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Can a sweet cherry when breastfeeding? The benefits and harms of sweet cherry.

When breastfeeding, many women radically revise their diet, often denying themselves many products. However, a strict diet when breastfeeding is the wrong approach, a woman who breastfeeds should eat completely and variedly.

Can a sweet cherry when breastfeeding? The benefits and harms of sweet cherry.

Often, breastfeeding mothers ask the doctor or the forum of breastfeeding mothers if they can buy one or another product.

In summer, the choice of fruits, vegetables and berries is especially rich, I want to replace the supply of vitamins and the question arises: is it possible to have sweet cherries during breastfeeding, whether they harm the digestion and the health of the baby?

The benefits and harms of sweet cherry.

Fresh fruits are an important component of the diet of a woman who breastfeeds, are sources of vitamins and trace elements that are actively consumed during breastfeeding. The sweet cherry, in its season, is one of the favorite delights of many women, I want to eat it and the mother who is breastfeeding.

It contains a large amount of potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron, in addition, it contains copper, iodine, phosphorus and many vitamins. In addition, sweet cherry is an excellent prophylactic to prevent anemia and stimulate the formation of new blood cells, which is often a problem for people who have recently given birth.

In addition, due to the sweet cherry, it is possible to adjust the work of the digestion, since it contains a lot of useful fiber. When sweet cherries are used, the problems of constipation are solved gently, which is especially important for the postpartum period.

In addition, the sweet cherry, although sweet, is low in calories and helps in the fight against obesity, improves appetite and reduces cholesterol. Sweet cherries have anti-inflammatory properties, have an antioxidant effect and eliminate toxins from the body.

Cherry compote is excellent against colds and poor health, and cherry juice fights depression.

How to use sweet cherry during breastfeeding.

For the sweet cherry to bring the maximum benefits, it must be used correctly.

  • When buying cherries, look at the cuttings of the berries, they should be green, not yellow.
  • The berries should be bright, dense and free from damage.
  • Before eating, you should rinse well with hot running water and, in a single step, you should not eat much at once, divide the cherry into a divided dose. This will help to track the reaction to the new product in the young child and will avoid unpleasant symptoms of allergies in the child.
  • They eat sweet cherries, either one hour after a meal or half an hour before, to avoid indigestion and swelling in the mother and baby.

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