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Bepanten ointment: properties and characteristics.

With the birth of a baby, many parents face a series of problems associated with the very delicate and sensitive skin of the newborn. Diaper rash, prickly heat, irritation, this is not a complete list of problems that can disturb the baby.

Bepanten ointment: properties and characteristics.

Yes, and the breastfeeding mother will be able to face the problems of the breast skin and, in particular, the nipples. Cracks in the nipples of inexperienced young moms are far from uncommon.

In all these situations, both mother and baby need help. It is necessary to help the skin recover as quickly as possible and, ideally, also avoid new problems.

This is where the help comes from a wonderful tool for the care of the skin of the newborn and the nursing mother: Bepanten.

Bepanthen for newborns is a medical ointment, cream, lotion based on dexapantenol.

Dexapanthenol is a provitamin B5, which penetrates the skin cells, activates and becomes pantothenic acid, which has a regenerating, moisturizing and antibacterial effect on the skin.

The three forms are perfect both for newborn babies and for people with skin problems (dry skin, epidermal damage, sunburn, etc.) and can be used on both dry skin and open wounds, including crying

What is the difference Bepanten ointment, cream and lotion? And these forms differ in composition (several additional components that provide the necessary texture of the medium), in consistency and in purpose.

Why do we need Bepanten ointment for newborns and nursing mothers?

The structure of the ointment has a more pronounced therapeutic effect, provides a longer absorption, forms a protective film on the skin and all this is due to the fact that the ointment is thicker and more viscous (it contains beeswax, which makes this ointment), which means that it is deposited. thick sticky layer.

On the one hand, it is a certain lack of ointment, it is possible to stain the clothes and, on the other hand, the wax has additional natural antiseptic properties, which help to fight the infection, and that is precisely why a protective layer is formed in the skin.

Therefore, many moms prefer to use exactly the ointment of ointment to care for the skin of a newborn with diaper rash, thorny heat and several dermatitis, accompanied by dry skin. For the treatment of nipple cracks, the form of bepanten ointment will also be more suitable.

And in what situations is it better to choose the Bepanten cream for a newborn?

The creamy form of bepanthen is lighter and tender, absorbs faster, does not stain clothes. However, it is precisely for this reason that the effect develops rapidly, but persists much less.

The cream bepantin has in its composition almond oil, through which it has a quick visible moisturizing effect. Hence the purpose of this form.

For sunburns, light abrasions and wounds and for a quick relief of dry skin, it is also better to choose the Bepanten cream.

The Bepanten lotion has the most delicate structure and contains twice less Dexapanthenol (2.5%, in the other two forms it is 5% each). Therefore, Bepantin lotion is used instead of a cosmetic skin care product, as well as for the daily care of allergic and atopic skin lesions.

And the cream, ointment and lotion Bepanten can be applied to the face of newborns, the medicine has no contraindications in this regard.

According to the instructions for use of the ointment for newborns, the only contraindication to the use of this tool is the individual intolerance to the components of the medication. Very rarely, but may develop an allergic reaction to bepanten.

There is another form of bepantin – cream bepanten plus for newborns. Its difference with the simple bepanthen is that it contains chlorhexidine, because the bepanthen plus cream has more pronounced antibacterial properties and can be used on infected wounds.

How much does Bepanten cost for newborns?

The price of a bepanthen for a tube of 30 grams starts from 320 rubles for ointment and from 340 rubles for a cream (the cream is a bit more expensive, but it will last longer), but for a tube of 100 grams you will have to pay at least 570 rubles. However, a large package is more profitable than a small one.

If I mention my personal experience in the use of bepanten cream, I am very satisfied with its effectiveness.

The cracks in the nipples did not bother me, but my baby’s buttocks recovered remarkably with the use of the Bepanten ointment both in the daily care of the skin and in the treatment of the thorny heat.

He also treated the patient in the neck area, helped quickly and did not appear more than crickets, as he used prophylactically in the morning and at night in natural skin folds.

Instead of abstinence, the medication is very good, if you use it for the purpose for which it was designed and is appropriate for your case.

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