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Back pain after a cesarean: causes, effective treatment.

The body of a woman with pregnancy is undergoing many changes. This, for example, hormonal changes, when progesterone takes a real position in the body and relaxes the uterus, the smooth muscles of the intestine, muscles and ligaments.

Naturally, the load begins to increase in the spine and joints. If, before the start of an interesting situation, the patient had excess body weight, spinal curvature, weak back and abdominal muscles, osteochondrosis, then, of course, everything will worsen with pregnancy and back pain probably haunt this woman.

During pregnancy, many women are worried about the “pricking” of the nerves, which, after giving birth, can not only pass without a trace, but can also increase.

Possible causes of pain

Caesarean section is a rather complicated surgical procedure and, despite the popularity and prevalence in the world, it is fraught with technical difficulties and the peculiarities of a particular organism, and the conditions in which it is performed.

Back pain after a cesarean: causes, effective treatment.

As the operation takes place in the abdominal cavity, other organs are affected.

For example, the intestines, which can affect your peristalsis, because blood and amniotic fluid enter the abdominal cavity, surgeons dry out and, if necessary, wash the abdominal cavity.

As a result, the deterioration of bowel movement can be manifested by the accumulation of gas, a feeling of fullness, which produces pain in the back. For this, it is mandatory to activate the gastrointestinal tract and the enema.

With access to the uterus, the anterior abdominal wall is cut, that is, the skin, the aponeurosis, the muscles separate. After sewing these layers, the pain may also appear in the lower abdomen and the back (usually in the lower back) due to the tension of the tissues during movement.

The resulting adhesions in the pelvis after surgery can also cause back pain in the period of delay after cesarean, due to the tension of the ligaments and tissues in the pelvis. A back pain may begin after discharge after 3-4 weeks.

What to do if your back hurts after a cesarean section?

Get ready for pregnancy! Return the weight to the standards of your body mass index, exercise to strengthen the muscles of the back and anterior abdominal wall and, of course, do light gymnastics during pregnancy (in the absence of contraindications).

Back pain after a cesarean: causes, effective treatment.

Remember, the important thing is not the intensity of the training, but its regularity. During pregnancy, try not to gain weight, which will not benefit you or your joints, or your baby.

Try to lead a moderately active lifestyle.

After the end of the cesarean, after an average of 6-8 hours, try to start doing gymnastics lying on the bed.

Turn from side to side, bend the knees, raise the left and right legs in order, perform circular movements on the knees and feet.

Towards the end of the day, stand on the bed and sit down, lowering your legs. It is allowed to get up only in the presence of medical personnel to avoid falls, since after a long stay in bed you may feel dizzy.

After getting up, you should use a postoperative bandage that will help your muscles adapt after the changes in your body and support your spine.

Early activation is the prevention of many complications, including adhesions, but this does not mean you should let go and participate in business.

For three or four days, the patient receives painkillers, but if his back still bothers him, this is a reason for a more careful examination and exclusion of diseases associated with the uterus and abdominal organs.

Of course, for a postoperative period of quality, it is necessary to adjust the work of the intestines, the chair after the operation should be regular. Excessive stretching of the bowel with gas and stool may also respond to back pain.

After discharge

In the postoperative period, do not neglect the rest, let your family care for you. Participate only in one child.

Feed your baby in a comfortable position for you, so that the load on the spine is minimal.

Try not to load your lower back when raising a child. Use bathrooms to bathe, located at the level of the hands lowered, so that it does not have to be bent for a long time.

Also in the recovery of the spine after a cesarean section, will help with therapeutic exercises, classes in the pool (not before 6 to 8 weeks after delivery). Massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy.

The doctor will help you understand the true cause of the pain and will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Osteochondrosis and curvature of the spine also cause back pain.

It is important to remember that the work of internal organs depends on the condition of your back, so you should not give up a long but productive recovery after surgery and muscle preparation before pregnancy.

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