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15 of the brightest children’s pearls in real life.

Children are an inexhaustible source of fantasy and humor. It’s amazing how they find a way out of situations, showing their spontaneity!

I am I collected amazing baby pearls for you, which once again confirm that children have a lot to learn.

Daughter, 6 years old, eat borscht. I suggest taking onions or garlic.

– Onions and garlic die many microbes and viruses.

– It would be better if they died of chocolate.

– Mom, you have many spirits, give him one. the spirit Aunt Kate!

Eva, 4, cuts garlic and suffers:

– When will it work? Why am I not crying?

The daughter has a toy – a dinosaur. Mom explains:

– This is a dinosaur. The dinosaurs lived a long time ago, they all became extinct.

After a while, going to the room with the daughter, the mother saw the photo: the daughter holds a dinosaur in one hand, the hippopotamus in the other and expresses her dialogue:

– Hello, hippopotamus, how are you?

– Well, how are you, dinosaur?

– And my bad # 8230 My something all died!

– Mom, why do not you give me nowhere?

– Where to give you?

– Or married, or ballet!

She drove her son, 2 years, for the first time in kindergarten. On the way, she explained that in the garden you have to obey everyone, behave, not fight, well, all that.

In the garden we find an old full-time educator. He takes the child in his arms and asks:

– Well, boy, what type of locker do you choose?

The child has horror and fear on his face. After a minute’s pause, he, holding back the tears, goes to one of the lockers, opens the door and messes with the words:

The daughter has a new diversion: in public transport to enjoy long arguments about life. I am already afraid to travel with her, even if I hide under the seat immediately.

“Mom, will not you give me to the orphanage?”

“Mom, look, what a guy, well, oh, oh, oh, beautiful! Let’s take him home with you, he will love us!

My son behaves as if he is not being fed. For example, we will go to my parents, then she asks: “Grandma, give me a piece of black bread”.

Or buy some potatoes, leave the store, shout happily throughout the yard: “Hurray, we buy potatoes! The potatoes eat!”

Our nephew Fedya has always dreamed of a scooter, begging everyone. Finally, for his birthday, he received 4 years. Vanya, the younger brother, jumps and asks:

Fedor raises a hand, removing Vanka:

– You can not! You did not dream

We are four in the family: me, my wife and two daughters. Today they could not decide who would go to walk the dog.

They started a game: the one who says the first word will go away.

As soon as the dispute entered into force, the stony-faced daughter went to get dressed, gathered everything necessary to walk the dog and put on her shoes. And now she opens the front door, the dog is tied, the whole family is lined up in the hallway and we’re practically in chorus:

And Fields, pleased, begins to take off her jacket and says:

– Then they caught you.

Food to Radu, 2 years 8 months, with a spoon and persuade:

– We’re going for Mom, for Inna!

My daughter chewed for about five minutes, I said again:

– Come now for Luba!

Radmila, pointing her finger at her motionless mouth, says:

– Inna wait is still there.

Dad tells Tohe:

– Or are you going to sleep now, or I swear to you?

Toha, 3 years old, looks at him carefully:

– We do not want anything about this.

Mitya in early childhood:

– Mom, and who do you work with?

– And Dasha’s grandmother?

– No, it’s still not interesting to be an accountant: always just money and money, but you have secrets!

Anna, 4 years old, having seen newborn kittens:

– Oh, how beautiful, so similar to the mouse, only in the face and determines that these are people!

– Tanya, what do you carve from the mud, my girl? Little Flower?

Keep sculpting a thin vertical rod.

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