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Bedding for the newborn: the right choice of bedding in the crib.

Pregnancy is certainly an important and exciting period in the life of every family. This time is full of pleasant and disturbing thoughts, worries and problems.

After all, prospective parents should prepare for the arrival of a new family member in their home.

Bedding for the newborn: the right choice of bedding in the crib.

Someone begins to prepare a dowry for the baby as soon as he learns of the pregnancy. Others, until the last moment, do not buy or prepare anything for fear of complications.

But no matter how the future mom did not relate to the issue of buying things for a newborn, sooner or later, she still has to buy a stroller, a crib, diapers, vests and other things necessary for the crumbs.

Attached to the baby requires a lot. And it’s often difficult for young parents to navigate the wide variety of things in the market.

In this article, I wanted to tell you about an attribute as important for a newborn as bedding.

It would seem, what is so difficult – choose bedding? But after all, we chose bedding for the little man who has just arrived in this world.

Your skin is very sensitive to everything that touches it.

The body of the newborn is extremely susceptible to various adverse effects of its environment. Therefore, it is very important to organize this environment as safe as possible for the baby.

The newborn baby sleeps most of the time. Therefore, it is very important to organize a comfortable and safe place for your baby to sleep.

This will help us with the bedding.

What requirements should bedding meet for a newborn?

These are the main criteria to which you should pay attention when choosing a bedding in a child’s crib:

  1. Bedding for the newborn: the right choice of bedding in the crib.

    The most basic criterion is, of course, the fabric from which the clothes are sewn. Here the answer is unequivocal: the bedding for the newborn must be made of 100% cotton! The cotton perfectly passes the air, providing the baby with a comfortable sleep. Depending on the personal preferences of the parents, as well as the material wealth of the family, you can choose between calico, chintz, jacquard and satin. More expensive, but also better and denser, will last longer, it is better to tolerate frequent washing, while remaining soft to the baby’s skin. In addition, satin is distinguished by its beauty, brightness and smooth and shiny surface. Woven in a special way, this fabric has the effect of satin, the same silkiness.

  2. In no case should the bedding for a newborn child contain seams in the middle! That is, it must be sewn of whole pieces of matter. Anyone, even a flat shovchik, will hit the baby’s skin and cause discomfort. You can never dream of a quiet dream of a baby in underwear! And that means that the whole family will not be able to rest normally.
  3. Do not use buttons on the bedding! A baby can pull a button and swallow it, a button can press the baby’s tender skin.
  4. Be sure to see the quality certificate of everything you purchase for your baby! Bedding is no exception.
  5. It is important to choose the correct color of the bedding. Psychologists recommend taking soft and muted colors, because juicy and bright tones can excite crumbs and interfere with your peaceful sleep. It is believed that yellow tones make the child more cheerful. And if the baby eats little, the “tasty” colors (chocolate, caramel, honey, creamy) will help to whet your appetite. But purple, gray and black are not worth buying a newborn, it is believed that these colors inhibit the child’s psyche.

Standard bedding for newborns may contain a sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover. It is important to determine the size correctly.

But if you do not have a standard bed, if the mattress on the bed is thicker, then the size of the bedding will have to be chosen individually.

With regard to the pillow for the newborn, here my opinion is absolutely clear: until a year and a half the child does not need a pillow at all! Therefore, we are not going to talk about the pillow case.

In addition to the soft bed in a bed can be included in the bedding set. This is not a mandatory attribute, but it will allow you to create additional comfort in your newborn’s bed.

The soft side protects the baby from excessive light, drafts, and the adult baby will not be able to get entangled in the bars of the bed with the legs, which sometimes happens and gives the child and his parents more stress. The side can be purchased separately from the bedding.

In general, everything you buy for a newborn baby should be easily washed many times. From the baby often and dirty clothes and clothes, and things around him.

You need to be ready for this!

And how many sets of clothes will a newborn need?

There is no definitive answer. It all depends on whether you use diapers or not.

If you plan your baby to sleep with a diaper, it is possible that two sets of sheets are enough for you.

But if you do not wear a diaper, you may need 3 or 4 sets.

Since, despite the fact that you are going to put a sheet of rubber on the sheet and then another diaper, which will change as it gets dirty, the bedding will get dirty more quickly.

You can sew a set of bedding for your baby on your own. It is not that difficult, but it will give you much more pleasure when sewing and during its subsequent use.

After all, you will make this kit with your own hands and put a piece of your soul into it. The baby will probably appreciate it!

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