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Waist exercises: an effective complex for a thin waist.

Waist exercises: an effective complex for a thin waist.

The feminine beauty formats have been known by all for a long time. Everyone wants to get a beautiful waist, sitting on the couch and constantly criticizing the slender models.

So that there are 90-60-90 not just numbers, you need to exercise regularly. Despite this, the canons of beauty change constantly, and each organism responds differently to the resulting charge.

Calculation methods

To determine the physiological norm, it is necessary to subtract 100 cm from the height of a height. With a girl height of 167 cm, the volume should be 67 cm, and not ephemeral 60 cm.

What can we say about those representatives of the fair sex who were born with wide bones, their volumes can increase by several centimeters.

You can consider another option, but it is suitable for those who have chests and hips that have the same parameters. For example, if the volume of the chest and hips is 100 centimeters, a waist of 70 cm will be considered narrow.

The resulting proportion looks organic and does not harm the body.

We must not forget the internal factors that play an important role in the formation of a thin figure. If fair sex is diagnosed with thyroid diseases that affect hormone levels, it is necessary to eliminate the cause.

It leads to weight gain, affecting the volumes.

The constant search for an ideal will not lead to anything good, because then your own individuality is lost. Well, of course, when a woman wants to make a beautiful figure and pump a press, but the ideal must be created in her head and not copied from someone.

First, the simplest calculation is made and then a set of exercises is selected.

What to look for?

Having considered your favorite volumes, you must begin to act, because changes will not occur only with one desire. You can use the advice that was given to many women 100 years ago: wear a corset regularly.

This method will only temporarily hide the defects of the figure, but will not remove them.

To reduce the waist, you should buy a corset only after consulting with your doctor. The time of use will vary within one or two hours, otherwise there may be problems in the work of the internal organs.

Waist exercises: an effective complex for a thin waist.

There are other ways to help you see your best ways, not through careful disguise, but because of changes in your own body. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • change of diet
  • Effective exercises for the waist and the press.

Diet This word has become a palliative element in society and is associated with constant annoyances and limitations. Without changing the diet it is simply impossible to make a narrow waist.

The layer of fat in the stomach and sides not only hides the press, but also increases the volume.

The diet is chosen only with a specialist who can navigate the characteristics of a particular organism. A large number of criteria are taken into account:

  • increase
  • body weight
  • age
  • chronic diseases, etc.

Regardless of the severity of the diet, in the first place it will be a complete rejection of simple carbohydrates. Its characteristic is the high speed of digestion and deposition in the fats that hang from the sides.

If you do not pay attention to nutrition, no training press will not give results.

Simple carbohydrates can be found in your favorite confectionery products (chocolate, muffins, waffles, cakes, etc.), as well as in bread and pasta. An important role in the formation of a thin waist plays with the amount of sugar consumed and, therefore, must be constantly controlled.

If you really want to make an aspen waist, then the products described above should be banned. The excess fat accumulated in the stomach and sides, never becomes a beautiful press, and the waist will no longer be.

The training complex, which will be discussed more thoroughly, will make the skin more elastic, and this will simplify the process of creating relief muscles. Weight loss without a special diet is impossible, and should be remembered.

In order for the girl to remain thin, the load in the selected area gradually increases. It is necessary to perform only the exercises for the waist, which in the shortest possible time will load the work muscle. The result of such an effort is quite obvious.

It is attractive and healthy.

Before starting a prepared complex, you need to warm up your body a bit. A few minutes of running, squatting or even dancing will be enough.

A comfortable load is selected at a moderate pace.

Most women are aware of the fact that the hula-hoop effectively pumps the abdominal muscles, affecting several parts of it. Exercises in the waist with a hoop have not lost their popularity until now, despite the rapid development of the sports industry.

For the effectiveness of the training to be several times higher, you must do everything correctly. The best rings are those that weigh more than a few kilos.

This is the only way to achieve proper functioning of the abdominal muscles and reduce the amount of fat deposits.

Waist exercises: an effective complex for a thin waist.

There is no particular difference between the plastic or the massage ring. It should be noted that during torsion of the hula-hoop, the abdominal muscles must be constantly tense. The only disadvantage of these classes is the long duration of the training.

Twist takes 1-1.5 hours with a short rest.

Exercises that are performed regularly will help not only to make a beautiful figure, but also to get rid of body fat. According to official data, during 1 hour of technical torsion, it is possible to burn about 300 kcal.

How can I load my muscles?

In order for the regular torsions of the hula-hoop to bear fruit, it is necessary to do effective exercises for a thin waist. About them it is now and ready.

All movements should be slow and smooth, since the spine is involved in the execution time. Any sudden movement can cause serious injuries and, therefore, should be extremely careful.

The waist exercises are performed in 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions each. The rest should be only a few minutes, otherwise the tension of the hot muscle will disappear.

In this case, the effectiveness of such activities is minimal.

  1. You should always start with a simple one. The first exercise will help burn fat on the side of the waist. Due to the turns, an active contraction of the abdominal muscles will begin. Everything is done in an extremely simple way: stand up and spread the feet shoulder width apart, hands are placed on the sides. Great attention is paid to the correct posture, which should remain the same throughout the exercise. First, make the tilt deeper to the left and then to the right. The lower part of the muscles is reduced, and the legs and feet are firmly fixed to the floor.
  2. The training complex should be adjusted based on your feelings. If there are discomforts, then such exercises in the waist should be avoided. The second movement is identical to the first, only the hands are fixed behind the head and closed in the lock. The inclination is made forward, at this point the left elbow must touch the right knee. Returning to the starting position, everything repeats, but with the right elbow and the left knee.
  3. The waist exercises are always modified. To do this, adjust the usual matches, which should be scattered on the ground. Each earring is a game. Everything can be done quickly, but all movements must be accented and smooth.
  4. The complex includes movements that were so popular in childhood. What is only the mill, for which the special pose. The athlete leans forward, hands down, straightening his back. The movements of the hands create the effect of a mill. The duration of exercise for a thin waist varies from 1 to 3 minutes. Everything will depend on the current level of preparation and physical condition of the abdominal muscles.

As practice calls it, exercises for a slim waist can be done not only at home, but also at work (during a break), on the street (during a walk). During training, you need to take a short break and drink a little water.

In this way, the exercises for the waist activate the metabolic processes in the body, accelerating the process of weight loss.

Doing exercise at home, do not forget your diet. You can eat a few hours before and after class.

Exercises for a thin waist have proven to be the best, but their effectiveness is confirmed only when the correct technique is followed. The training complex helped many women become more beautiful and thinner.

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