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Breastfeeding mastitis: signs of how it appears

During breastfeeding, if there are difficulties with insertion, cracking or stagnation of the milk, there is often a risk of developing a serious and dangerous infant illness: mastitis.

Breastfeeding mastitis: signs of how it appears

This is an inflammatory process in the mammary gland of purulent or purulent character, with the formation of abscesses often and a prolonged and difficult treatment, until and even surgery.

From the beginning, it is important to properly organize breastfeeding, so that the conditions for stagnation of the milk and infection of the breast are not created, and there are no prerequisites for the development of mastitis.

Symptoms of mastitis in a nursing mother

With the formation of breastfeeding, and even more, if you take prolonged breaks in breastfeeding, you can form strong jets of milk in the breast and stagnate when it is not completely empty.

At the same time, dangerous microbes of the staphylococcal or streptococcal type can penetrate through the nipple of the breast, which threatens the transition from non-infectious to infectious mastitis with the formation of pus and even abscesses.

How does mastitis appear?

The signs of mastitis when breastfeeding are usually quite vivid, and any woman may notice them.

The process usually begins with a local tightness in the chest with pain and discomfort.

The breast swells, it can not be emptied until the end, the milk in the breast stagnates, which leads to the closing of the milk ducts with milk plugs.

At the same time, initially the local signs of stagnation are also accompanied by general signs: deterioration, increase in temperature.

At the same time, milk in this stage is separated from the breast in a relatively normal way and the process of feeding the baby with this breast is not difficult.

As the process progresses, the formation of general lactostasis occurs with an increase in the lump in the breast and the formation of a painful infiltration, pressing the milk ducts and making it difficult to separate the milk.

Fever, symptoms of intoxication and increased discomfort.

The condition is severe, the temperature rises to high numbers, weakness and toxicosis are expressed.

A purulent focus when inflamed to the touch is softened, does not have a clear border or is surrounded by all breast tissues with a transparent roller, milk is excreted with pus, the breastfeeding process is very difficult and this condition requires treatment with antibiotics, and in the presence of an abscess, its surgical opening and drainage.

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