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Breastfeeding postures: correct posture for breastfeeding.

Feeding a young mother takes an adequate amount of time, and should bring pleasure and comfort to the woman. Therefore, the correct postures for breastfeeding are so important to him.

Breastfeeding postures: correct posture for breastfeeding.

Changing the position when feeding allows you to completely empty the breast in all the lobes, the mother does not get tired and the baby communicates actively with the mother when feeding.

At the same time, you can always choose for yourself some of the most optimal postures, both when feeding with a large breast and with a small one: the amount of milk does not change with respect to breast size

Breastfeeding poses

The correct posture when feeding your baby will play an important role in breastfeeding.

Often, by choosing the wrong posture, moms experience nipple pain, milk deficiency, and fatigue from feeding.

You can sit on the bed, lying down or sitting on a chair, it is especially convenient if you have armrests, pillows and leg supports. It should be convenient for you and the child.

If the baby is in an uncomfortable position, it will be difficult for him to suck and swallow the milk effectively.

It can only capture the nipple of the breast, so it can create cracks and abrasions on the nipples while remaining hungry.

In mothers, it can cause stagnation of milk and breast lumps. In addition, the child in an uncomfortable position will be naughty, nervous and will require frequent breastfeeding or refuse to suckle.

Correct posture for breastfeeding.

In addition, another factor in the choice of posture for feeding, especially at the beginning, will be the condition of the mother and baby.

If there are stitches in the perineum, the feeding in the sitting position will not be available for the first time, there are special postures for feeding after a cesarean, when feeding twins or when the child is weak.

The breast will be emptied more actively in the areas where the baby’s mouth is directed, therefore, the regular change of the position for feeding will allow the breast to be emptied uniformly and completely.

Baby breastfeeding poses

Today, a great help for mothers is the Internet and magazines for parents, you can see photos of the correct positions for food and, with the help of recommendations, also choose the most convenient positions for you.

So, the most comfortable position to breastfeed a newborn is:

  • crib or inverted crib
  • posture on the side
  • Pose with the baby under the arm.

Breastfeeding postures: correct posture for breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding postures: correct posture for breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding postures: correct posture for breastfeeding.

Cradle – This is a traditional posture to feed yourself sitting with a baby in your arms. With it, you need to sit comfortably in a chair or on the sofa, place a pillow under your back and replace a bench at your feet.

The baby is placed in the curve of the elbow of the arm of the breast that is feeding, with the second hand help to hold the child, firmly pressing his belly against his stomach. This version of the posture for breastfeeding is especially convenient, as the baby can rest around the breast.

A variant of this pose to feed small breasts, putting a pillow on your knees, so that it is located at the level of the nipple. The elbows of your hands can be placed on the armrests or pillows, so your hands do not get tired.

A cradle version: a crib is the position of the child in the opposite hand to the chest that is fed with the second free hand can keep the child’s head in a comfortable position and feed the breast.

The cross crib is also an option for a comfortable posture to feed a baby with a large breast.

It can feed lying on his side, the child’s body should be parallel to yours, and you should not put your hand under your head, you will get tired and your neck will be numb.

Better to put a pillow under the neck and head and relax. The upper hand will comfortably support the baby.

To empty the upper lobes of the thorax and the side will help to pose from under the arm. The child should be placed parallel to his side, the head resting his hand on the chest, the baby’s legs are placed behind his back.

At the same time, it will be convenient to put the child on a pillow and feed it without leaning towards it.

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