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Cause of childbirth in week 39 of pregnancy, methods and techniques.

Often, expectant mothers are interested in the question of their gynecologist: how to accelerate the delivery in the period of more than 38 weeks. Why does this question arise at all?

Cause of childbirth in week 39 of pregnancy, methods and techniques.

Most women are probably tired of their condition, discomfort, impotence. They want to quickly acquire the old forms and, of course, they are willing to see their baby, take him in their arms, press him and kiss him on his delicate cheek.

There are many forms of fast delivery. The most effective, of course, surgical and medical.

But! In the normal course of pregnancy, the absence of a tendency to perenashivaniyu, no healthy doctor will not resort to these methods.

More often in the course of going fairly harmless, common recommendations:

  • Resume sexual life.
  • Go upstairs.
  • Drink castor oil or any other oil.

Of course, if the baby is not ready to be born, none of the recommendations will give the expected effect. Well, if you’re ready for birth, following these tips for a couple of days will help speed up the generic process.

If we talk about sex, it is not only safe, but also very pleasant.

The main thing is that a woman must have confidence in her husband: now she does not need the additional microbes, the child must be born through the channel of pure birth.

Induction of labor in this type of stimulation occurs for several reasons:

  • The orgasm is accompanied by the contraction of the muscles of the uterus, which can be a trigger for the onset of contractions.
  • sperm contains prostaglandins: powerful natural stimulants that are directly involved in the induction of labor
  • When stimulated by the nipple, a large amount of oxytocin is released into the bloodstream, which is responsible for the strength of contractions of the uterine muscle. A woman will appreciate the work of this hormone on herself and after delivery, when, when she puts her baby on her breast, she will feel strong cramping in the lower abdomen, especially in the first weeks after birth.

Moderate physical activity: cleaning the apartment, washing, climbing stairs, can also trigger the start of labor. Here the mechanism is a little simpler: the muscles are reduced, the blood flow to the uterus increases, the contractions begin.

The ingestion of castor oil acts on the body as a laxative. The activated intestine increases the activity of the adjacent uterus, after which labor activity often begins.

There is nothing wrong with this method, even if stimulation does not occur, at least the intestines will be cleaned.

The use of any method of labor induction is only admissible in the case of a normal pregnancy.

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