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Adequate breathing during labor: breathing technique in contractions, breathing attempts.

Proper breathing during childbirth is a fundamental part of the whole process of motherhood.

Internet is full of recommendations to prepare for delivery, but only a small part of all this information really deserves attention.

Adequate breathing during labor: breathing technique in contractions, breathing attempts.

Women who master the proper methods of breathing during labor can greatly simplify their delivery and anesthetize them in the most natural way possible.

In some texts there are up to 12 different types of breathing in childbirth!

But during childbirth itself, no one can apply so many types of breathing, and because they can not remember everything, and because they do not know where and at what time to apply this type of breathing.

The attention changes to something completely different and it is impossible to control the breathing during the delivery, remember where, what method and at what moment.

It is better to learn the minimum number of breathing techniques that are practically more useful.

Breathing works in childbirth.

Breathing in childbirth has two main functions:

First: The breathing must perform its main function: the exchange of gases, filling the tissues with oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the body breathing should also be comfortable.

Adequate breathing during labor: breathing technique in contractions, breathing attempts.

During a contraction, a natural hypoxic state occurs in the child, since during contraction the blood circulation between the uterus and the placenta gets worse, at this moment the child’s heartbeat increases physiologically at 160-180 beats per minute.

And especially at this time the child needs oxygenated blood. Thanks to the correct breathing technique, the mother can satisfy this natural need for oxygen.

Second: Another important goal of breathing is to ensure women’s relaxation. During contraction, the uterus tightens, while the cervix relaxes to open up better.

It must be said that the cervix before opening is in the form of a dense circular muscle (you can imagine a closed fist), four centimeters high and three centimeters in diameter.

As a result of its relaxation, it opens its space of two millimeters of ten centimeters and ceases to be visible as a separate organ and simply stretches to a complete absence. It affects the contraction of the uterus, we can not.

These muscles, we can give the order to relax. Through the relaxation of these circular muscles, reflexively relax the cervix, thanks to which disclosure is more efficient and faster.

This is a proven fact, therefore, the preparation courses for childbirth are taught to relax all muscles during contractions and not to hold, as deep breathing combined with the relaxation of all muscles during a contraction provides anesthesia natural, effective cervical dilation and the opportunity to enjoy childbirth.

But making such a device is not as easy as it seems, because when the uterus contracts during a contraction, behind it and all the other muscles of the body tend to tense, but such behavior in contraction is fundamentally incorrect.

In order for the magic device to become the examination (in labor), you must practice beforehand, then the body will remember the sequence of actions and in labor you will not need to think about breathing and relaxing there.

The training is simple: lie down, press the muscles of the arms and legs with great force, while trying to keep the floor of the pelvis and facial muscles completely relaxed.

It is necessary to breathe deeply and correctly during childbirth, I will explain below how. Probalo

Well what happened It is necessary to achieve a stable positive result!

Practice at any time, as soon as you think about this exercise.

Breathing technique in fights.

It is very simple and uncomplicated: a slow and deep breathing through the nose in four counts, and even a slower exhalation through the mouth in six counts.

Pay attention to exhale through the mouth, the lips should be as relaxed as possible!

Adequate breathing during labor: breathing technique in contractions, breathing attempts.

You can exhale “horse” when the lips fluctuate from the exhaled air. A wonderful “horse” breathing technique helps to relax the mouth and neck even better.

Remember, the fight pressures you and her: free breathing and maximum relaxation of all muscles, especially the face! Well, swinging your hips in an upright position, generally something!

So you can live any fight (live, a keyword) and enjoy the birth!

In the second phase of childbirth, in the period of need, the breathing changes by itself, but if one does not know in advance, it can easily spoil during attempts by an incorrect approach.

If we remember the physiology of the fatal period, this is the moment when, in the next fight, a woman feels pressure on the rectum, this sensation is one to one similar to the desire to go to the bathroom on a large scale.

This means that the head of the child has passed through the neck and has descended into the vagina, there is a desire to push, and the lower the head of the baby, the stronger this feeling is. A physiological reflex of expulsion of the fetus appears.

During his time, he stands up irresistibly, but if the baby’s head does not lower enough, then he should bend over and not push so that the tissues have time to adjust to the volume of the nascent head and not tear.

It is very difficult to restrict this reflex if you do not know how to breathe properly during labor, especially during this period. Therefore, when the doctor or midwife says to be patient and not to push, you can stop the full force of the attempts with the help of breathing “dog”.

And when it is given a good push to avoid small hemorrhages in the eyes, the cheeks and the neck, it must correctly direct the air during the breathing.

Until now, some doctors and midwives of the old school, forced to push with the mouth closed and the chin pressed against the chest, which creates a very strong tension in the face and the vessels of the head. We will not do that!

Breathing technique

When asked to push, the air quickly takes a lot, the mouth open. We hold our breath, blocking the air outlet at the level of the vocal cords.

Do not close your mouth!

If you close your mouth, there will be a lot of pressure on the top of your head, which we want to avoid.

Adequate breathing during labor: breathing technique in contractions, breathing attempts.

They took the air and as if they swallowed it, while the mouth is not closed. Then the lower lobes of the lungs open, press the diaphragm, the diaphragm lowers and the abdominal wall is pushed forward.

Thus, we launched the whole muscular care mechanism of the uterus in the attempts.

The diaphragm and abs are very powerful and useful assistants for the uterus to move the child through the birth canal. And, keeping the air with the mouth open, blocking the exhalation at the level of the vocal cords, we direct all the force of the attempt downwards, and there is no tension in the face.

Exhale after attempts to make your mouth slowly! So that the child does not retract abruptly, the exhalation must be smooth and the child is fixed at the level at which he has advanced.

With the next attempt, the child will not have to start from the previous point. And with each attempt, it will gradually advance. That’s all about breathing in childbirth.

To sum up.

Briefly, during fights, breathe slowly and deeply with relaxed muscles, breathe with a dog in an attempt, it becomes a delay of deep breathing at the level of the vocal cords with the mouth open and the child’s air is expelled by this air.

I was happy to share the necessary information. Sincerely, Galina Voronina.

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