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How to reduce the stomach to eat less?

How to reduce the stomach to eat less?

Very often, instead of trying to solve a problem, people “fill” it with unimaginable amounts of high-calorie foods. And overeating, as is known, leads to obesity and poor health.

Fortunately, there is a great opportunity to reduce appetite by reducing the size of the stomach.

Of course, you will learn more about this in the next article. In addition, your attention will be offered to the most effective and, most importantly, painless ways of reducing stomach size.

And, of course, we will consider the most common causes of your excess food and, together with you, we will try to get rid of these bad habits.

Reasons to stretch

The causes of stomach stretch are uncontrolled nutrition with fatty foods rich in calories in inconceivable sizes and the habit of eating while watching your favorite TV series, without a particular feeling of hunger.

Remember that the daily food rate for an adult varies between 2500 and 2700 calories per day. Exceeding this rate, it automatically adjusts your stomach to process more food.

As a result, it increases to contain everything that you absorb uncontrollably.

The amount of food for a child from 1 to 1.5 years old should not exceed 130 grams per day. Therefore, try not to exceed the previous rate when feeding your child, so as not to be surprised later on why he is obese.

How to reduce the volume of the stomach at home?

Do not rush to sound the alarm when you hear that to lose weight, you must necessarily reduce this organ to digest food. Fortunately, this procedure does not require the intervention of a surgeon.

Next, we describe how to reduce the stomach without surgery.

Reduce the stomach, eat less and lose weight It can be the following:

  • follow a diet, rejecting foods that promote body stretching: fatty, smoked, fried
  • After eating, never drink it immediately with water.
  • They should be three meals a day, in small portions.
  • eat only when you really want
  • never skip breakfast
  • to minimize, and even better, completely reject the consumption of dry foods, such as dried fruits and low-fat kefir as snacks
  • drink 1.5 to 2 liters of purified non-carbonated water daily
  • Sweets and other junk foods before bedtime, replace low-fat cottage cheese with a glass of warm milk.

When the strongest feelings of hunger., Cook your favorite porridge. Then put 150 grams of product on a plate and eat everything with a teaspoon. You should eat slowly, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Before swallowing, chew food well to a liquid state. Try not to get distracted with anything to enjoy the flavor of the cereal to the maximum.

In addition, a type of diet to reduce appetite and, consequently, the stomach will serve and popular remedies: decoctions of parsley, celery and burdock root.

Ways to reduce the stomach with exercise.

How to reduce the stomach to eat less?

Few people know it, but to be successful in reducing the size of your stomach in a short time, you need to exercise. What kind of activities will help in this difficult matter, we will describe them below.

Thus, the most effective. Ways to reduce the size of the stomach. They are the following exercise:

  • Lie on the floor, trying to keep your shoulder blades tight against him. The back should be straight. While inhaling, fully involve the abdomen and remain in this position for 10-15 seconds. On the exhale – relax
  • Stand up straight. Straighten your back Draw the abdomen while inhaling, while exhaling, relax. The essence of exercise is rapid breathing, 15 breaths and exhalations. It is recommended to perform 5 repetitions of this exercise per day.
  • Kneel, with your hands resting on the floor. While in this position, squeeze the glutes and tense the abdominal muscles. Do a strong 10-15 breaths and breaths
  • Take a prone position. Bend your legs towards your knees and breathe air into your lungs as much as possible. Then exhale and stretch the abdomen. Lift the body so that the shoulders are directed towards the knees.

Adequate diet

How to reduce the stomach to eat less?

In addition to the exercise, there is a special diet to reduce the stomach and therefore lose weight. It is designed, as a rule, for one month. What is. basic principles:

  • First, you must give up smoked, salty, sweet and fatty foods.
  • you can eat cereal bread
  • Potatoes are only allowed in baked form and, of course, in moderation.
  • Only red wine without alcohol is allowed.
  • The maximum number of calories per day is 2000.

The first ten days of the diet. Designed to clean the intestines. Approximate menu for the day it looks like this:

  • Breakfast: 200 ml of non-fat natural yogurt.
  • Lunch: zucchini soup and cabbage with cereal bread.
  • Dinner: buckwheat porridge and a glass of kefir.

