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37th week of pregnancy: delivery

A natural pregnancy lasts an average of 280 days. Born on this date, children are mature, able to exist outside of my mother’s body. Babies born before 37 weeks are considered premature, often need assistance to survive.

The amount of this assistance depends on the date of birth.

Births at 37 weeks are not very different from those of later periods at this time, the baby has generally gained the necessary weight, their reflexes are the same as in full-term children.

Danger for mom

In addition, premature labor is usually accompanied by more normal bleeding, a premature rupture of the amniotic fluid.

Danger for the baby

As with mom, the passage through the channel of immature birth of a baby can lead to a birth trauma.

This is the main danger to the child, another possible complication: the infection.

Causes of premature birth

All the reasons can be divided into several groups: the mother and the baby.

  • pathology of the uterus
  • cervical pathology
  • placental anomalies
  • External factors: stress, injuries.
  • Malformations in the baby.

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