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36th week of pregnancy: premature delivery

36th week of pregnancy: premature delivery

The date of the supposed birth is a magic number, the approach that every pregnant woman is eagerly looking for, apparently, everything is planned: when they go to the maternity hospital, they will take with them, when, who will take the car from the maternity hospital. And suddenly … the baby asks for light before putting it on. And how to understand this?

In fact, preterm birth in the period of 35 to 36 weeks is not a rarity.

Most of the time this occurs in women who are exposed to adverse factors.

The most common causes of premature birth:

  • Severe stress or chronic nervous tension.
  • poor living conditions, insufficient intake of vitamins and microelements (poor nutrition)
  • Infectious processes in the body, especially accompanied by fever.
  • genital disease

If the neck, the muscles of the vagina and the perineum are not yet sufficiently stretched and the baby is going to go out into the world, the risk of internal and external ruptures increases significantly, that is, breaks in the neck, mucous membranes, muscles. In addition, the baby can also suffer injuries.

In addition to the injuries, premature babies have the danger of developing complications of the respiratory system and the thermoregulation system, therefore, immediately after the birth of the child, they will be taken to the intensive care unit for observation.

If the specialists consider that the state of the mother or the child is at risk, the delivery will be carried out by caesarean section, if the condition of the birth canal, the child and the mother do not cause anxiety, the decision is taken in favor of the natural birth, more physiological for the baby.

How to determine that labor begins early?

Press the idea that the onset of labor can cause obsessive and tight pain in the lower abdomen, especially if they become overwhelming in nature. Bleeding from the genital tract, which appeared some time after the onset of pain, or the abundant discharge of fluid, confirms the assumption of the onset of labor.

If you go to the hospital on time, without waiting for the cervix to open completely and the amniotic fluid to drain, specialists will be able to suspend the activity of the uterus and administer medications to mature the baby’s respiratory system, which will significantly reduce the risk of developing distress syndrome in the baby and other complications.

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