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Running or walking to lose weight: what to choose

Running or walking to lose weight: what to choose

Obesity is not without reason the so-called urgent problem of the 21st century. If you believe in statistics, about a quarter of Americans suffer from this disease.

Think of these numbers! This is almost every fourth citizen of the country!

If there are 40 people in your child’s class, at least 10 of them will have problems being overweight. It sounds depressing, right? Especially if one takes into account the sad fact that obesity at an early age causes the appearance and worsening of many heart and vascular diseases.

In addition, the joints and ligaments wear out a lot, which practically guarantees arthritis in old age.

Today we will talk about how to deal with obesity with the help of the classic types of aerobic exercise: walk and run, try to find out which of these types will be more capable of facing the task. After all, it is not a secret that many novice athletes can not initially decide what is best for them to lose weight.

The history of the fight against excess weight.

Running and walking since antiquity were mainly considered aerobic exercises. And aerobic exercise, as you know, at a certain intensity helps the process of burning fat.

Those who walked or ran a lot always looked thin or, at least, were not obese as such. In ancient Greece, walking and speed were included in the list of competitions for the Olympic Games.

Although before the obesity did not suffer in principle. There was no high-calorie food, no luxury like a sedentary lifestyle.

Also, if we talk about the Middle Ages, there was often nothing special to eat, especially during periods of plague, drought or war.

Running or walking to lose weight: what to choose

The problem of obesity appeared precisely when technological progress and capitalism marched actively around the world. Part of the particularly heavy work began to take place, even if it was primitive at the time, but machines appeared and a rather special breed of people mainly of mental work.

These are bankers, newspaper editors, production managers and many others. Of course, a special problem, close to the modern scale, began to be acquired only in the twentieth century, when there was a breakthrough in the production of food, as a result of which accessibility appeared for the masses, such as junk food as : semi-finished products, fast food, preservatives, GMOs, etc.

Largely due to poor nutrition, many people with a fairly large percentage of excess body fat have appeared today.

In parallel, it experienced its apogee and its sports field. Therefore, very quickly, physical culture has also become accustomed to the task of burning excess fat.

There were many popular techniques, ranging from conventional physical education to yoga. There were, of course, his own charlatans in this field.

There were failed experiments.

At this time, most experts have come to the conclusion that the process of burning fat is more effective the better we adhere to the correct diet and the more aerobic exercise that we give our body (of course, strictly within reasonable limits, without fanaticism). There is no difference: it will be a quick activity or it will try to maintain a uniform rhythm.

The main thing – the duration of the stay under this aerobic load. Sometimes it is more useful for weight loss to run relatively slowly and quietly, but continuously.

The choice of two evils.

Which is better, running or walking to lose weight? What will be better and more beneficial for our health?

Let’s see together, make a comparative analysis of the different types of aerobic exercise and calculate in which case we will lose more calories.

Running or walking to lose weight: what to choose

  1. 1. Nordic walk: a good option for physical activity for those who, for some reason, can not run. Nordic walking is a complex load on the legs, back and even arms. With a well-established technique, you can walk for hours, many kilocalories burn. On average, Nordic walking consumes around 350-400 kcal / hour. For a trained person, it will be normal to practice between 2 and 3 hours a day. Consequently, for one of these trainings, we will lose 700 to 1200 kcal, which is enough. Therefore, we can safely say that at least Nordic walking as a method of fat loss is very effective.
  2. Jogging A choice for those who prefer to run quietly in a cool morning in the park or forest. In one hour of such activity about 400-500 kilocalories are burned. But jogging, like any type of jogging, has a great disadvantage. It is unlikely that you can run like this for more than an hour a day. Consequently, your energy consumption will be 400 to 750 kcal per workout.
    3. Quick execution. Here your possibilities are even more limited. Yes, in one hour you can spend up to 550 kilocalories, but it is unlikely to last more than 30 to 40 minutes, and this is not enough to start the fat burning process. Therefore, a quick execution: this is not a load option to lose weight. Yes, it is a bit more energy intensive than measured jogging, but it is this intensity that leaves it in the discharge of the load for the sprinters.

As you can see, with a clear advantage in the question of which of these types of exercise is best for losing weight (running or walking), the Scandinavian walk is a leader. Do not let her eat as much per unit of time as running, but you can work much longer.

As a result, we conclude that it is better than the type of load it can do for a longer time, because in the end it is important not so much a single intensity as the total energy output of the process itself.

In short, we wish our readers perseverance, health, consistency in the fulfillment of their objectives. Love sports, but do not do it without thinking, but carefully plan each step.

You have a health and you should not experiment with it. Have a sense of proportion, but do not forget stability and consistency at work to this extent.

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