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Constipation during breastfeeding in newborns, babies can suffer from it and how to cope with constipation

A major problem for babies is the frequency of stools and constipation in newborns during breastfeeding. Often, a child’s lack of stool during the day is considered by parents as constipation.

But it is worth remembering about the physiological characteristics of breastfed babies that are significantly different from artificially fed babies.

Constipation during breastfeeding in newborns, babies can suffer from it and how to cope with constipation

What is constipation in newborns?

Constipation in children is called tight and painful stools “balls of sheep” or a tight cylinder, regardless of the frequency of bowel movements.

At the same time, when emptying, the child growls, tenses, cries and suffers serious discomfort.

For babies fed formula, the absence of bowel movements may also be considered for more than one or two days. But for babies it is not a pathology at all.

And therefore, babies can empty the bowels even once every two to five days, while the stools will have a normal consistency and a sufficient volume. This condition is not called constipation, but rather physiologically rare feces of the babies.

Can babies suffer from constipation?

Constipation in babies can occur only with problems in the health of the digestive system, and in general.

This occurs during prolonged fever, if the child does not receive an additional amount of fluid due to its loss by evaporation and respiration, as well as after vomiting or an intestinal infection, when fluid loss occurs without adequate recovery.

In addition, babies with intestinal abnormalities (megacolon and dolichosigmoid (excessively long and dilated bowel loops) may suffer from constipation).

When passing through them, the content is delayed for a long time, resulting in dehydration and compaction, which leads to the formation of constipation. Such states arise gradually from the first weeks of life, but they are rare.

Then there may be difficulties in emptying the bowels, hardening the stool and help may be needed.

How to deal with constipation in newborns with breastfeeding.

It is forbidden for babies to use the methods of “grandfather” help: use cotton swabs, a thermometer tip or a piece of soap to call a chair.

Mechanical irritation injures the intestinal tissues and the area of ​​the sphincter muscle, and soap, due to its alkalinity, causes a chemical burn of the mucous membrane. Such measures not only do not help, but only harm.

You can help your child use a glycerin suppository room, microlax enema or simple enemas with warm water of no more than 20-30 ml.

But it’s worth remembering that these are first aid kits and they can not be used constantly. With frequent constipation, you should consult a doctor.

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