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Development of the baby at eleven months: height, weight, gain, nutrition, vision, what should be possible, toys

Your baby is maturing every day, the first birthday is not far away. The child learned a lot and learned a lot during this time, but how many more interesting things lie ahead.

Physical development at 11 months of age.

For the eleventh month of life, the baby should score 400 to 450 grams.

The length of the child’s body increases from 1 to 1.5 cm per month. The circumference of the chest and head is 0.5 cm.

The teeth continue to erupt. For the eleventh month there may already be eight.

As a general rule, these are 2 lower middle incisors (cut in 6-7 months) 2 upper middle incisors (in 8-9 months) and 2 upper lateral incisors (in 9-10 months) and 2 lower lateral incisors (in 11- 12 months) ).

Neuropsychic development of the child during 11 months.

Her baby is already very big, she understands her requests and prohibitions and, of course, she does not forget to show her “me” from time to time, because she already has a great personality.

Motor skills at 11 months.

At eleven months, the child can:

  • Independently sit and stand
  • Climb to and from elevation
  • Overcome several obstacles
  • It can move quickly and on long distances on all fours.
  • A baby can drink from a cup or a cup, while he can hold it independently
  • Trying to eat with a spoon.
  • Free crouches
  • Music is presented with something of dance.
  • Everything starts to walk better without help. Most babies take an adult’s hand or swing with their hands. While walking, the baby swings, tilts the body forward, opens the legs and grasps the support.

Cognitive development

A baby at 11 months can play simple games of plot (feed the dolls, put them to sleep, bathe, etc.). He knows well and shows body parts about himself and other people.

Many children can build a tower of several cubes, distinguish colors, rings strung on a pyramid.

At the request of an adult, he finds and gives the right toy.

I really like children at this age to copy the actions of adults. Therefore, adults should carefully monitor their actions, since the baby can quickly adopt bad habits.

Nearing the year, babies are beginning to take an active interest in communicating with other people, especially children.

The taste and touch of the baby is actively developing. A child tastes a new food, is interested in touching different surfaces. It is very useful at this age, for the development of the child, to give him barefoot on the sand, the grass, the rough surface.

Give toys wet to the touch, lower your handle in a jar with beans, with jelly.

Speech development

At the age of 11 months, a child begins to imitate simple sounds, such as the noise of an automobile engine, the progress of a clock, how water drips, as animals and others say.

Try to encourage the child to talk as often as possible. Ask more questions, at this age the child understands 5 to 6 times more than he can say.

The child looks with great interest at the adults, at his lips. Start using simplified words (av-av, boo, bi-bi and others). At 11 months, in the baby’s vocabulary, about 4-5 words are so simplified.

Some crumbs have special words that were invented to refer to certain elements. For example, a baby can name a fish “tank”, pantyhose “oty” and others.

At 11 months, the child understands well when praised and when he is scolded.

Baby care at 11 months.

Regime and daily routine to 11 months remains the same. Children at this age, as a rule, sleep twice a day, eat 4-5 times.

Many babies at the age of 11 months are withdrawing from nighttime feeding.

At 11 months, the babies begin to walk, so you should pay attention to the baby’s shoes. It must be of a suitable size, with a sufficiently rigid sole, with a solid back, bending well and made of safe materials.

At this age, you can start or continue (if you have already started) to accustom the child to the pot. Do not forget to praise the baby, even if he just sat in the pot, it’s very important!

Pay attention to oral hygiene, especially if your baby already had teeth.

The rest of the baby care remains the same. Washing, bath, outdoor walks, massages, gymnastics.

Nutrition of the baby at 11 months.

For many children, the appetite decreases with the year, most of the time it is associated with teething, while others show their character. Be patient to feed the baby using various tricks.

Food in the form of a game, feed him and his favorite toy at the same time, decorate the dishes, try something delicious.

It is recommended to maintain breastfeeding, at least up to one year. Breastfeeding experts recommend breastfeeding until the baby refuses.

As a rule, at 11 months, the main products have already been introduced into the baby’s diet. This is a variety of cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish dishes, dairy products, cakes.

For a child of this age are suitable dishes of homogeneous consistency, chopped, with small pieces, steamed, steamed or boiled.

At 11 months, the baby can eat many dishes for adults, the only difference is that they do not add spices to the children’s plate and give it the right consistency. For example, stews with meat and vegetables can be cooked for the whole family.

Using for this not beef fat or chicken meat. Spices that adults add to the plates, and a portion of the child simply kneaded the fork into small pieces or into a puree consistency.

If desired, the baby meat can be crushed with a blender or divided into small fibers and mixed with vegetables.

Recommended products and their quantity for a child of 11 months.

Fruit juices – 90-100 ml

Fruit puree – 90-100 grams

Curd – 50 grams

Vegetable puree – 200 grams

Milk Porridge – 200 ml

Minced Meat – 60-70 grams

Fish puree – 60-70 grams

Minced meat liver – 30 grams

Cookies, cookies – 10-15 grams

Vegetable oil – 5 – 6 grams

Butter 5-6 grams.

Approximate diet of a child in 11 months.

Six o’clock – Breast milk or formula milk – 200 ml.

10:00 – Porridge (170 grams), 1/2 yolk of fruit puree (30 grams), bread (10 grams)

2:00 pm – Vegetable soup, puree 50 ml Vegetable puree 150 grams Puree of meat (or fish 1-2 times a week) – 60 grams Bread 10 grams, Fruit juice 50 ml.

18:00 -Kefir adapted – 150 ml of cottage cheese cookies (50 grams) (5-10 grams)

22:00 – Breast milk or formula milk – 200 ml.

If the mother has milk, ideal for the normal development of the child, it is considered that she feeds it with breast milk, at least 1-2 times a day for a year, and after the first year of life (as long as the mother has milk) .

Required exams at 11 months.

At 11 months, you must go to the pediatrician to evaluate the physical and neuropsychic development of the child. The doctor will weigh and measure the child, ask him what he can do.

The received data will bring in the history of the development of the child.

If necessary, give advice on care, nutrition, massage.

How to play with a baby at 11 months?

At 11 months, the child is able to find objects, so he likes it very much if he forgives him to choose between a lot of toys and give him a specific toy. Make sure you praise him, because he tries hard.

In addition, the baby is very busy with parts of the body that he no longer knows and shows. Ask him “Where is your (or your) mouth? Where are the eyes?

The child already knows how to play simple plot games, help him with this, feed the dolls, put them to sleep.

Consider the books with bright pictures with the child, give him the opportunity to turn the pages.

The child at this age is very active, so he likes to play noisy and active games. Particularly enthusiastic scream rocking, pulling, spinning, going down face down.

These games are especially good for dads, as they physically and reliably secure the baby.

What toys are suitable for this age?

Closer to the year, children increasingly like to play not with toys, but with adult objects. Do not repress your interest, because the baby can be given a tray, an old watch or a telephone.

Let him mess with them, exploring.

The toys themselves quickly bore the baby, so try to change them, but do not offer too many toys at the same time. This can quickly tire a child.

At this age, the baby is very active, it is not necessary to hold him back, try to talk to him more, count and show. Play with him and, through the game, he teaches independence, sociability, teaches to work.

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