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Choose diapers for a newborn baby

Even though the diaper is a specific brand of product (Pampers of the company Procter Gamble) in our country, behind the scenes, it is customary to call it disposable diapers. This is probably due to the fact that the diapers of this brand were among the first to appear in the Russian market.

Choose diapers for a newborn baby

Now there is a large selection of diapers for newborns, and each year their quality improves and improves.

In addition, as a result of the investigation, the parents’ fears over the threat of diapers to the health and development of the child were dispelled.

Modern diapers Do not cause male infertility, do not cause cystitis, do not affect the curvature of the legs and do not interfere with the child’s teaching to the pot (if used correctly).

How to choose a diaper for a newborn?

Choosing a diaper is not an easy task, all children are individual and what fits perfectly one baby may not adapt to another. Therefore, as a rule, diapers for a newborn are selected by trial and error.

But this does not mean you have to “grab” the first available diapers, it is still better to be guided by certain selection criteria, you can also rely on the comments of more experienced parents.

Pampers for newborns – what to look for?

Size – As a general rule, the manufacturer indicates the child’s weight. An oversized diaper can be shaken, and a baby will not be comfortable.

So try to choose diapers for a newborn size.

Diapers are divided into types according to the weight and age of the child:

Up to 5 kg for newborns.

5-9 kg are calculated in children of six months.

8-14 kg for children from 9 to 12 months.

10-16 kg and 12-22 kg. For children over one year old.

Smoothness – The diaper should be soft and pleasant to the touch, should not rub the skin.

The diaper should not cause allergies.

Absorption rate – A good diaper absorbs fast enough.

Diaper moisture performance. – When pressing the diaper “full” with a napkin, it should be dry. If you see wet areas on the napkin, it means that the baby’s ass in this diaper will be wet.

The fasteners must be reliable.

The diaper should not have a strong and unpleasant odor..

Brief description of diapers of various brands.

Diapers mimes

These diapers are convenient because in the line of products of this brand there are diapers for each stage of the development of the baby, from a newborn (Pampers New Baby, Pampers Premium Care) to adult babies (Pampers Let Go shorts). There are also “economic” diapers (Pampers Sleep Play) and diapers are more expensive.

From the characteristics of these diapers can be seen:

  • The characteristics of children at a certain stage of development are taken into account.
  • There are models of diapers that are suitable for premature babies and small babies.
  • Do not restrict the movement of the child.
  • Thanks to special technology, diapers protect the baby from the greenhouse effect.
  • Double protection against leaks (reinforced cuffs, wide elastic side walls)
  • Reusable fasteners
  • There are models with impregnation (balsam).
  • There are class models “economy” and “premeum”.

Huggies diapers

The diapers of this brand also meet high requirements.

Characteristics of Huggies diapers:

  • Uniform distribution of fluids in the inner layer of the diaper.
  • The Babysoft material makes these diapers soft and breathable.
  • The fasteners are well attached even when using child care products (powders, lotions, creams)
  • The absorbable liquid turns into a gel, which guarantees the dryness of the baby.

When choosing this brand, you should pay attention to the fact that they are as small as possible and, therefore, have to move to the next size faster. Plump velcro babies very often rub their legs.

Libero diapers

These diapers are a good combination of price and quality. Soft and reliable, this brand also has an economic model of diapers “Everyday”.

Merries diapers

The diapers of this brand have an indicator of fullness. Many parents notice the excellent quality of these diapers.

But its price is much higher than that of other manufacturers.

Characteristics of merry diapers:

There is a fullness indicator, which indicates that it is time to change the diaper

Take into account the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the child: the ideal is to sit on the body, not to get off, not to slip

Gender separation

The inner layer is designed so that the air provides access to the child’s skin.

The elastic band of wide lycra helps to avoid discomfort and strong pressure on the belly of the baby.

The diaper is soaked with witch hazel extract, which has antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Moony diapers

These diapers are equipped with velcro without noise and a fullness indicator.

The new Air Silky material makes diapers softer, softer and more reliable.

Characteristics of Moony diapers:

  • Inner cotton: protects the baby’s skin from irritation.
  • Ventilation system – allows you to “breathe” the skin
  • Reusable Velcro
  • Absorbs quickly, safely “locks” the moisture inside the diaper
  • There is a soft cotton mesh in the thickened part of the diaper on the back, which reduces the sweating of the child’s back (prevention of stinging heat and irritation)
  • The Moony Newborn diaper model takes into account the characteristics of a newborn baby (there is a cut for the navel)
  • There is an occupation indicator.

GooN diapers

These diapers have the function of removing moisture from the baby’s skin.

Characteristics of GooN diapers:

Made of natural materials.

There is an extension layer that allows liquids to be distributed evenly throughout the diaper and does not crease.

There is a fill indicator

Made of breathable porous material.

Equipped with elastic buckles and a belt, which reduces the pressure on the baby’s belly.

Impregnated with vitamin E.

Diapers Fixies

More positive testimonials from the Extra Fixies class

Characteristics of Fixies diapers

Soft inner layer

Leak protection

There are models with a cut for the navel.

Bella drinks happy diapers

The optimal combination of price and quality.

Characteristics of happy baby diapers Bella:

  • Wide lumbar rubber
  • Wide and long Velcro closures.
  • Side wheels
  • They have a pleasant smell of green tea.
  • Soft, pleasant to the touch.

I would like to point out that most diapers are universal and suitable for both boys and girls. In addition, many manufacturers have models designed for a different budget.

Thus, Huggies has an economic model “Soft Dry” and the most expensive version “Super Flex double”, for Pampers – respectively, “Sleep Play” and “Baby Dry”, while Libero has an economic “Everyday” and a “Discovery” more expensive.

Disposable diapers greatly facilitate the lives of parents, save time in washing and provide a comfortable sleep for both children and mothers. Another important advantage is that the baby stays dry even during long walks and during long trips.

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