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Can I get pregnant the day before the month? Probability of pregnancy

The issue of unplanned pregnancy in women is always acute, often a pregnancy can occur even after unprotected intercourse, even if it happens, it would seem, in a day “without vote”.

Можно ли забеременеть за день перед месячными?</p><p> Probability of pregnancy “/></p></div><p>And then the women wonder if it is possible to get pregnant just before the menstrual period, because after ovulation, enough time passed and the ovum had to become unviable.</p><p>But doctors say it is impossible to give a 100% guarantee of the absence of pregnancy in the unfavorable days of the cycle the body is a dynamic system subject to external influences, which makes the pregnancy more complete even before the monthly periods expected.</p><h2>Can I get pregnant the day before the month?</h2><p>The capacity for pregnancy occurs during the period of ovulation, with the maturation in the ovary of a new ovule.</p><p>If shortly before or immediately after ovulation, unprotected sexual contact occurs, and sperm enters the genital tract, the egg cell is fully capable of being fertilized. This is in the simplest form.</p><p>The ideal option for the menstrual cycle is the appearance of ovulation exactly in the middle of the cycle, the sperm cells can survive in the female genital tract for up to three days. Therefore, the most flying days are three ducks before ovulation, the day of ovulation itself and three days later.</p><p>These data form the basis of the contraceptive method of the calendar, one of the most reliable methods of contraception.</p><p>But is it possible to get pregnant the day before menstruation, because according to this method, these days should be safe? The doctors say that it is quite possible, and we will understand why.</p><h2>The probability of pregnancy before menstruation.</h2><p>First, women have an individual cycle length and can be from 21 to 32-34 days, and naturally, for women with a short cycle, almost every day without periods fall on the days of entry.</p><p>In addition, there are options for an irregular and unstable menstrual cycle, when menstruation occurs at different times and it is simply impossible to accurately calculate dangerous and safe days.</p><p>Then it is necessary to consider literally dangerous every day, even before menstruation. And with an unstable cycle, it is very possible to get pregnant before the month for a week or even for a shorter period.</p><p>It is also worth remembering that ovulation and then menstruation after it occurs as a result of the creation in the body of a concentration of certain hormones, with an irregular cycle, there is a hormonal failure that can affect ovulation can happen in the wrong time, even at the end of the cycle, which will lead to pregnancy in the usual “nezaletnye” days.</p><p>The risk of such unplanned pregnancy increases in women after taking oral contraceptives, after sudden emotional or physical stress, climate change or even a serious illness.</p><p>It is a body’s way of using the possibilities of pregnancy and procreation due to irregular intimate life. And then you can get pregnant even the day before menstruation.</p>  <div style=

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