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35th week of pregnancy: premature delivery

35th week of pregnancy: premature delivery

It is not in vain that nature has scheduled labor for a defined period of gestation this is a period in which both the baby and the mother are ready for this complex process. At this time, the baby has matured all organs and systems, can breathe, suck, regulate body temperature by itself.

That is, it is fully prepared for existence outside the mother’s body.

In turn, the mother’s body is also preparing to produce a baby. The hormonal background is reconstructed, mainly producing substances that stimulate the contraction of the uterus, the maturation of the cervix.

A dominant generic appears, which is responsible for the generic activity.

If, for some reason, the birth occurs before, it may not affect the state of the mother and the child’s condition very well.

Last but not least, the health problems are the pathology of the cervix, uterus, extragenital pathology (hypertension, diabetes, bronchial asthma).

What to do

If a pregnant woman has symptoms indicating that delivery is approaching, before the expected time, the persistent and colitic pain in the lower abdomen, the bloody discharge from the genital tract and the reduction of the abdomen should be immediately sent to the hospital, Sometimes doctors manage to stop labor.

If we talk about a child, every day so that he stays with his mother upside down can be decisive.

If however give birth.

If it was not possible to suspend the generic activity and the baby decided firmly to be born, you must trust the experts. They will evaluate the condition of the baby and the mother and decide how the delivery will take place.

More often, due to the immaturity of the neck, a cesarean is used.

Immediately after the child is taken to the world, it will be given to the neonatologists, who will control their condition until their complete stabilization. The baby may need extra help and care, and even stay in the incubator.

Fortunately, children recover well, their backup functions work well, so that premature babies are left behind immediately with respect to their peers, at two years they catch up and even outperform their peers. Therefore, if you had to endure a premature birth, do not despair, experts will do everything possible to return home with your baby.

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