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32nd week of gestation: malnutrition, causes, treatment.

32nd week of gestation: malnutrition, causes, treatment.

For the comfortable development of the child, nature has carefully thought about everything: it placed it in the mother’s body, adjusted the nutrition with “ready” nutrients, protected it from injuries and damages from several shells.

One of the membranes – amniotic fluid – amniotic fluid. They are assigned an important function – the buffer.

They help the fetus to feel comfortable, to protect against injury, to compression, to act as the so-called shock absorber.

The problem of the low level of water itself occurs less frequently than the high water content and indicates that the shells, in which the function of updating the amniotic fluid is found, can not cope.

If the amount of amniotic fluid is not significantly reduced, it is said that moderate low-flow water can develop in the context of mild infectious processes, with an incorrect lifestyle, an unhealthy diet, an overwork.
It can be corrected with diet, rejection of bad habits, elimination of harmful factors and prescription of medications that improve uteroplacental blood flow.

What are the reasons?

  • Violation of the structure of the fetal membranes at the time of their formation and as a consequence of a decrease in their secretory activity.
  • Pathology in the fetus – defects of the skeleton, kidney.
  • Infectious processes in the mother’s body.
  • Extragenital problems in the mother: serious chronic diseases, arterial hypertension, metabolic disorders (overweight).
  • The shortage of water that appeared after 40 weeks indicates retreatment, a decrease in the activity of amniotic fluid secretion.


A pregnant woman may suspect this condition if the baby’s movements become very painful. But more often it is detected by the doctor at the reception if, when measuring the circumference of the abdomen and the magnitude of the position of the uterus in several receptions, the dynamics does not correspond to the average statistical indicators.

And, of course, the main method to detect and confirm the diagnosis is ultrasound.

Even moderate water deficiency requires additional studies: blood tests, infection detection, dynamic ultrasound, fetal CTG. Only after the treatment method is chosen, the drugs are selected.

Additional recommendations for treatment: reduce physical effort, reduce motor activity to bed rest.

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