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Circle for swimming: buy the right circle, how to use a circle, bathe a baby in a swimming circle

A circle in the neck to bathe newborns has long ceased to be a marvel. And the question of where to buy a round to bathe babies is no longer relevant.

The circles in the neck for bathing babies are sold in all the big children’s stores, but on the Internet, their range is simply huge. Therefore, buying a round to bathe babies is not a problem now!

Circle for swimming: buy the right circle, how to use a circle, bathe a baby in a swimming circle

For those who have not heard of this accessory, let’s explain: a round to bathe a newborn child, this is a common rubber ring, which has a slot in one place, thanks to which you can easily place a circle in the Baby’s neck so that the head is above the circle and could not slip into the water.

To fix the circle around the neck, special fasteners are provided: adhesives or carbines. It turns out that the child in this circle for swimming seems to be hanging in the water, his head is on the circle and the surface of the water, and the body is all in some water.

Different manufacturers try to make their circles to bathe babies more comfortable, interesting and add several improvements, such as the rattles in the circle itself. It turns out that the baby is swinging in the waves and the noise of the circle in his neck is ringing. Actually, this is not absolutely necessary.

And what is needed? What should I look for when choosing a loop around my neck to bathe babies?

Choose a skirt neck for babies’ bath

1. The most important thing to pay attention to is a certificate of conformity of the quality of the products! Buying is not only a thing for the child, but also an accessory that should provide safety in the water!

Circle for swimming: buy the right circle, how to use a circle, bathe a baby in a swimming circle

Unfortunately, cases in which children are drowning in their own bathroom due to parental supervision and due to a swimming circle that is not of quality for babies are not uncommon. Therefore, we look at the required certificate!

2. A round for a newborn’s bath should have two separate sections for air: up and down. That is, it is necessary to inflate the lower half of the circle first, and then the upper half, through a separate hole for inflation.

This is a very important point, because if for some reason one half of the swimming circle is deflated, the second half will not allow your baby to sink underwater!

3. We look at the lock closures. The bras, which fix a turn to bathe babies in the neck, must be reliable!

They should not unbutton themselves, and the adult baby should not be able to unbutton them accidentally. Well, they should be easily attached, so it would be convenient for you to hold them fast after placing the circle on the neck of the newborn.

The fastest closures are velcro. They must be long enough so that the area of ​​adhesion is large enough, so that the closure is maintained safely.

But stickies have one drawback: an older child can accidentally unzip such a closure!

Therefore, the best combination of Velcro and carabiner. That is, in one half, in the lower part, which is in the water, and to which the child can easily reach with his hands, a carbine.

And in the second half, which is up and for her, the child can not reach, – sticky.

Why not two carbines? Because the carbine can easily weaken with the active movement of the baby, and the child simply slips out of the swim circle in the water.

Circles to bathe a newborn Flipper

Circle for swimming: buy the right circle, how to use a circle, bathe a baby in a swimming circle

And so, we chose a circle to bathe a newborn around the neck. Now let’s see how the child swims in it.

It’s simple: the child’s head on the circle and the water, and the baby is looking at everything around it. And the baby’s body is completely in the water, and the child freely moves his arms and legs as he pleases.

Thanks to this, parents can play safely with the child, show him something, tell them, their hands are free and there is no burden on their backs. This bathroom is also very useful for a child!

The position of the free body and the warm water perfectly eliminate the hypertonicity of the muscles and contribute to the normalization of the neurological processes.

Therefore, bathing newborns in a circle around the neck is welcomed by pediatricians and neurologists.

Over time, the child can begin to roll in the swimming circle, or rather with him, on the belly and try to swim in this position, on the stomach. This should not be scared.

The child does not hurt anything, and at the same time will train the muscles, which will soon help him roll on the ground. Here you just have to make sure that the crumb did not swallow the water.

At what age can a newborn baby be bathed in a baby swimming circle?

In the bath circle for newborns, you can bathe the baby from birth!

And how to put a circle around the neck to bathe a newborn?

Here each one comes with his own path. It is very convenient to place the swimming circle around the baby’s neck.

An adult holds the baby’s belly down, so that his head can look forward with freedom. The second adult, after having widely extended the ends of the circle to bathe, brings the edge of the circle to the baby’s neck, under the chin, and connects its ends from the back of the baby, fastens firmly the closures.

While the baby does not hold the head, this is the only way to go around to bathe newborns in the baby’s neck. When using the swimming circle, you will invent your own convenient placement method for you.

How long should a baby swim in a swimming circle?

As much as you would have bathed the baby and without a circle. That is, we start from 5 to 10 minutes and until the baby is bored or tired.

But time gradually increases. In general, all recommendations for bathing children are adequate to bathe newborns in a circle around the neck.

How old is a baby bathing in a baby bath circle?

While it is comfortable in your bathroom. Or until the child reaches the maximum weight for which the return he bought to bathe newborns (usually 13 kg) is designed.

Is it possible to use the circle to bathe newborns in the pool or in open water?

Of course you can! But here you have to be especially careful!

A circle in the neck to bathe a newborn is not a saving tool!

You should never take your eyes off the baby. And in no case should you use the circle to bathe babies more than two meters deep!

Your child’s safety in the water is your direct responsibility!

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