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Development of the baby at five months: height, weight, gain, nutrition, vision, what should be possible, toys

At five months, the pace of physical development is slightly reduced, but the baby’s social and emotional development is increasingly active.

The physical development of the child in the fifth month.

By the fifth month of life, the child almost doubles his weight in relation to birth weight.

By the fifth month of life, the baby earns around 700 grams, and throughout the period from birth to 5 months, from 3,500 to 3,700 grams.

The growth of the child during the fifth month of life increases by 2-2.5 cm and during the whole period by 13-14 cm.

The circumference of the head for this month increases by 1.5 cm, and the circumference of the breast by 2 cm.

In the fifth month of life, the baby sleeps approximately 14 to 16 hours per day, while the duration of a night’s sleep is 9 to 10 hours.

At five months, some babies begin to cut their first teeth, so it is good to have hand toys that can be chewed. Also at the pharmacy, you can buy special tools that reduce pain and inflammation during teething.

Just before using it, be sure to read the instructions and, better yet, consult a pediatrician.

Neuropsychic development of the child in the fifth month.

The child is growing, growing, already knows clearly his and others’ and chooses who to go to the corrals and who does not.

Increasingly, the child begins to discern the intonation of the voice, so that before the tender and benevolent attraction he begins to smile, and upon hearing an angry and formidable voice, he may cry.

At five months, it is possible that the baby is already sitting with support, but you should not get carried away by this, since the child’s muscles and spine are not strong enough, which can lead to a violation of the posture and problems with the column in the future.

Some children try to sit alone and get up, but this is still not good, and if the child is supported by the handles, he can stand for a long time (3-5 minutes).

Children in five months can now choose their own toys. Then, the baby can shake a rattle for a long time, examine it and, of course, throw it in the mouth.

At the age of 5 months, babies can duff and babble, like to hear various melodious sounds, including those that they themselves make.

Also in the emotional sphere there is an intensive development, so if you carefully observe the baby’s reactions, you may notice joy, sadness, excitement, alertness, fun, fear, surprise, discontent and many other manifestations of feelings.

The baby can lie on his stomach for a long time, lean on his forearms, examine toys and try to reach them, all this prepares the child for an ability as important as crawling.

At five months, the baby rolls well with his back to the belly and his belly on his back.

Laughing and challenging laughing.

What else can a child do in 5 months? At this age, children are interested in adult food, a child can grab pieces of a plate, put them in their mouths or throw them on the floor.

With great interest, the child observes how an adult eats and what is sent to his mouth.

Development of speech at 5 months.

At five months, the child more actively imitates the speech of an adult. In their babbling, more and more vowel singers and repeated syllables appear (ma-mam-mam, ba-ba-ba, nya-nya-nya and others).

Vision and hearing at 5 months.

At 5 months, the child’s sight and hearing become even more perfect. The child gradually begins to distinguish colors, carefully examines faces, toys.

The visual perception of the image is combined with the touch, so the child loves to feel the face of the mother, touches the eyes, nose, fingers in the mouth, can pull the hair.

At five months, the child actively listens to the sounds of the environment (the ringing of the telephone, the sound of household appliances that work) and makes a wise attempt to find the source of the sound with his eyes.

If a child accidentally drops a toy, then he starts looking for his eyes.

At five months, the child learns to notice small objects and, better and better, follows the objects in motion.

Your baby already knows his name, turns his head when he calls him or mentions his name in a conversation.

Baby care in the fifth month.

Urination and emptying of the bowels become more rare, but this does not mean that hygienic procedures should be neglected.

The walks are getting longer and the baby actively participates in them, almost does not sleep during the walk, but observes everything that happens in a circle.

At five months, for the full development of the child, it is necessary to perform daily massages and gymnastics, at which time the procedure increases and the exercises become more difficult.

Nutrition of the baby at 5 months.

Although the child shows great interest in adult food, up to 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding is recommended.

A characteristic of this age is that during feeding, the child is often distracted from the breast, of course, because there are many interesting things around him.

Breast milk or infant formula: that’s all your baby needs now., But if you really want to add something new to your diet, you can start with a few drops of juice. As a general rule, it is apple juice, it is better to use freshly squeezed juice. To do this, rub a small piece of apple on a grater, put it on gauze and squeeze a few drops into a clean spoon.

Give your baby a chance and watch his reaction during the day. If the child does not have allergies and everything is in order with the chair and belly, then the baby has transferred this new product well and can gradually increase its quantity.

Required tests at 5 months.

At five months, as usual, it is necessary to visit the pediatrician to measure the height, weight, the circumference of the breast and the head of your baby, as well as to evaluate the neuro-psychological development of the baby.

No additional exams and surveys are required at this age.

How to play with the baby in 5 months?

During games with the child, it is important to teach him to manipulate objects. Choose bright toys for games.

When playing with a child, show him what he can do with objects, for example, that he can throw a ball, roll it, throw rings from a pyramid and thread it into a pyramid, or he can roll it. Now you can not repeat all these actions, observe and remember.

At five months, the child improves the coordination of the hand and develops grip movements, so it is useful to place the toys so you can reach them, while trying a little for this.

While listening to musical melodies, you can take the baby in your arms and dance with him, this will give him much pleasure and joy.

Children love to listen to funny songs, nursery rhymes and poems, sitting in their mother’s lap. The poems with a surprise at the end are especially entertaining for them, with time the baby will remember that in the end there will be a surprise and will be filled with laughter before doing so.

When bathing, dress a baby, call body parts, while touching them lightly.

Finger plays contribute to the development of fine motor skills and speech development.

What toys are suitable at this age?

At this age, especially children like to take everything they have in their mouths. Therefore, you should carefully monitor the purity of the toys.

Offer your child different toys in shape, size and weight, from different materials. Pay attention to the quality and safety of toys.

At this age, children love to look in the mirror. Hold the baby in front of the mirror, allow him to carefully consider his reflection and his.

The child is already big enough, and he likes to discover new interesting objects, surely he will be interested in a glass doll. Let him push her, watch his reaction.

Indispensable for the development of a child at this age of rattles, shakes them from one hand to another, grabs them and throws them.

Also needed for baby pyramid, ball, doll, doll and bath toys.

When rejoicing with your baby’s new achievements, do not forget to congratulate him more often, his recognition is very important to him at this stage.

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