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Can you go monthly during pregnancy? Why go monthly during pregnancy, its causes?

Often, with the onset of pregnancy, the question arises as to whether it can be with your periods. Many women claim that they had critical days of up to three or four months of pregnancy, but can this really be?

Могут ли идти месячные во время беременности?</p><p> Why I go monthly during pregnancy, your reasons “/></p></div><p>From the point of view of medicine and anatomy, menstruation during pregnancy is impossible, this is contrary to the physiology of the menstrual cycle and the nature of pregnancy.</p><h2>Can you go monthly during pregnancy?</h2><p>To understand the answer to this question, you must remember the knowledge of female physiology.</p><p>The menstrual cycle of women is a type of monthly preparation for pregnancy, in the first phase there is a rejection of the endometrium overcome and an increase in the level of hormones responsible for the maturation of the ovule.</p><p>The first days are menstruation, the release of blood and the growth of a new endometrium, then the gradual maturation of the follicle, which in the middle of the cycle ovulates and the egg leaves the cavity of the tube.</p><p>If it is not there with the sperm, then it is aging, the level of hormones is reduced and the “old” endometrium is rejected, which loses its functional importance: the embryo has not penetrated it. Then there is monthly.</p><p>If the ovum is fertilized, it migrates to the uterine cavity and inserts into the endometrium prepared for this, which gives it nutrition and protection.</p><p>Under these conditions, the level of progesterone produced by the corpus luteum – the place in the ovary where the egg cell exited is maintained at a high level, the endometrium is not rejected and menstruation does not occur.</p><p>But if there are periods during pregnancy in the early stages? This is not menstruation per se, but bleeding caused by various causes, and is almost always a cause for serious concern.</p><p>A small amount of blood can take the menstruation during pregnancy, but if it is about 10 days from conception, there may be bleeding from the implant.</p><p>This is the process of introducing the embryo into the endometrium, in which one in five women may experience a slight “daubing” for menstruation.</p><h2>The presence of “monthly” during pregnancy.</h2><p>Naturally, the presence of bleeding during pregnancy in the early stages is always a deviation from the normal course, but this can not always threaten the mother or the baby.</p><p>The most basic, which may be the reason why there may be menstrual periods during pregnancy, is the bleeding described above during implantation.</p><p>But it can not always be in the form of bleeding or even spotting, often the implantation is completely unnoticed for a woman.</p><p>Can you spend sparse periods during pregnancy? This is rarely possible with late ovulation and a long period of implantation, when the ovum does not have time to enter the uterus before the onset of menstruation.</p><p>But in this case, there is also a risk of spontaneous abortion, since the endometrium will be partially delaminated and, therefore, will not be consistent. Under such conditions, a delay may occur as early as in the next cycle, when there is a change in the hormonal background as a result of implantation.</p><h2>Why are periods during pregnancy?</h2><p>If this is not implant bleeding, we can talk about the pathology associated with the pregnancy and not about the period as such, but about the development of the bleeding.</p><p>If the detachment is negligible and the embryo is fine, then the woman’s body can stop the bleeding by increasing the production of progesterone and preserving the pregnancy.</p><p>In general, only small, insignificant secretions are produced. In more serious situations, there may be pain and cramping, and the bleeding gradually increases.</p><p>With these symptoms, you should immediately call an ambulance and be hospitalized in a hospital, doctors will try to maintain the pregnancy through medical procedures and prescription drugs. In addition, you must adhere to strict bed rest and rest.</p><p>The reasons for the detachment of the ovum and spontaneous abortion at a very early date, which the woman herself can take for menstruation, are tumors in the uterus, endometriosis, oxygen deficiency in the embryo and death.</p><p>Genetic defects of the fetus or defects in the placement of organs and systems can also significantly affect. Therefore, the body tries to perform a kind of natural selection and remove a potentially non-viable fetus.</p><p>With it, the ovule can be fixed in the abdominal cavity, in the ovary or in the tube cavity, or there may be another version of the cervical pregnancy.</p><p>All these pregnancy options can not be tolerated, they can cause bleeding and endanger the life of the patient.</p><p>If an ectopic pregnancy is suspected, an ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity and genitals is required, which will confirm the diagnosis. Unfortunately, such pregnancy must be stopped immediately to avoid complications.</p>  <div style=

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