10 a 20 The most strict nutrition is assumed:

  • fruit salad
  • broccoli cream soup
  • Stewed pepper – 200 g

The final stage of the diet to reduce appetite. Developed to restore the water-salt balance in the body. Also during this period there is a gradual transition to adequate nutrition. The maximum caloric content is increased to 1500 per day:

  • Millet Porridge with Dried Fruits
  • 250 g of boiled perch
  • Stew zucchini, peppers, eggplant and tomatoes – 250 g, a glass of kefir without fat.

Recommendations to save the result.

How to reduce the stomach to eat less?

The output of the diet to reduce stomach volume should be gradual. To avoid an increase in appetite, try to eat as long as possible according to the previous principle, gradually adding to the diet the usual low-calorie foods.

It also tries to avoid stressful situations. After all, as you know, it is precisely the bad mood and the constant tension that prevails around what makes a person take advantage of their problems.

Of course, high-calorie junk food does not correct the situation, but it can calm a person down for a while. From this, in fact, begins to overeat.

When completing the previous diet to reduce the size of the stomach, try to get enough sleep, walk as much as possible outdoors and dedicate at least a little time to this sport, this way you will definitely save the result.

Surgical reduction of the stomach.

The reasons for surgery to reduce the size of the stomach can only be if a person can not lose weight on their own. There are several types of operations, on which you will learn more in the following material.

Let’s start with resections to reduce the volume. The essence of the operation is to remove part of the stomach. Then comes the immediate restoration of the digestive tract.

Be very careful when deciding to take this step, as there may be unpleasant consequences for the body.

Next is derivation To reduce the size of the stomach. During the operation, doctors form the so-called “small ventricle” in the human body and sew a “loop” of the small intestine.

After the above procedure, it will be much easier for a person to eat, as it helps to accelerate the movement of the products through the intestines.

Volume reduction operation called “Gastric balloon” The procedure is as follows: a special glass is inserted through the mouth into the stomach of the sleeping patient, which is then filled with water. Therefore, the body fills up and does not require more food.

The so-called balloon can be in the human body for no more than six months.

The last method to reduce stomach volume surgically is called bandage. During the operation, a special ring is inserted into the digestive organ to adjust the amount of food consumed.

The conclusion is that the more the ring is pumped, the less space will be left in the stomach.


How to reduce the stomach to eat less?

Many people mistakenly believe that a single surgical procedure to reduce the size of any organ will radically destroy all their problems and help you lose weight once and for all. Oh, it is not.

As mentioned above, after the operation, the human body can overcome unpleasant consequences.

Nausea and vomiting are only a small part of what you can expect after volume reduction. Unfortunately, most patients had to deal with frequent belching, followed by the smell of rubber. In addition, after some time, the lost kilograms and, consequently, the previous volumes of the stomach return to their original place.

Therefore, surgical interventions should be resorted only to extreme measures.

Another important factor to reduce the volume of the stomach: a considerable price. Operations with a value of up to two hundred thousand rubles are not affordable for everyone.

Also, do not forget the psychological component of the procedure. Few people can endure this type of intervention in the body.

In any case, stress is inevitable.

Postoperative diet

How to reduce the stomach to eat less?

Of course, in the postoperative period you will have to radically change the diet. The changes occurred in the digestive organ and, consequently, the diet itself must be changed.

In the following material, we will analyze in detail what should be its proper nutrition to consolidate the result and avoid unpleasant consequences for the organism.

Since after a serious operation to reduce the volume, the goal is to protect the stomach, first, avoid fast foods and other high-calorie harmful foods. Replace it with low-fat broths and light soups.

In the near future, all your food should be in liquid form, with a maximum of puree.

Menu Diets after reducing body size should include approximately the following dishes

  • mashed potatoes
  • millet or pea porridge
  • low-fat natural yogurt, milk
  • pudding
  • Freshly squeezed fruit juices.

One month after surgery to reduce the size of the stomach., It will be possible to add to the diet the types of fish and meat low in fat from the diet, which is passed through a meat grinder.

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