards).

Effective exercises with limited range of motion. The classic is considered to put pressure on Scott. The gyms have a special bench for technically correct work, at home you can limit yourself to the usual restrictive support.

Press Scott performed while sitting.

The previous exercises are effective to give relief to the three muscle groups of the arms.

Force work

Still have not appeared more comfortable projectiles that allow to build muscle. They do exercises with dumbbells sitting, standing, walking and even lying down, at home and on the street. Common exercises include:

  • lift alternately (sit on a stool / bench, take weights in your hand, lower them, lift the weight with one hand, after reaching the highest point, pause for 3 to 4 seconds, lower your hand to do the exercise with the right and the left alternately),
  • Hammer (sitting or standing, extend your arms to the sides, bend the shoulders, alternately or simultaneously),
  • lifting the dumbbell with a towel (the load is placed on a long towel, whose edges are necessary so that the elbows are immobile, the brushes come out when the projectile is lifted).

But what should a newcomer do if at home it is difficult to inflate triceps and biceps with projectiles, and the exercises mentioned above are still too complex? – The answer is simple: use your body as the main load.

Weight training

The push-ups are among the popular exercises in this group. They are of various types and completely affect the biceps and triceps:

  • classic (take a lying position, align the body, bend the elbow joint slightly, the palms of the hands – in the same line as the chest, look forward with the inhalation while bending the arms, but can not touch the ground when exhale, taking the initial position),
  • narrow grip (the only difference with the previous exercise is that the palms are placed side by side, touching each other, under the rib cage when moving down, the chest stops at a distance of 2-3 cm of the palms),
  • wide grip (palms placed in a width of shoulders and a half or effective training wider for the triceps),
  • With cotton – a complicated version of the classic exercises.

If there is a crossbar at home, it will be useful. Having introduced the adjustment in a complex of training sessions with a narrow, medium and wide reverse grip, you can increase the relief of the arm muscles for 3 to 4 weeks.

Home hand exercises, tricks and tips.

Recommendations for the training of girls.

If there are men who can not get up 5 times, but at the same time dream of pumping beautiful biceps at home, what about the beautiful half of humanity? Therefore, women in the home are recommended several other light exercises. Among them are:

  • push-ups from the sofa (resting your hands on an interior element, put your feet on the floor, perform 20-30 repetitions),
  • lifting weights (it is better for women to start with the lighter projectiles that weigh 1-1.5 kg in standing position, in turn, to lift them towards the chest to perform 30 repetitions with each hand),
  • Vertical push-ups (to be placed between two benches / chairs with their backs, arms spread shoulder width apart, body stretched, legs placed on a support of the same height, arms folded, move vertically until the shoulder part is parallel to the floor),
  • hammer (allowed to sit on a chair).

Based on the above exercises, you can create a training complex for beginner men and women to practice at home.

Inflation program

It is recommended that men who just begin to exercise their biceps and triceps at home adhere to a certain group of 3-5 exercises. Work force of the muscles preceded by heating.

Very suitable normal jumping rope, light work with the expander. The following is the following complex:

  • floor push-ups with an average grip – 3 sets of 15 times,
  • Vertical push-ups – 3 to 20,
  • Lifting weights sitting – 4 sets of 30 times with each hand,
  • Hammer – 3 to 20 times,
  • Flexions with cotton – 3 to 10.

Subsequently, the number of repetitions of exercises of the complex can be raised to 25-30, as well as increasing the number of approaches. It is desirable that girls do not do more than a dozen repetitions with two approaches in the initial stages of training.

Although the goal seems to be unattainable, it is possible to pump muscles like the biceps and the triceps at home. It is enough to adhere to the previous complex, dedicate three days a week to one hour for the classes and also gradually increase the load.

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