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Can breastfeeding mothers breastfeed?

At the end of summer juicy melons appear on the shelves that nursing mothers want to try. The question always arises: is a melon possible when breastfeeding, because it is a special fruit, with an active influence on digestion?

It is necessary to understand this problem, so as not to harm the baby.

Can breastfeeding mothers breastfeed?

So, can you breastfeed mom melon?

Many anxiously await the appearance of watermelons and melons, since melons have a special sweet taste, a unique aroma and many useful vitamins and minerals, making it difficult to deny the pleasure of enjoying a delicate slice of melons. But if you are a nursing mother, you should be careful with this fruit.

Breastfeeding melon

Many mothers definitely refuse to eat melon crops during breastfeeding and this is not easy.

Unfortunately, now the cultivation technologies are far from perfect and these juicy and healthy fruits can be filled with nitrates and growth stimulants. This is especially dangerous at the beginning of the season, when the first early melons appear.

Such fruits are dangerous to eat, they can become sources of food poisoning and toxicosis. In addition, it is dangerous for nursing mothers and their babies.

The melon contains a large amount of sugar, which causes fermentation in the intestines and an increase in the formation of gases, which can cause colic and upset stomach in the baby.

In addition, melon has a high level of allergenicity, and a sensitive baby can cause allergic skin and intestinal reactions.

You can not melonear a nursing mother with gastritis, ulcer or diabetes mellitus, you must be careful with it in case of kidney diseases.

It is necessary to initially eat a piece and follow the reaction of the body. If the acquaintance has passed favorably, you can afford some slices.

But it is worth remembering that the melon does not combine well with other foods, it is consumed one hour after eating, separately from all other foods!

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