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Training for beginners and professionals.

Training for beginners and professionals.

The training is a street workout that originated in faraway Greece and quickly became famous in Russia, Iraq and Latin America. Today it extends throughout the world. It combines athletics and rhythmic gymnastics.

Beginner training consists of basic exercises such as hanging, pulling up, push-ups and squats. It also includes some static exercises, such as a flag, a front lever and a back lever.

Training is divided into power and dynamics. Strength training includes isometric exercises.

Dynamic training: 360-degree turns, variations and an incredible variety of tricks. The benefits of exercising are:

  • The possibility of doing exercises outdoors.
  • saving money
  • lack of specialized simulators,
  • the formation of the desired physicist,
  • there is no time limit for classes
  • Easy compatibility with other sports.

The main advantage of training on the street is absolute freedom. You can train anywhere and use a variety of exercises. This is great, is not it?

Yes, but this is a trick. Many times the rookie does not know where to start.

The advantage of freedom of choice of exercises puts the beginner in confusion.

Therefore, for beginners it is better to do a structured program.

Using it, it is easy to understand how the body reacts to different types of exercises and how often training is acceptable to him. But first, to not lose your motivation, decide what purpose you pursue.

Training for beginners and professionals.

Purpose of learning

First ask yourself what is your learning goal. This is necessary to adapt the training to your goal.

If you decide to train without a coach, remembering the goal, you will stay motivated for a long time and you can plan your strength training. There are seven most common reasons to start a workout:

  • building muscle
  • Weight loss (fat burning)
  • development of power
  • increase endurance (cardio),
  • keeping fit
  • development of flexibility
  • Special sports training.

The training training programs are mainly designed to develop strength and develop muscle, but during the class fat is also burned. The exercises that use a horizontal bar have a beneficial effect to balance the work of several muscle groups, developing the coordination and the volitional qualities of the character.

Warming before class

How to start a lesson? Any training begins with a warm-up.

It forms the basis of a sports program that increases body temperature and heartbeat. Warming is aimed at preparing the body for the next vigorous physical activity.

Low-intensity exercises help increase the blood supply to muscles, ligaments, tendons and increase heart rate.

All this increases flexibility and reduces the likelihood of injuries. In addition, warming prepares the mind, preventing stress and exhaustion during the session.

Warming up is as important as training. Below are exercises that will increase the flexibility of the body and the effectiveness of physical training.

  1. Burpy exercise. This is a complex exercise that involves all the muscles in your body. To do it, stand straight, then sit down, now jump with a jump, as with the push-ups, just with a jump, return to the starting position, jump. During the exercise, follow the correct technique: when pushing up on the lower point, touch the floor with the chest and hips, at the top point make a full opening.
  2. Raising the torso in prone position. This exercise is a means to warm the pectoral and lumbar muscles. To do this, lie on your stomach on a mat, stretch your arms in front of you, slowly raise your torso and arms and keep your legs together. Hold for a few seconds and slowly lower yourself.
  3. To warm up the muscles of the legs, use thrusts. To perform the exercise, step forward, slightly rotate the sock inwards and sit down. The back leg is on the toe during the whole movement. Make sure the knee does not go beyond the sock.
  4. The mandatory component of warming is stretching. Perform 2-3 exercises to stretch the muscles of the body.

Training for beginners and professionals.

Occupation system

The power gym program for beginners is simple but effective. After a month of regular classes, you can learn new tricks and exercises for training. The biggest mistake of the beginners is the incorrect exercise.

Thinking that speed is better than quality, you delay the development of your muscles and expose yourself to possible injuries.

Patience is another important aspect. Most people fail because they give up and lose motivation.

After a warm-up, you can start training according to the program. Perform this complex 3-4 times a week, doing 3 sets of each exercise. Daily exercises will not allow the muscles to recover, leading to apathy and loss of motivation.

Do not forget the push-ups.

  1. First day lesson:
  • Pull-ups on the horizontal bar with a medium grip, 4 to 12 repetitions,
  • regular push-ups, 10-25 reps,
  • raising the legs in a press, 10-15 repetitions,
  • push-ups on the bars, 10-15 times.
  1. Second lesson:
  • pull-ups on the horizontal bar with a narrow grip, 4-12 repetitions,
  • push-ups, 10-25 repetitions,
  • raising the knees in the fall, 10-15 times,
  • Lift the body, legs tied to the bar, 10-20 times.
  1. Third Lesson:
  • Pulling up the horizontal bar with a wide grip, 4-12 reps,
  • Push up with narrow grip, 10-25 repetitions,
  • Push-ups on the bars with a forward bend, 10-15 times,
  • Lift your legs in a press, 10-15 times.
  1. Fourth lesson:
  • pull-ups on the horizontal bar with a narrow grip, 4-12 repetitions,
  • Jumping from the squat, 25 times,
  • Raise the knees hanging on a horizontal bar, 10-15 repetitions,
  • Lifting the stretched body, 15-30 repetitions.

Training for beginners and professionals.

Power rules

With regular exercises, an athlete can consume more calories than an average person. If you exercise regularly, develop the necessary nutrition plan.

The priority in nutrition is the proportion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. They provide the body with fuel for the production of energy. Carbohydrates are a priority fuel used by the muscles that work.

Its use is important to prevent muscle fatigue. In addition, you should control the consumption of fats, but not eliminate them completely from the diet.

They are especially important if the training lasts more than an hour.

Protein is crucial to build new muscle tissue. To increase muscle mass, add more protein to your diet.

It is not necessary to participate in specialized training clubs, to pay a lot of money to keep your body in a beautiful and fit state. A workout helps you create the perfect body at no additional cost.

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