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Only 5 minutes a day! How to remove a hanging belly with a single towel

Japanese specialists About ten years ago, a simple and effective method of body correction was developed. Not only will it help remove the hanging belly, but it will also return the skeleton to its natural position.

In this case, the contours of your body will change and the waist will become thinner.

The book with a description of the Japanese method has become a bestseller, but to master it, you only need to read the main points that fit in several paragraphs. This wonder technology Ideal for those who do not like to train in the gym and can spend five minutes a day with a towel.

Only 5 minutes a day! How to remove a hanging belly with a single towel

  1. Roll up a towel tight roller. It must be at least 40 centimeters long and approximately 10 centimeters thick. Tie the roller with a string to keep it tight.
  2. Sit hard horizontal surface, For example, on a exercise mat, a sofa or a massage table. Then place a roller on this surface.
  3. Delay on the surface, the cushion should be through the body under the spine, just below the navel. This is a very important point.
  4. Extend some legs and reduce the foot together The thumbs should touch each other, and the heels should be at a distance of 25 centimeters.
  5. Make the arms straight behind of the head, Make them roll with the palms down and connect your little fingers. Carefully make sure that the big and small fingers of your hands touch.
  6. Lie in this position at least 5 minutes.
  7. Get up With a very careful towel, without sudden movements.

During this exercise, the skeleton begins to assume its natural position and, therefore, the abdomen becomes tense and the fat is redistributed. However, it is difficult for some people to endure five minutes at a time. If you are one of them, start with a minute, at the same time every day the time increases.

You will notice the result in about a month. The main thing is to perform this simple exercise. regularly.

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