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Can I give birth with hemorrhoids: medical advice?

Hemorrhoids can not cause abortion.

Can I give birth with hemorrhoids: medical advice?

The question arises of what should be done to minimize losses to the body. After all, labor is accompanied by prolonged attempts, tension and pressure within the peritoneum.

As a result, acquired diseases get worse or appear for the first time.

If you are planning a pregnancy, then if you have internal hemorrhoids, you should undergo treatment with a proctologist with the use of general and local therapy. Do gymnastics, establish a daily regimen, balance nutrition.

As a result of the treatment, the condition of the vessels will improve, the walls of the veins will be strengthened and the inflammation will be eliminated. According to the testimony, you may have to remove the nodes to avoid complications during pregnancy.

The decision can only be made by a doctor.

During pregnancy, the doctor takes into account the negative effects of the drugs on the child’s fetus and its effect on the contractile function of the uterus. Some drugs can cause premature contractions or damage the baby’s development.

With herbs, too, you have to be careful.

Therefore, the selection of treatment, the emphasis is on local treatment.

In general, doctors prescribe suppositories with sea buckthorn oil or propolis oil.

With burning and itching they make cold baths, lotions. Use chopped raw potatoes or beets in the form of compresses.

You can make candles yourself with raw potatoes washed.

Make enemas to avoid constipation, but do not get involved, because it can cause addiction.

With laxatives you have to be very careful. First, they can affect the development of the fetus and, in the second place, cause a premature birth or a miscarriage.

If necessary, prescribe lactulose, as the safest means.

Before birth, no radical operations are performed due to general anesthesia. Only ligature of hemorrhoids with latex rings is shown.

If you take all preventive measures, strictly follow the doctor’s prescription, organize proper nutrition, do gymnastics and observe personal hygiene, the exacerbation of hemorrhoids during delivery may be insignificant and the woman may give birth without resorting to surgery.

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