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Just an exercise for the real posture.

Stoop is not just an aesthetic defect. By neglecting the posture exercises, we damage many important organs: the heart, the lungs, the stomach, the pancreas, which are forced to function in a “squeezed” position.

Therefore, the beautiful posture is not only beauty, but also health. In many ways, for a beautiful posture, only a simple basic exercise, which is widely used in medicine and sports training, helps:

Just an exercise for the real posture.

Initial position and execution.:

– Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms along your body, arrange your legs.

Exhale Lift the upper part of the floor body, keeping the arms and legs in position. In the inhalation sink in the initial position.

Repeat 10 times.

Do this exercise 3 times a week and your posture will be perfect. In addition, it also tightens the gluteal muscles.

Extra bonus for girls:

– Leaning leads to the fact that over time, the chest muscles shorten, “hide” and a beautiful bust. This exercise allows you to fix it.

Ideal for anyone who stays in front of a computer.

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