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Blueberries when breastfeeding: their benefits and harms.

Blueberries are one of the traditional and beloved by many berries in our country in Russia, blueberries attribute healing properties that helped to be healthy without doctors.

Blueberries when breastfeeding: their benefits and harms.

It helps rejuvenate, maintain tone and strengthen the immune system, prolongs life and replenishes the supply of vitamins and minerals. Modern doctors support the opinion of the ancient healers and recommend the use of this berry, both in season and in storage during the winter. And not only berries, but also twigs and leaves of a medicinal plant.

But if you are a nursing mother, is it possible for cranberries to breastfeed?

The benefits and harms of blueberries.

Cranberries are loved for their unique composition. These are vitamins C, groups B, carotene, P, mineral substances: phosphorus, potassium, copper, iron, chromium, manganese and many others.

It contains many organic acids, pectins and a special type of sugar, as well as tannins, and the rare beneficent beneficial substance oxicoumarin, which has anticoagulant properties.

The dried fruits are especially good for this purpose. No less widely applicable are blueberries for eye diseases and reduction of visual acuity, to treat problems with the digestive and urogenital tracts, for injuries of the oral cavity and diseases of the skin, for rheumatism or gout.

Bilberry will be useful in diabetes, regulates sugar levels and normalizes metabolic processes.

Bilberry also prevents the formation of blood clots due to the thinning of the blood, but at the same time it has the property of stopping uterine bleeding.

The main therapeutic effects of blueberries are antiseptic and astringent, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic.

Cranberry Breastfeeding

Of course, blueberries can be useful and fun when breastfeeding any mother.

It restores the supply of nutrients and helps in the prevention of many diseases.

But it will not be possible to take fresh blueberries if the mother has gastritis with decreased acidity, decreased blood clotting, intestinal obstruction or chronic hypotonic constipation.

Dry cranberries should be taken with caution in case of problems with bile outflow and problems with the pancreas.

Although doctors call the cranberry a hypoallergenic berry and there is no strict prohibition of its use during breastfeeding, however, in real life there are cases in which the cranberry gives a child a quite pronounced allergic reaction.

Sometimes, an allergy occurs in the mother herself, therefore, when eating blueberries during breastfeeding, care is needed.

Begin the knowledge of blueberries worth some carefully washed berries.

It is necessary to continue approximately one day for the baby’s reaction, taking berries in the morning. If the reaction is, it will manifest quickly.

Usually, this can be a rash and relaxation of the chair, or constipation. Then it is necessary to postpone the blueberries for one or two months and try it later, when the baby grows.

You can freeze blueberries in compote or in desserts. In this way, it is usually better tolerated.

In general, cranberry breastfeeding is not prohibited, but you should try to introduce yourself slowly and carefully.

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