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Choose a stroller for newborns

Was your baby born or will it be born soon? Congratulations

This is a wonderful event that all family members are anxiously waiting for.

Choose a stroller for newborns

Preparing for the birth of a child is a very important moment for future parents. For the baby a lot of things are required: from diapers and vests to the crib and stroller.

In stores, in markets, and especially on the Internet, there is a large number of a wide variety of wheelchairs. All sellers shout that they have the cheapest, the strollers are the most comfortable and reliable.

And from the phrases “stroller transformer”, “stroller 2 in 1” or even “3 in 1”, “stroller cradle”, “stroller cane”, young parents have a headache.

How to understand this diversity? Who to believe?

How to choose the best stroller for a newborn? In what stroller to carry a newborn in the winter?

In this article, I will try to explain all these questions and tell you how to choose the right wheelchair for you.

Each manufacturer praises their particular product, so, how to understand what is best to obtain? What things give preference?

Let’s try to discover how to choose a stroller for a newborn.

History of history

For the first time the stroller was born in England, it was invented and designed in 1733 by William Kent.

The carriage was made for the six children of a duke, and it was not the car we were used to, but the car in which the goat or the pony were hooked. Consequently, the children who traveled in this first wheelchair were already quite old and could sit down.

Choose a stroller for newborns

For newborns, the stroller appeared much later! For about a century, the stroller was a great wonder, only the upper class could afford it, and the strollers looked like luxurious cars.

In 1840, Queen Victoria wanted to roll the carriage with her children, since the animals were not tied to the carriage, but she still needed to be dragged. Which was not very convenient, but the fashion introduced by the queen quickly spread among the wealthy people of England and later all over the world.

The revolution in the world of walkers.

In 1853, Charles Burton changed forever the principle of wheelchair driving: he placed a handle behind him, which allowed us to push the wheelchair in the way we were used to and considerably increased its handling.

The baby in the stroller has become much more comfortable, the viewing area has increased, but children can only sit in the stroller. The appearance of wheelchairs matched adult cars.

Only at the end of the 19th century, the wheelchair lost its similarity to adult carriages and acquired what we were used to: the cradle on wheels. From now on, they started carrying newborn babies in the stroller.

At the same time, in the United Kingdom, in 1877, Silver Cross began the first serial production of wheelchairs.

In 1889, William Richardson patented the reversible strollers, where the child could sit with his back to the parents and with his back to him. And, in addition, he made the wheels for the first time, which could rotate 360 ​​degrees independently of each other, which made the cars very maneuverable.

After the First World War, the passers-by were available to almost all segments of the population, except the poorest.

However, strollers were expensive for quite some time, so they often bought a stroller, it was cheaper than a crib and was used for a longer period, and they carried newborns in their hands. In the mid-1970s, walkers were available to all families.

The main types of wheelchairs: “cradle” and “walk”.

Here and now, no family can imagine life without a carriage. There are two main types of strollers: a “crib” and a “stroller”.

The stroller-cradle for a newborn is a box with a rigid and flat bottom, where the child fits. You can take a baby in a stroller of this type until about 6 months, after the child begins to sit, it becomes necessary to buy a stroller, which is essentially a high chair made of cloth with wheels.

The strollers are equipped with straps to fix the baby, which allows him not to fall when he is in movement, or not to leave alone when it is not necessary.

Strollers for babies: prices

The modern wheelchair market is very diverse by model and price. Prices for strollers vary from 1000 rubles for a stroller cane to more expensive modular systems, whose price can easily be transferred for 100,000 rubles.

And how much does a baby stroller cost for newborns? Strollers, cribs for babies can also have different prices, everything will depend on the brand of the manufacturer, additional options in the form, for example, rotating front wheels or bags for mom.

The minimum price for a new stroller for a newborn starts at 3-4 thousand rubles, depending on the region.

You can certainly save and take a used car with your hands. The main thing is that all the mechanisms are operational.

So, getting a stroller for a newborn is relatively cheap. Prices on wheelchairs of the secondary market start at one thousand rubles.

In addition, the used wheelchair has its own advantage: it is much smoother on the road due to depreciation mechanisms already developed.

The choice of strollers for older children.

So, what do you need to navigate when you buy a stroller? Here you personally need to understand what you really need and it is important.

That is, you must decide which parameters are the most important to you. And a child’s age is also important.

If we choose a stroller that is already a baby, definitely a stroller: up to two years, with the back sitting and lying down, after two years, the simplest and easiest stroller cane with a seated backrest can be cheaper than all the rest strollers.

