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Breast massage: during breastfeeding, for breastfeeding, during breastfeeding, how to massage.

Sometimes, during lactation there are difficulties: the milk can be badly separated, the breast is compacted and poured, there are discomforts in it.

Breast massage: during breastfeeding, for breastfeeding, during breastfeeding, how to massage.

In this condition, breast massage during breastfeeding can be excellent. It is done with care and delicacy, with your hands, without strong pressure and pressure.

Breast massage during breastfeeding helps to stimulate breastfeeding, eliminates stagnation of milk and facilitates the process of sucking the baby, as milk flows more easily and quickly.

Breast massage during breastfeeding.

The breast massage during the feeding procedure is pleasant and useful. It can help solve several problems at once.

In addition, there is an improvement in blood circulation in the skin of the mammary gland, because it tenses and strengthens. And the use of special oils during massage can have a tonic effect, which increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, helping to restore the shape of the breast.

It also helps prevent the formation of stretch marks (stretch marks) that can occur both during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Breast massage for lactation.

A separate type of breast massage for a nursing mother is the stimulation of breastfeeding.

The mammary massage to increase the lactancia is realized of the following way:

  • It is necessary to lubricate the palms abundantly with safe massage oils for which there is no reaction of the child and the skin of the mother.
  • The left hand should be placed under the chest area and the right hand over the mammary gland.
  • Then it is necessary to carefully massage each gland, making special circular movements with your hands, as if you were rubbing oil on the skin. In this case, all movements should be light and not cause pain or discomfort, and the oil on the hands should not reach the areola of the breast and nipple.

This massage can be done for several minutes or after feeding, or throughout the day.

If you are not sure how to massage the breast to increase breastfeeding, you can seek advice from breastfeeding counselors.

How to massage the breast while breastfeeding?

In addition to the massage to stimulate breastfeeding, it can be carried out for other purposes: for the care of the skin of the breasts, to eliminate stagnation and seals, to combat stretch marks.

A light massage of the breast before breastfeeding helps with engorgement and with very empty breasts to facilitate the exit of milk and help the baby to suck.

The breast massage after feeding helps in the fight against the formed seals that the baby could not eliminate.

This massage should be done under a shower of warm water to eliminate spasm, open the ducts and facilitate the flow of milk.

Breast massage during breastfeeding.

Often, women ask if it is possible to perform a massage during breastfeeding, including a special one.

Breast massage to improve lactation is indicated for all women, and in addition to the technique described above, you can apply a caress from the periphery of the breast to the nipple, push the nipple, press and stimulate it (if there are no cracks) .

You can lean forward and gently shake the chest, it is a type of chest vibration massage to stimulate breastfeeding. All movements must be delicate and soft.

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