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Choose a diaper: what to keep in mind? What to look for?

With the advent of disposable diapers, the life of “newly made” parents has become much simpler, but at the same time, parents may have difficulty choosing the right diapers for the child. Since some diapers can cause allergic reactions, irritation or just are not suitable for the baby. So, what to look for when choosing diapers?

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Выбираем подгузник: что нужно учеть?</p><p> What to look for? “</p></div><p>To begin, we will clarify that the diapers are disposable and reusable.</p><p><em>Disposable diapers</em>, As the name implies, they are not suitable for reuse. They are very convenient, especially when walking, visiting or in the clinic.</p><p> From the drawbacks, it can be observed that disposable diapers can cause allergies and the development of diaper rash on the baby, as well as its price.</p><p><em>Reusable diapers</em>, As a general rule, they are made of gauze folded into several layers. These diapers are less likely to cause rash and diaper rash (with frequent changes). Mainly created to protect the baby from intense contamination after urination or defecation, since most of the stool remains in the diaper.</p><p> Less: the need for a regular wash, the contact of a wet diaper with the skin of the baby, as a result, requires a more frequent change of the diaper.</p><h2>Are disposable diapers dangerous for children?</h2><p>One of the most common “fears” that disposable diapers can lead to the development of infertility in children, due to the fact that the temperature in the diaper is too high. To date, there is no scientific evidence that disposable diapers affect the reproductive system. There have even been studies to measure the temperature of the baby’s skin in different conditions (in diapers, sliders, disposable and reusable diapers).</p><p> During the investigation, the temperature of the child’s skin remained within the normal range, regardless of what the baby was in.</p><p>But even so, if you live in a region with a warm climate, it is not recommended to use disposable diapers for a long time in the “heat” of the child. It may not affect the baby’s reproductive system, but diaper rash, thorny heat and dermatitis can develop very quickly.</p><h2>What are diapers?</h2><p><em>The first layer (exterior)</em> Disposable diapers are arranged in the same way as the surface of women’s pads. It easily passes moisture inside, but does not let it out, and remains dry for some time (according to the manufacturers, up to 12 hours).</p><p><em>Second layer</em> It consists of a special absorbent, as a rule, it is cellulose or gel, which can absorb a large volume of liquid (several dozen times its own weight). Depending on the characteristics of their distribution in the diaper, they started producing diapers for girls and boys.</p><p> In diapers for newborns, the absorbent is evenly distributed, in diapers for girls it is more in the middle and back, and for children in the front.</p><p><em>Third layer</em> – created to retain moisture in the area of ​​the absorbent and to prevent leaks.</p><p><em>Brooches</em> In diapers – it is “sticky”, they allow you to adjust the waist. Thanks to them, a diaper of the same size can be used for large and thin babies.</p><p>In addition, from the leakage of moisture, special. <em>fists</em> around the legs.</p><h3>What to look for?</h3><p>You should not buy diapers for the future, as children in the first year of life grow very fast and gain weight. And the acquired diapers can become small for him.</p><p> On the other hand, a particular brand can cause an allergic reaction and you will have to reject it.</p><p>Buy a diaper of the required size, follow the recommendations indicated in the package. A small diaper can push the baby on the belly or rub it.</p><p> In a large diaper there is a risk of leakage and the baby will not feel comfortable with it.</p><p>If you notice that the child has a diaper rash, irritation, rash on the skin, in the diaper area, it is necessary to change diapers immediately.</p><p>For newborn babies, diapers with a belly button slot are available. Such diapers can be used until the umbilical wound heals.</p><h3>Take care of baby</h3><p>Although diapers are very comfortable and greatly facilitate the lives of parents, you should not abuse them. <em>Do not keep the baby in the diaper all the time.</em></p><p>The maximum supply of “strength” and “dryness” is 12 hours, but do not try it. To keep the baby’s skin healthy, it is best to change a disposable diaper every 2-3 hours. In that case, if you notice that the baby has jumped, the diaper should be changed immediately.</p><p> Do not save on the child’s health.</p><p><em>Give the baby the opportunity to stay longer without a diaper.</em> The ideal option is to wear a diaper to sleep one night, while walking, during a trip to visit or go to the clinic, and the rest of the time leave the baby without a diaper.</p><p> If this is difficult, then the best option is the air baths before the bath, during the massage, the gymnastics and at least a few minutes during the diaper change.</p><p><strong>Irrational fears</strong></p><ul><li>Diapers do not cause male infertility</li><li>When used correctly, do not cause cystitis in girls.</li><li>Do not lead to the curvature of the lower extremities.</li><li>Do not interfere with teaching the child to the pot, since to control the need to urinate and defecate, children begin at the age of 1.5 years.</li></ul><p><strong>The diaper fits the baby if:</strong></p><ul><li>Does not cause allergic reactions, diaper rash and skin irritation.</li><li>No leakage occurs</li><li>On the baby’s skin there are no marks and traces of rubber bands and buckles.</li></ul><p>When used correctly, disposable diapers are simply not interchangeable in the care of the smallest baby.</p>  <div style=

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