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Causes of the baby who cries in a dream (at night), what to do?

“Sleep like a baby”, they say about a man who sleeps fast. However, not all babies sleep well.

Many mummies face nighttime crying and often can not determine its cause. Today we will talk about why children cry at night and what mom can do in this situation.

Causes of the baby who cries in a dream (at night), what to do?

Crying babies are a test for all parents. It is no secret that healthy sleep is very important for a young child, as it is during these hours that it accumulates strength for development.

However, a complete rest is required and her mother, just resting, she can give the crumbs his love and good humor. How to respond to the tears of the night and what do you mean baby?

Baby crying at night – main reasons

Crying babies interact with their parents: they talk about their needs and problems: hunger, thirst, pain or the desire to communicate.

Older children through tears relieve stress and try to recover a comfortable state.

Why is a newborn crying?

Very small children scream in a dream for any inconvenience. Parents should not be left without such emotional manifestations.

It is necessary to raise the little man, pick him up, inspect, check if he is cold. What can cause the tears of the night?

  1. A moaning baby wants to tell you that he is hungry. If you look at your watch, you will immediately understand from the demanding cries that the time has come for another feeding. Usually, the newborn falls asleep quickly as soon as it is full of milk.
  2. Newborns often suffer from intestinal cramps, since their digestive system still can not cope with their responsibilities. It is the most difficult for artificial women, although children who are breastfed are not immune to this scourge. Try to give the crumbs special drops and take the handles, heating their heat.
  3. If you are sure that the baby is not hungry and does not suffer from colic, it is likely that he has faced and said that he felt uncomfortable, that he wants to change his diaper or diaper.
  4. Why does a kitten cry in a dream? He just does not have enough mom. He is already used to falling asleep in his mother’s hands, and when he stops feeling his presence, he begins to moan. In this situation, you can simply take the baby in the handles and wait until you close your eyes again.
  5. Not always comfortable for you, the temperature in the room is ideal for babies. If she cries, throws out her arms and legs, and her skin is covered in sweat, it means that the room is too hot. A baby with goose bumps and cold extremities is cold, needs to heat it or turn on the heater.
  6. If a one-month-old baby cries 24 hours a day and can not calm it, the problem may be in the excessive sensitivity of the nervous system. Show the newborn to the neurologist and try to find a way out of this situation with him.
  7. If the baby wakes up at night crying and does not calm down for a long time, it means that he is sick. The obvious signs of indisposition are fever, dry or wet cough, runny nose.

The following diseases can also cause night tears:

  • abdominal pain
  • stomatitis
  • Upsetting when urinating and emptying the bowels.
  • Inflammation of the middle ear.

In this case, you can not hesitate or hesitate, but urgently need to contact the pediatrician.

Why does a one-year-old baby cry at night?

The reasons why children cry a year or more, in most cases, are associated with the psychological characteristics of this age. Two-year-olds have nightmares caused by interruption of daily routine or excessive activity before bedtime.

  1. Sleep problems can cause a heavy or late dinner. You should make sure that the last meal was approximately a couple of hours before bedtime. And, of course, the food should be simple and easy.
  2. Often, the cause of restless sleep, interrupted by crying, is overexcitement. For him to lead unnecessarily active games, redundant impressions throughout the day. To avoid such situations, practice soothing night procedures: warm water baths, light massages and gentle movements.
  3. Without control watching television, early education with a computer can also cause nighttime crying. Young children do not need to see scenes of violence and cruelty, but harmless caricatures in large numbers. Communication with the blue screen should be reduced, especially at night.
  4. Excessively excitable children react sharply to family scandals, conflicts with their peers, fears and offenses that result in sleep disorders. Try to support, encourage, say sweet words to your child.
  5. Another cause of night crying is fear of the dark. Let the baby fall asleep with a night light if he is afraid of being alone in a dark room. So it will help the child feel safe and prevent the appearance of infantile neuroses.

Baby crying in the night – What to do?

If you are facing a similar situation when a baby sobs in a dream, you need to know why this happens. And so that the night rest of your offspring calms down and as long as possible, follow a few simple tips:

  1. Make sure you aerate the nursery before going to bed.
  2. Remember that the preferred air temperature in the room where children sleep is from 18 to 22 degrees.
  3. Make sure the baby does not bother with loud and loud sounds (lower the volume of the TV, install soundproof windows).
  4. Special attention should be paid to lighting – night lamps, lamps.
  5. Many children sleep better if their favorite stuffed animal is in the crib. Maybe you should get a stuffed friend and your son?

If he groans but does not wake up, do not wake him up. Check carefully to see if it is freezing, if something is bothering you, give it a pat on the head and calm it down.

A child needs the help of a pediatrician, the other just needs his presence. However, all children, without exception, need the love and care of the mother.

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