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Why squats should be a mandatory part of your workouts?

Why squats should be a mandatory part of your workouts?

The different options for squats are the favorite exercises of the athletes for a very important reason: they really work! But how and why?

We are going to solve it.

The squat technique is simple, no additional equipment is required. Another advantage is that this exercise is very natural for a person, because during the day we sit constantly in a chair, pick up what we have dropped, etc., so that the risk of injury is minimized.

By the way, a recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that weight-based squat placement in women suffering from menopause due to osteopenia or osteoporosis improves the mineral density of spinal bone tissue, especially in the cervical region.

In addition, beautiful and strong hips, as well as elastic and tense gluteal muscles look very well in both the female and male bodies. &#55357&#56841

1. Stimulate the production of hormones.

Squats increase the levels of testosterone and growth hormone, which are directly involved in the formation of muscles.

2. Strengthen the muscles of the cortex.

The squats involve the work of the central muscles, that is, the lower back and the abdominals. So do not think that squats are necessary only for legs and glutes.

This almost universal exercise will affect many more muscles.

3. Improve flexibility.

The deep squats improve the mobility of the joints of the hip. Many people, due to incorrect posture, have a heavy load on their hips, so they often want to sit down and rest.

The development of flexibility in the joints of the hip helps correct posture and eliminates back pain.

4. Help quickly dispose of waste products from the body.

Squats improve the circulation of blood and other fluids, helping to eliminate waste products and improving the supply of essential nutrients to all organs and tissues.

5. In fact, do not kill your knees. An article in Sports Medicine magazine says that even the deepest squats (when you’re squatting) can not damage your ligaments.

As the authors of the study noted, their cartilaginous tissue adapts to the loads in order to cope with the additional weight in the same way that the muscles do.

By themselves, squats do not damage the knees, but they can aggravate existing problems. That is, if you did not tell the coach about a knee injury, the pain may resume.

In addition, there is the possibility of further damage, since your body will no longer function as it should.

For your knees are not bad squats, and the wrong technique.

For example, in no case can you squat with a lot of weight so that your knees extend behind the fingers, since generally the body weight is evenly distributed to maintain balance and when rising it should be pushed with the heels, without leaning strongly towards ahead. Also, it is worth paying attention to the back. It must be straightened.

There are no humps in the lumbar and thoracic region: they can cause damage to the spine.

6. Help to be faster and jump higher.

Studies have shown that squats increase the speed characteristics and height of athlete jumps. Therefore, these exercises are always included in the training program of professional athletes.

This is explained very simply: the squats strengthen our hips (not only the muscles, but also the ligaments) and they add flexibility, which means that the explosive strength of the jump increases, the absorption of blows improves and, as a result, diminish the injuries during jumps. As for the race, it is better to increase the speed, not at the expense of the cadence or the step width, but at the expense of the correct functioning of the hips.

7. Improve the balance.

As we said, squats are exercises that are natural for our daily life. Strong legs and central muscles make us more stable and help maintain balance, improve communication between the brain and the muscle group, which helps prevent falls.

And this is an increase in the duration of a healthy and active life! After all, the less we fall into old age, when the bones are not so strong, the fewer problems we have.

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