Choose a stroller for a newborn

What kind of stroller to choose for a newborn? If you have enough money and space in the apartment, you can buy two strollers: a crib and a walker.

This is perhaps the most convenient, since no other stroller will be as comfortable for the baby as the classic stroller for the newborn!

Because the box in a simple crib is always very spacious, which is important for large children in the winter, when a monkey or envelope is placed on the baby, and the size of the baby increases naturally. In the classic crib, there is always a flat and tight bottom, with no additional curves and cracks, which guarantees the child a comfortable position on the back.

The base can go either in a standard chassis, where the wheels are fixed, as in a chassis with rotating wheels, which ensures a great cross of the cart. However, after the baby is 6 months old, another stroller will be needed, and this should be placed somewhere.

This is one less, and the other is buying two strollers, it is always more expensive!

In winter and summer – a stroller?

Another question that always worries parents: what car is best to buy for a newborn in the summer? There is no particular difference between winter strollers for newborns and summer ones, because in both cases we need one thing: to protect the child from the temperature behind the sidecar, in summer from the heat and in winter from the cold.

And what is the best thermal insulator? Of course the air!

Therefore, the isolation of wheelchairs, which manufacturers use in modern cribs (often are isolated, since the adult baby, who already travels in a cart, is much more capable of thermoregulation, which means that additional heating is necessary), has good thermal insulation properties Times due to high air content.

The main thing is that the ventilation windows are provided, and in the summer it is better to choose a clear skin, then it will attract less sunlight and it will heat up. Therefore, the stroller, which is placed as insulated for winter, will be the best option in the summer.

Modular strollers: three in one.

Now there is the opportunity to obtain a modular baby carriage “2 in 1” or even “3 in 1”. This is a platform with wheels, in which both the base and the module for walking can be installed in turn, and in the 3-in-1 baby stroller system also a flip-flop.

These wheelchairs will cost something less than two, since only one chassis is needed for their production.

The “3 in 1” system is also convenient because you do not have to buy a car base separately, it is completed and, if necessary, it can be installed in the same chassis, thus becoming a stroller.

However, these strollers have their drawbacks. The cradle in such systems is usually smaller than the standard one and it often happens that at 4 months the child fits with difficulty.

The cradle for the car will also serve you for about 6 months, then you should buy the next set of seats for the car.

The walking block is quite high, so the child will not be able to enter alone, which is a great inconvenience for some children.

Also, while using a unit, the second must be stored somewhere, and this is not always possible in our apartments. Well, and if some kind of defect is revealed when using the stroller, you will have to put up with it until the end of the use of the stroller!

Strollers – Transformers

In addition, manufacturers now offer the option of a wide variety of baby strollers for newborns.

The essence of these wheelchairs is that they can be transformed with the help of special mechanisms in a stroller for a newborn, where an additional soft box with handles is placed, like a bag, and in a stroller, for an adult child.

The disadvantages of these strollers are that they are heavier than other strollers, the safety belts needed for a stroller are interfered when a stroller is used for a newborn.

In addition, the crib bag is small in size, which can make it difficult to use in winter and with a large child. The main advantage of Transformers strollers for children is a stroller during the whole period of its use.

Highlights when choosing a stroller.

And so, we discover what cars are and what are their main advantages and disadvantages. Now let’s look at the points that are relevant when buying any stroller. That’s what you need to pay attention in the store:

Quality certificate.

Look sure The stroller must meet all safety standards and requirements, as it will carry a child from birth to 2 or 3 years.

Maneuverability of a car, and also its passivity.

This is very important in the conditions of our country. We, you yourself know, have roads, so the stroller should be chosen with large inflatable rubber wheels and, best of all.

The larger the diameter of the wheels, the more passable the stroller will be through the snow and mud.

The inflatable rubber wheels perfectly absorb the roughness of the asphalt, providing a comfortable movement for the baby. Of course, the punctures of such wheels are not excluded, but they can be easily repaired at any tire adjustment center.

In addition, it is very convenient if the front wheels can rotate 360 ​​degrees, independently of each other. This will literally turn the stroller with one hand without any additional effort.

However, such wheels must have a mechanism to block their rotation, since fixed snow is much more convenient for loose snow or dirt.

The weight of the stroller and its size.

The weight of the stroller is very important, especially if you live in a house without an elevator, since you will have to take this stroller to your floor, not only, but also with your child inside. This is an advantage for the weight of the stroller from 10 to 15 kg, especially in winter, when there is also a lot of clothing for the baby.

However, too light a stroller is not very good, because it is less stable and shakes the stones more, which is not particularly nice for the baby.

