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Baby carrier: which is better kangaroo or sling? How to choose a sling

With the birth of a baby, many parents think of the best way to transport a newborn baby more comfortably.

Baby carrier: which is better kangaroo or sling? How to choose a sling

Most babies do not lie in their beds.

They want to be in Mom’s hands all the time. And this is quite understandable.

The man is so willing that his baby is born far from being mature and not independent.

The child depends on the mother. And that’s why she wants to be with her all the time.

But the mother is difficult to constantly carry the baby in her arms.

So parents think about how to facilitate the transportation of a newborn child.

There are two intrinsically different carriers for newborns and older children.

They differ mainly in the distribution of the load on the bones and muscles of the baby.

The first type of carrier is the kangaroo.

This is, in essence, a seat for the baby and a series of frames for the child and the mother. That is, the baby sits on the seat, which is fastened by a belt and straps to the father and is also fixed by straps to this seat.

Baby carrier: which is better kangaroo or sling? How to choose a sling

You get a system of straps between the mother and the child, the baby is not pressed hard against the mother, her legs hang down.

And in this type of carrier the child is sitting! All the load falls on the crotch of the crumbs and his spine, which has not yet been strengthened.

For this reason, a kangaroo is only suitable for children from 6 months who are already sitting alone. But even then, the load that falls on the child’s crotch is not at all desirable!

This distribution of the baby’s weight is not physiological. After all, we are not sitting in the crotch, we are sitting on the buttocks.

So, why do we sit with their children, whose body is not yet strong?

Simple charges are also heavy for them, and this is not physiological, even more!

Several kangaroo manufacturers provide in the design of their carriers a horizontal position for a child and place the carrier as a kangaroo for newborns.

In this position, the child lies on a rigid surface of a seat rotated horizontally (for this, a rigid base is inserted into the seat fabric), approximately as in a bag. It is also fixed with straps and hangs to mom or dad by the belt and the straps of the parents.

Why is not such a method of transporting a newborn allowed? Because in this position we never carry a child in our arms, which means that it is not physiological!

If we look at the baby in the arms of the mother, we will see that it is lying down, almost coiled: the back is round, the arms and legs are bent and attracted towards the body.

And in a kangaroo, the child lies on its back, on a hard surface. This is not the position that nature has given him.

Why do many parents still choose this type of carrier for the child?

To many moms and dads it seems that the face should wear out their child, that is, the face of the father to the world, the landing of the baby is foreseen in all the kangaroos. What is it for parents?

They believe that the child is so interesting. However, all psychologists in this regard are united: it is harmful to take a child to the world!

It is detrimental to the unbalanced and not yet mature psyche of the baby. In this position, the child gets too much information when he gets tired, has no chance to get away, or can isolate himself from all these impressions and rest.

Therefore, for a better view of the child it is better to use it on the hip or on the back. Then, the crumb can easily turn around and collide with his mother, relax or hide if something scares him.

It turns out that not a single pediatrician, surgeon, orthopedist and psychologist will advise you to take your child, especially a newborn, to a babysitter. Kangaroo is not a carrier for newborns!

Note that for the parent holding the child, the baby sling is much more convenient than the kangaroo, the baby feels strongly attracted by mom or dad, there is no space between them, no belts.

So what is this miracle – honda?

A sling is a border of the fabric with which the child is attracted to the mother or father and replaces the hands of the parents, freeing them for other things. The baby in the sling is located exactly as it is in the mother’s hands.

Переноска для новорожденных: что лучше кенгуру или слинг?</p><p> How to choose the sling “/></p></div><p>If we consider the vertical position in the sling, we see that the baby’s legs are widely separated in the hip joints, knees are above the priests, the boy embraces father with legs and all cargo going to the hips of the baby, not the spine.</p><p>The back of the baby in a sling is round, the spine is completely relaxed and absorbs movement well when walking.</p><p>If we observe the horizontal position in the sling, we will see that the baby lies down as if it had just been held in his arms, not on his back, but on the floor of a barrel.</p><p>That is, the position of the child in the sling is completely physiological, it is exactly what nature has put. The sling is suitable for newborns and for children up to three years old.</p><p>But slingoryukzak is recommended for use in children from four months, since this transport, in contrast to the first two types of slings, is not as well regulated as the size of the baby.</p><h2>When choosing a baby sling for a newborn, you should pay attention to a number of nuances:</h2><ol><li>The fabric from which the sling is sewn. It is best to remove the slings from the fabric of the double diagonal weave scarf. Scarf is called for what is specifically used for making scarves. Its main difference compared to other fabrics is that it does not stretch either in length or width, but stretches well diagonally, which facilitates the adjustment of the baby sling. For newborn babies, there are woven scarves, they are more “hugs” for the baby and, therefore, it is more comfortable for him in such a sling.</li><li>There should not be anything extra in the sling! Remember that the sling is a purge cloth! That is, except for the fabric on it or anything and not! In the sling with rings, however, there are two more rings, but there are no more and there should be none.</li><li>What type of sling to choose? Everything depends on what do you want. If you are thinking about carrying a baby in a sling just at home or from the car to the store and back, a sling with rings will come. If you want to take long walks or do some chores with a baby in a sling, then you will be right scarf or slingoryukzak (if the baby is over 4 months). In general, it is better to have several different slings, because for each situation it is more convenient to carry a certain type of load.</li><li>The color of the harness must be chosen under the wardrobe of the parents, since the harness is also a fashion accessory that can complement your attire.</li><li>The first sling is best taken from the manufacturer, which has already established itself in the market in this product segment. For example, companies like Didymos, Ellevill, oscha, sunflower, Nati, Vatanai (Vatanai), Gypsymama (Jeepsimam) Mother Echidna, Cosmetics, Orsha Lyon, Hoppediz (Hoppedits, Hopp), Medley (Medley), Neobulle (Neobul) , Hartinass, Diva Milano</li></ol><p>It’s not worth saving when you buy a harness, so you can fully enjoy taking your child with you!</p>  <div style=

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