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30 things that modern children will not understand.

30 things that modern children will not understand.

We collected 30 things that connect us with you and about which modern men, perhaps, did not even suspect.

      1. They never lived in a world with a monthly limit of text messages.

2. They never installed an antenna to receive television and did not get up early on weekends to watch cartoons.

3. The fact that once we transfer files by infrared, they do not even suspect.

4. For these children, your old favorite motorola is already a museum artifact!

30 things that modern children will not understand.

      5. You can also include your film camera, your dot matrix printer and what to say, a CD player.

6. Modern children can barely guess how a regular pencil and an audio cassette are connected.

7. Never experienced disappointment the moment you try to record your favorite song from the radio on the tape, and the talkative DJ ruins everything.

8. You may not believe it, but even the MP3 format is 14 years older than them!

9. The Backstreet Boys exist longer than these children live.

10. It is unlikely that you will understand the expression “You speak like a broken record”.

11. They never heard the sound of a modem.

12. Therefore, no one told them: “Off the Internet, I need to talk on the phone!”

13. Think, but even a ball mouse is a rarity for them.

14. They will never understand exciting expectations when downloading a song for several hours, hoping that the connection does not break. Each downloaded track was real gold!

15. Modern children already have a GPS, and never tried to preprint a map on a printer.

16. These people have never untangled the phone cord, they have not corrected the TV antenna and most likely have no idea what is happening in this picture.

30 things that modern children will not understand.

17. They will not understand what Kuze wanted to call once, but he could not because he had a dial-up telephone.

18. And, even playing with a friend on the computer, they will not understand the magical meaning of the phrase “Come on, walk and shoot.”

19. And when they see your chip collection, they will not know at all what to do with them. But how hard we conquer them!

20. And what about all our favorite games when the whole yard was going? Elastics, hopscotch, Cossacks-robbers # 8230 What are you talking about?

21. Tetradic interactivity will be a mystery to them: “naval battle”, “hanged”, “shelf”. And we keep these scribbles carefully, remembering the neighbor’s smile on the desk.

22. Having discovered a video cassette with your favorite movie in the closet, you will not understand where to insert it. And why, if everything can be found now in two clicks!

But still it will remain a sacred relic.

23. When you see these letters, a solemn melody in your heads will not begin to reproduce:

30 things that modern children will not understand.

24. Even the cartoon “Shrek” appeared 7 years before his birth, and the series “Friends” ended 4 years before his birth.

25. Wait a minute! And what about “Helene and the guys”, “Twin Peaks”, “Melrose Place”, “Wild Angel”, “Colombo”, “Alph”, “Poirot”, “Beverly Hills 90210” and a lot of other programs What pleasure to review?

Wow, you have not even heard of such.

26. Older children generally already read (if they read) only electronic versions of books, and do not understand how great it is to turn the pages.

27. It’s hard to believe, but future students did not find any of the best books about Harry Potter. The last one was released in 2007.

28. Modern children have never tasted the contents of the Invite, Yupi and Zuko bags, and they may not even have heard of soda machines from the Soviet era.

29. For many, the whole house is still full of “Kinder Surprises” and toys from them. We collect hippos, penguins, sharks and other valuable collections.

And there is no puzzle for you!

30 things that modern children will not understand.

Of course, one day these children will grow up and remember the times of their childhood with the same nostalgia. However, in our youth there was something special that only we can understand.

And this wonderful feeling will stay with us for a lifetime.

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