If you have an elevator, it is necessary to measure its parameters, before buying a stroller, so that the stroller can easily fit in the elevator! Well, the stroller should be good to go where you plan to keep it between walks.

Folding mechanism of the stroller.

It is important how the stroller is folded. If it is a walker, you should pay attention to whether it is possible to fold and unfold the stroller with one hand while holding the child with the second.

Consider the size of the stroller when folded, if you are going to transport it in a car, since not all strollers fit in the trunk of a large car.

The folding mechanism should work easily, should not make too much effort to fold or unfold the stroller, especially if it is a transformer car.

Material from which the stroller is made.

This must be a quality material that is resistant to fading. The skin should be easily removed so it can be washed. The interior decoration of the crib should not be white, the white color reflects the sun’s rays, will blind the child.

In addition, too bright colors in the interior decoration of the stroller for newborns are not welcome, it will be more difficult for the baby to fall asleep.

Height adjustable handle

This is especially important if parents of different heights. If the height of the handle can be changed, then each adult walking with the baby can adjust the height optimally for them and walk comfortably.

How easily and silently falls the backrest of the stroller.

This is important so that you can lower your back with the sleeping baby, without waking him. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the child falls completely in the lowest position of the back, since children who have moved from the cradle to the stroller and up to approximately two years, often fall asleep while walking.

The upper position of the rear part of the stroller should also have a comfortable angle of inclination, not too high and not too vertical. That is, a seated child should not fall forward or look at the sky.

The size of the space for the child should be sufficient.

This applies to both the crib and the crib for a newborn baby and the stroller. Often, the baby’s seat in the stroller is too narrow and shallow.

It is inconvenient for a child to sit in such a place, and very soon he will simply stop entering.

Availability of a basket for groceries, bags and additional pockets.

This is not the main criterion, but it is also worthy of attention. If you plan to shop with the baby in the stroller, the basket is very important to you!

Choose a stroller with a spacious and spacious basket so that everything you have bought can easily fit into it.

As for the bag for the mother, it is important to remove and hang easily, do not interfere with your carriage while traveling, it is comfortable when carried in the hand or on the shoulder. Of course, the presence of the bag is very convenient, since you may always need a napkin, a diaper, a bottle or a favorite toy.

Having a bag releases your shopping cart from the items you put in your bag!

Visor stroller

The visor is designed to protect your baby from rain, wind and sun. So pay attention to him. Most parents prefer that the visor can be lowered to the bottom, that is, completely close the child, if there is a strong wind.

In this case, there should be a viewing window in the viewer for the crumbs, otherwise you will not want to sit in a closed wheelchair.

General recommendations

If it is a two-in-one or three-in-one stroller, be sure to try to change the blocks and appreciate the convenience of each one separately.

When choosing a stroller for a newborn, parents often pay attention to the manufacturer. Here, if the stroller has a quality certificate and meets all the requirements listed above, it does not matter who and where it did it.

A brand is an additional expense, although, of course, additional quality guarantees, but if you do not have extra money, you can carry a stroller and a manufacturer not featured.

Polish cars have been tested in the Russian market. And this is not surprising, since Polish manufacturers pay great attention to the quality of their products, their cars are reliable and practical.

Also, finding components for Polish wheelchairs is much easier than for many other popular foreign brands. And most importantly, with all the advantages available, the prices of Polish wheelchairs are much lower. Although Polish manufacturers have a gradation in price segments:

  1. Elite walkers (Anmar Stellina, Roan marita, Navington corve).
  2. Strollers average price category (Tako, Prampol, Lonex, Anmar and others).
  3. Economic class strollers (Cacper, Bogus and others).

Let’s summarize our reasoning about choosing a baby stroller for a newborn:

  1. If the funds allow it, then the best way out would be to get a stroller in a pivoting chassis for a newborn baby and a stroller in an adult baby. That is, two different strollers for different ages of the child.
  2. If the two strollers are a bit expensive for you, take a look at the 2-in-1 wheelchair modules. This will save you money, but have a crib, just pay attention to its size and the stroller at a lower price.
  3. I would not recommend transforming strollers to anyone: very heavy, not very maneuverable, it is not particularly convenient for a newborn to have cracks and curves in a variant that is provided only for the little ones.
  4. Polish cars are no worse than other widely publicized wheelchair manufacturers. Therefore, buying strollers from Polish manufacturers is a real opportunity to save money without losing quality.

Well, what to choose at the end, it’s up to you, dear present and future parents. I hope our recommendations help you decide and buy a decent and comfortable stroller.

Well, those who already use the stroller, write their comments on specific models and manufacturers, help others choose a stroller for a newborn.

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