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Bathe a newborn: what you need to prepare, tips for bathing in babies

The first bath of a newborn is an important, moving and responsible process for parents. Why, after nine exciting months of waiting, delivery, discharge from the maternity hospital and, finally, the long-awaited baby at home!

Bathe a newborn: what you need to prepare, tips for bathing in babies

It is not recommended to bathe newborns on the first day of stay. For the little man who has just entered this world, he received his first vaccines, he met a group of relatives and his new home, in which already lived an army of viruses, bacteria and allergens, the load and so huge!

Yes, and mom after the kind of house you need to breathe a little. Therefore, the baby’s first bath traditionally falls on the second day of crumbs at home.

All parents, in one form or another, are preparing for the moment a new family member enters their home: your child!

For baby buy dowry – stroller, crib, diapers, etc. It is very important to prepare everything you need to bathe a newborn.

So, what should be prepared for the first bath of a newborn?

Here is a sample list of things needed to bathe babies:

  1. Bath to bathe the baby.

It can be absolutely any plastic bath, which is now a great selection in the store. It is important to remember that the bathroom must have a quality certificate and be absolutely safe for babies’ bathing.

Additional accessories can go to the bathroom, allowing the baby to be placed in the water, freeing the parents’ hands as much as possible: several slides. But this attribute is not mandatory.

In general, you can bathe newborns in a bathroom for adults, but most experts agree that before the umbilical wound heals, it is better to use a special bathroom for babies. By the way, they are not very expensive and are available to almost everyone.

Absolutely anyone! But it is also better to make sure of its good quality and verify the quality certificate. A thermometer is needed to ensure the optimum temperature of the bath water, since no one can accurately determine the optimum bath water temperature with one hand or an elbow or it is too hot or cold!

Without a water thermometer, you risk burning your child or a super cooler!

The towel to bathe a newborn can be anything. However, if you buy a large, soft and comfortable towel to bathe your baby, your baby will appreciate it for sure. Since the skin of infants is very fine and delicate.

It is easy to hurt her, and she is very sensitive to any contact.

Therefore, everything that your baby cares about, especially in the first days and months of your life, should be as gentle and gentle as a mother’s hands!

  1. Clean diapers or pajamas.

Well, this is understandable: after bathing, the baby should put something on. What will be, it is only the parents who decide! But the most important thing: after bathing the baby, you should put it on the CLEAN thing!

In the first month of life, only a fresh diaper or a pajama is definitely! Later, when the baby grows, it will be possible to change the baby’s sleepwear while it gets dirty.

This list is absolutely necessary for all children when they bathe! In some cases, supplements are possible in the form: body oils or powders, diapers, once or twice a week, all children need soap or bathing liquid, several herbs.

Preparation for the bathroom

And so, he has bought a bath, a soft towel for his crumb and is ready to bathe.

Bathe a newborn: what you need to prepare, tips for bathing in babies

What water to use to bathe infants?

Normal tap water will do. Yes, it is not necessary to boil and you do not need to add anything. It is necessary to boil the water only if this water does not come from the central water supply!

That is, water from a well, a well, an open reservoir, etc.

The water in the central water supply does not require boiling! Nor is it necessary for your child to add herbs or potassium permanganate if there is no evidence of this. That is, the herbs should be added when bathing, only if there is a problem with the skin: rashes, redness.

Sometimes the doctor may recommend that you bathe with herbs, specify why it was prescribed.

When obtaining a bath, we control the temperature of the bath water with the thermometer. No taller than 37 and no lower than 36.6 degrees Celsius!

In several thermometers there are special designations of a comfortable temperature corridor for bathing waters for newborns: smiling and tearful faces, green color of numbers of comfortable baths, etc.

While the bathroom is being collected for the first bath of your newborn baby, it is necessary to prepare the baby himself.

A certain ritual that you begin to form from the beginning, in the life of your crumbs, bathing, will help to establish the baby’s mode and prepare him for what will be next. That is, if you repeat the same actions before swimming, your child will remember them and know what follows.

And for the children of the first years of life it is the most important way of the day! A child feels safe if everything happens in a certain sequence. The ritual of preparation for the bathroom can be anything that suits your family.

But it is very useful if you give your child an air bath before bathing.

That is, leave the baby naked for a while. It is necessary to start from 5 to 7 minutes per session.

One day you can have as many air baths as you want. It is possible in every change of diaper or diaper and, obligatory, before the bath!

During the air bath, you can pet the baby, tell him that now he will go for a swim, some water will wash his hands, legs and face. Simply summarize affectionately today, what was good, etc.

In general, it is also very individual for each family.

And so, the water in the bathroom is collected. Bath water temperature 36.6-37 degrees. A fluffy towel is waiting for the baby.

In a convenient place for you, where you can dress your child comfortably, with a clean diaper or pajamas, diapers are prepared, if you use them, as needed: body oil, cream or powders. All

You can take your newborn for the first bath!

Baby bath

Naked baby gently, slowly, gently sentencing, omitted in the bathtub. If you decide to use the slide for the bathroom, place a diaper on it and place the baby on top.

If you are just bathing a baby in a bath, hold the head so that the ears are above the water.

Bathe a newborn: what you need to prepare, tips for bathing in babies

It is good to rock the baby up and down or back and forth a bit, it will give the baby pleasure and calm him down. The baby may even fall asleep while swimming!

It’s not scary.

The first bath of the newborn should last about 10 minutes, then the child’s bath time can be extended, focusing on the feelings and desires of the crumbs.

When you take a child out of the bathroom, you may cry, this is due to the difference in temperature between the water and the air in the room. You do not have to worry about this, just wrap the baby quickly in a towel and then gradually unfold it, so you can get used to the air temperature in the room.

After that, we dress the child for a night of sleep, most children bathe right before going to bed, although there are exceptions. The bath is very stimulating for some babies and they can not fall asleep for a long time, so it is better to bathe in the morning.

We buy and pack the redeemed and clothed child!

And that was the first bath of your newborn baby! Up to 6 months that you will bathe your baby every day, you can do it every other day.

To lather a sponge suitable for bathing newborns or just a soft cloth. After lathering the baby, you should pour it with clean water from the jug, the temperature of the water to pour must be 1 degree lower than that which is poured to bathe.

Poured, with poteshkami, prayers, it is possible with each bath!

And, of course, do not forget to prepare for the first bathroom of the newborn PHOTO-APPARATUS.

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