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Child character: basis, structure, family influence on the character.

Although the main features of the personality are manifested only in adulthood, it is in early childhood that the so-called psychological “foundation” is established.

Child character: basis, structure, family influence on the character.

The nature of children depends to a large extent on the genetic background, as well as the environment in which they are raised. Psychologists are sure: if parents want to raise a baby with a determined, kind and hard-working person, it is necessary to start from the moment of their birth.

Surely you have often heard phrases such as: “He has a golden character”, “A man with a strong character”, “She is so weak of character”. What is the character?

Temperament – the basis of children’s character

At first glance, it seems that a newborn baby is a kind of blank sheet in which parents can “draw” anything. However, children are different from each other from the cradle: some crumbs are quiet and they sleep very well all night, while others scream all the time and organize the sleepless nights of Mom.

Already in early childhood the temperament is manifested, which is the basis of any character. Under the temperament refers to certain dynamic characteristics of human mental activity: activity, balance, emotion.

Psychologists traditionally divide the temperament into four types.

  1. Choleric These babies barely suffer discomfort, are easily excited, irritated and are constantly moving (rotate arms and legs). Little choleric needs a constant presence of the mother. When raising them, parents need reassurance and composure, because crumbs need to realize their excess mobility. Hike, exercise and outdoor games will come to the rescue.
  2. Blood It is mobile, inquisitive, but unlike choleric, it is more balanced. Calmly related to strangers and new situations. These babies love activities, toys, and playing with mom, and if they cry, they can easily get distracted. However, to establish the correct daily routine, parents should try.
  3. Melancholic Children with a type of melancholic temperament are very sensitive, capricious. They often wake up at night, gradually gaining weight. They are vital for the caress, the encouragement and the praise of my mother, the stability of the surrounding world.
  4. Phlegmatic Such baby is very calm and balanced. Sometimes it seems difficult to stir. The small phlegmatic person likes to sleep, rarely cries and, in general, does not require undue attention. Your need to “bother” constantly, to awaken interest in games and training activities. He, as a melancholic, is extremely susceptible to rewards.

And if the temperament can not be changed, then it can develop the same quality in different ways. For example, intentionality can be transformed into obstinacy and obstinacy and inertia.

The structure of the character: what is the child’s personality.

Therefore, human character is a combination of moral, emotional, volitional and intellectual personality traits that are formed on the basis of temperament.

The individuality of people is determined by the degree of manifestation of these same character traits. Consider them in more detail.

  1. The intellectual traits are curiosity, prudence, observation and mental flexibility. If you want to develop similar qualities in your child, pay attention to what surrounds you: here comes a car, a dog barks, a bird flies. He also reads books, learns songs and poems.
  2. The emotional qualities are very difficult to develop with the help of the exercises, so you need to surround your baby with positive emotions from birth. You must teach him to take care of a pet, see good cartoons and movies, explain what empathy, kindness and sympathy are.
  3. To form the qualities of children’s volition (resistance, dedication, independence, initiative), teach them to persevere, establish a goal and achieve it, allow them to make independent decisions. Let the child choose the book he read at night, the clothes he will be walking with.
  4. To form a moral character in a child, such as decency, honesty, duty, you should not read the notation. The best way is your own example. And if the little man was wrong, offended someone, try not to scold, but to discuss the situation and find the best way out together.

The influence of the family in the formation of the child’s nature.

The upbringing of a human character begins at an early age, when mom and dad develop certain rules of behavior in relation to their baby.

Psychologists are sure: it is the family that has a decisive influence on the formation of a child’s personality and a strong character in a child. So, what should parents consider when raising their children from the first days of life?

1. Consider the characteristics of the baby.

Do not sculpt a baby the perfect image of a successful and intelligent child. Be sure to consider their individual characteristics, their temperament, as they are the ones who create a holistic personality.

2. Choose the appropriate parenting methodology.

To help moms and dads develop many early education methods, they wrote many manuals. You have all heard about them: these are Doman, Zaitsev, Nikitin, Cecile Lupan, Montessori and many others.

Each of these methods forms in the children the traits of character that will be necessary for a complete social life. Of course, it is not necessary to use any development technique, you can incorporate your own work.

The main thing is not to compare the baby with other children, but to surround it with attention and affection.

3. Create an individual mode

Newborns and babies need an orderly regimen, the observance of which gives children peace of mind and confidence.

Therefore, try to learn to anticipate the baby’s wishes, to determine periods of activity and sleep. The correct schedule helps take into account the peculiarities of temperament and shape the character.

4. Teach by example.

We have already said that children do not pay attention to long notes, but repeat after adults. That is why the baby’s behavior depends on the parents and the relationships in the family.

To form a strong character in your child, teach him to achieve a goal, encourage self-sufficiency.

The most important thing is that your actions do not disagree with your words. I mean, start raising a baby … with yourself.

This is the first step for the formation of strong infantile traits.

And even then, even if you are not satisfied with the characteristics of the temperament and character of the children, you should not strive to instantly eradicate these qualities.

Yes, the main personality traits are established for up to three years, but with proper care and attention you can significantly reduce your negative manifestations.

Therefore, the character of the babies depends to a large extent on the innate characteristics, the style of education in the family, the technique of development chosen. But the most important factor remains the attitude of the parents towards the child.

Under the guidance of empathic and loving parents, the child will certainly become a strong and interesting person.

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