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Development of the baby at nine months: height, weight, gain, nutrition, vision, what should be possible, toys

Although at nine months your baby still can not talk, but he already understands a lot, knows and can. Nine months is the time for the baby to master and improve another important skill: getting up on his feet.

The physical development of the child in the ninth month of life.

In the ninth month of life, the child is gaining around 500 grams of weight. During the whole life period 5900-6000 grams.

The body length for this month is increased by 2 cm. The circumference of the chest and head is increased by 0.5 cm during the ninth month.

Neuropsychic development of the child in the ninth month of life.

At this age, it is necessary to pay special attention to the development of fine motor skills, it contributes both to the development of speech and, in general, is very useful for the baby.

The development of speech in the ninth month of life.

At nine months, children are aware and understand not only their name and the words “mom”, “dad”, but also the names of many of the objects that surround them. If you ask a nine-month-old baby to show this or that object, a toy (which he saw earlier), then he is very likely to indicate it accurately.

In the baby’s arsenal there are many sounds and intonations, his babbling increasingly resembles meaningful speech.

Cognitive development

Your baby is becoming more and more aware of himself as an independent person. Then, at nine months, a child can distinguish his reflection in the reflection mirror of a child of a different age.

The child actively responds to adult requests to show a bucket, a ball, a spoon and other objects.

You can make simple requests, such as “give”, “in”.

Shows in the image, in the reflection or in the face of the parents nose, mouth, eyes.

At nine months, the baby loves to tear, crumple the paper, is interested in clay and clay.

You can take small objects with two fingers. He gladly takes the items out of the box or box.

Many children already know how to place items in boxes or jars and, at the same time, relate them in size.

The motor skills of a child at 9 months.

The baby can sit alone and sit for a long time.

Tracking skills are improving. So a nine-month-old baby begins to crawl, not “clapping”, but on four legs (leaning on his hands and knees).

The baby crawls more and more actively and over long distances.

Some children try to move on the floor in a sitting position, it looks very funny.

At nine months, a child can stand with support and take a few steps on the handle. Some, especially bright children, try to take the first independent steps.

At this age, children can climb on the couch, climb over small obstacles, climb down and up the steep slope.

At nine months, many babies go through the fear of strangers, but all children are individual, so some people can communicate with guests with pleasure, others, on the contrary, are scared, cry and hide behind mom.

Increasingly noticeable attachment to your favorite toys.

The mime of the baby more and more diverse.

Baby care in the ninth month.

Since the baby begins to travel long distances and studies the adjacent rooms, it is necessary to ensure that the environment is safe and, at the same time, interesting for the child.

Encourage your child to be independent, let him do some things himself, for example, while bathing, give him a soft tow in his hand, let him clean himself with a towel, try to drink from a cup, and so on.

Pay attention to the physical development of the child: massage and gymnastics are excellent for this.

Continue with the tempering procedures: “air baths”, procedures with water, outdoor walks.

Since many babies get their teeth at nine months, you can gradually teach the child to take care of the oral cavity. For this purpose, special toothbrushes for children are suitable, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Teach the pot, so that if the baby is awake in a good mood, immediately after waking up, it can be planted in the pot.

Nutrition of the baby at 9 months.

At the age of nine months, adult food occupies an increasingly important place in the nutrition of the child. The baby needs to chew, since the teeth are actively developing.

In nine months, the expansion of the child’s diet continues, the volume of products increases.

Little by little, you can go to dishes cooked more dense. For example, meat can be offered in the form of meatballs.

When passing food rubbed in pieces, remember that this should be done gradually. To start, crush the food with a fork. Give it to your baby in small portions.

After the child gets used to the new consistency, he can increase the portion. Next, try to give pieces of food.

The most useful cereals at this age are considered buckwheat and oats.

Recommended products and their quantity for a child of 9 months.

  • Fruit juices – 80 ml
  • Fruit puree – 80 grams
  • Curd – 40 grams
  • Yolk – 1/2
  • Vegetable puree – 180-200 grams
  • Milk porridge – 180-200 ml
  • Minced meat – 50 grams
  • Fish puree – 50 grams
  • Minced meat liver – 30 grams
  • Kefir – 200 ml
  • Cookies, cookies – 10 grams
  • Bread – 10 grams
  • Vegetable oil – 5 grams
  • Butter 5 grams.

Approximate diet of a child at 9 months.

6:00 – Breast milk or adapted milk formula – 200 ml

10:00 – Porridge (170 grams), chicken yolk 1/2 cottage cheese (15 grams), fruit puree (30 grams), bread (10 grams)

14:00 – Mashed vegetables (160 grams), meat or fish (40 grams), fruit (30 grams)

18:00 – Mother’s milk (or adapted milk formula) or adapted kefir – 140 ml of cottage cheese (30-50 grams) cookies (10 grams)

22:00 – Breast milk or adapted milk formula – 200 ml.

Required exams at 9 months.

As before, you should visit a pediatrician to find out how much your baby has grown and how much weight you have gained. In addition, the doctor will evaluate your neuro-psychological development.

At nine months, you should visit a number of limited specialists: this is a surgeon and a dentist.

In addition, a pediatrician will give you an ECG reference.

How to play with a baby at 9 months?

At this age, games aimed at the development of fine motor skills are useful.

You can start playing with the child in a game with a simple story. For example, a bunny is dancing, a doll is drinking from a cup, a frog is jumping.

It is interesting for the child to pick up a tower of cubes, place objects in the holes intended for them or simply place them in a box or jar.

Children love to play hide and seek. Cover a small toy with a handkerchief and the child will surely want to check if it is there.

Play with the child in the “ladies”, “magpie-beloboku”.

Roll up the ball, leave it in the box. Show and explain how to put rings on a stick, how to insert a lid on another.

What toys are suitable at this age?

Toys at this age should be geared to the full development of the baby. These can be: rattles, activity centers, pyramids, cubes, caps, toys with strings, musical toys, hammers with squeakers, soft books and books with thick cards, swimming toys and others.

You can make toys yourself, for example, fill transparent plastic bottles with cereals, pebbles or multi-colored beads. Just do not leave the baby alone with toys and small objects so that he does not choke on them or put them in his nose or ear.

Of course, nature has put a lot on your baby, but it can only be fully revealed thanks to you. Now the baby is the most active moment to learn the world, help him.

Give your child more time, work with him, tell him about everything that interests him, and then his achievements will not make you wait.

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