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Running to lose weight: principles and training program.

Running to lose weight: principles and training program.

Running and losing weight, are things compatible? Does running help you lose weight?

What do you need to do to promote weight loss?

Current history

Running – one of the oldest types of physical activity, known to man. In the dawn of humanity, the moment of hunters and miners, the fate and satiety of their community depended on how a man ran. After all, to kill the prey, it must also be trapped! Or, on the contrary, fast legs were needed to flee from a predator.

In ancient times, particularly fast and resistant people were used as messengers to quickly transfer important news between cities. Running was included in the program of the first Olympic Games. Even in the last century, morning trots were associated with the image of a physical athlete, a person who leads a healthy lifestyle.

An athlete and did not run in the morning? Charity races were organized, races in honor of the celebration of the day of the city, etc.

This is one of the most common types of sports among the most diverse people around the world.

If we talk about the field of physical fitness and the fight against obesity, experts can disagree on whether running is the most effective way to lose weight. Some doctors and coaches prefer it to Nordic walking, considering that this is the best way to lose weight.

After all, spend as many calories as you spend in two or three hours of a quiet walk, which can be dominated by almost anyone, you need to run a lot. Some still consider running more efficiently, since, no matter how good it is, this is a high intensity load, and to spend at least approximately the same amount of calories per unit of time, it must go very, very quickly and most likely with additional weighting.

Let’s see this problem together.

Running to lose weight: principles and training program.

Running help to those who want to lose weight? What is the correct career when losing weight? At what time is it better to go jogging?

Consider the fact that running helps you lose weight if it is long enough in time. Experts agree that to start the fat burning process it is necessary to run for at least 40 minutes after which time the body is forced to start spending its internal resources.

A sprinter, even if he spends a lot of energy even in a minute, can never start fat burning processes in this way. But the marathon runner can!

Therefore, to lose weight, you must run at a quiet pace, jog. Running daily will allow you to easily lose a few pounds.

The main causes of obesity.

Initially, we consider the main causes of the appearance of excess weight. As a general rule, for the standard resident of a large city these days, they are the following:

  1. It affects a sedentary lifestyle. Everything is clear here. This is a sedentary office job or a predominantly apartment lifestyle. Perhaps this is a lifestyle that is not associated with active physical activities. For example, driving a car or doing some mental work. Of course, it also eliminates calories, but in a much smaller amount than physical work. In addition, muscles without adequate load quickly lose their tone.
  2. The appearance of excess weight affects the wrong diet. This food of fast food, fatty foods, is used in large amounts of salt. This is eating foods rich in carbohydrates. A too rare meal can also, paradoxically, lead to the opposite effect. If it slows down the metabolism, prepare for the unpleasant consequences in the form of deposits on the sides.
  3. Fallen hormonal system As a general rule, hormonal interruptions occur due to one or another severe stress experienced: the death of a close family member, the departure of a spouse, problems at work, difficulties with studies, a life threatening situation, etc. . In addition, problems with the hormonal system may appear during puberty or after childbirth, which is especially important for women.

Running to lose weight: principles and training program.

Training principles

Let’s look at how to run, so that running to lose weight fully corresponds to your name. What should I do to run the weight loss contributed?

  1. As mentioned above, you must run for a long time and for quite some time. From 10 to 20 minutes of training, believe me, it will not make sense to run to lose weight. The minimum time for your career should be 40 minutes. Slowly try to increase it, up to one hour or ninety minutes.
  2. As already mentioned, it is necessary to run at a measured pace, so that the forces are sufficient for a long period of time. Do not chase the intensity! At maximum intensity, it will not be able to hold physically for a long time. Even the cheetah, which ran a hundred meters, then falls to the ground and is convulsed for some time. Running to lose weight at a speed of approximately 7-8 km / h is the best way to achieve results.
  3. Remember that our body also needs to rest from burdens. Do not forget to make rest days, cycle the load in terms of volume and intensity, observe the correct way of the day and eat on time, and most importantly, use the right foods. Without this, it will not work, and even your most diligent efforts will be lost.
  4. Do not forget a thorough warm-up. It is the abandonment of this important element in training and leads to the appearance of unexpected injuries. What is the way to heat? Let it be the easiest and shortest heating complex, but it should be. Do not forget to participate in stretching and follow the correct career technique, which can be learned in any athletic section. Deviations from the correct technique of execution also lead to an increase in training injuries. Remember about proper breathing. Otherwise, it will increase the risk of developing various diseases, both cardiac and respiratory. The violation of respiratory discipline increases the risk of heart attack.
  5. Stability No training scheme will not fire without stable compliance. None of the best exercises will help you lose weight. If you do it occasionally. That is why it is so important to correctly calculate your long-term strength. Otherwise, he will quickly abandon his initiative and be saddened by the results of his actions, even if it was a titanic job. Stability is the only way to reach the goal.

Training program

Something like this may seem like a complex and an exercise plan to run for those who are going to lose weight. We will prove that running and losing weight are compatible things!

Note: alternate the options presented in the first and second week of this complex to achieve the best effect.

We work in this way: we train two days, we rest two days. It is better to run mainly in the morning when there is a large hormonal increase and a general increase in strength.

  1. Warm up: intensive walk 10 min., Easy trot 5 min., Joint heating, especially in the legs.
  2. Run at an average speed of seven to eight kilometers per hour for 30-40 minutes.
  3. Active walk of 20-30 minutes.
  4. Run at an average speed of seven to eight kilometers per hour, 30-40 minutes.

Running to lose weight: principles and training program.

What do you need to do to promote weight loss? We work in this way: we train for three days, we rest for a day.

It is better to run mainly in the morning when there is a large hormonal increase and a general increase in strength.

  1. Warm up: intensive walk 10 min., Easy trot 5 min., Joint heating, especially in the legs.
  2. Run at an average speed of seven to eight kilometers per hour for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Transfer running – 10-15 minutes.
  4. Run with high knees – 10-15 minutes.

Keep in mind that the second complex is somewhat more complicated than the first. If the first one is only a classic variable race, available for athletes of any level of training, to perform the second complex, good training is required as part of the basic athletic exercises.

This option in itself is more difficult and more suitable for advanced athletes.

Let’s summarize. Does running help you lose weight?

Is running and losing weight compatible? Running with losing weight is really very useful. Running while losing weight is really an excellent tool to lose extra pounds, if several conditions are observed, such as a long enough duration, a correct running technique, careful warming and periods of rest and unloading.

Do not forget also the safety precautions during the training process so that the sport only gives you joy and is useful for you. If you strictly follow all the rules described above, sooner or later you will succeed in your efforts. The main thing is stability.

Let them move in small steps, but constantly. Ask a competent coach for help, because self-taught sports are rarely good.

We hope you have found enough detailed information on the question that interested you, is it possible to combine running and losing weight? We wish you not to lose enthusiasm in the path of your life, to do everything possible to make your dreams come true, to look for new victories in sports.

Take a healthy lifestyle, do not stop at anything and, in this case, open any horizon! Be true to the sport, but do it without thinking, with a warm head, but as a strategist, carefully planning each step.

You have a health and you should not experiment with it. Have a sense of proportion, but have stability and work consistently with this measure.

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