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Development of the baby at seven months: height, weight, gain, nutrition, vision, what should be possible, toys

Your baby is seven months old, which means it’s time for active research, new discoveries and adventures.

A seven-month-old baby is interested in everything, he controls his body quite well, but for now, everything also knows. For a successful development, give your baby more freedom and independence, just make sure the environment is safe.

The physical development of the child in the seventh month.

By the seventh month of life, the child is gaining in weight 600-650 grams.

The body length for this month increases by 2 cm. The circumference of the chest and head increases by 0.5 cm during the seventh month.

More often, the first teeth erupt at seven months. Usually, the first two incisors come out first, then the two upper incisors.

When children can be restless, they whine. Sometimes there may be mild fever and annoying stools.

Neuropsychic development of the child in the seventh month.

In the seventh month of life, the child improves not only motor skills, but also speech and memory. One of the main achievements of this age can be considered the fact that the child becomes more independent and independent of the parents.

What can a baby do in 7 months?

Motor skills

By seven months, most babies can crawl quite quickly and dexterously, even in short distances. In this case, the baby consciously crawls exactly where it needs (for mom, for a toy).

You may be walking for a short time with the support of an adult.

Independently sit and sit for a short time.

Cognitive development

The child quickly changes his attention from one object to another, to monitor the movements of the objects.

The baby at 7 months old is still very interested in his body, head, ears, hair.

Maybe with gestures, syllables to ask him to give him a toy.

He confidently turns his head towards the source of the sound.

Play with both hands.

It is a great pleasure to tear paper, open and close the drawers, remove them all.

It is easy to distinguish one object from another (only if it is familiar to him), understand what kind of thing in question, if you call the object familiar to the child.

At seven months, the hand coordination continues to improve, so the child can pick up toys from the floor, grab objects with the palm of the hand and change the toys from one hand to another.

Of all the toys, the child distinguishes the one that he likes the most, that is, that a favorite toy appears.

Shows tenderness to the natives, can kiss them, hug them. And on the contrary, it shows vigilance to strangers and strangers.

A feeling of jealousy The child may be jealous of his mother for another member of the family, or for the fact that she spends time not only with him.

The child is actively developing long-term memory. Recognizes family toys, objects, poems, songs, etc.

The child likes to look in the mirror, has a sense of humor.

As a rule, at this age, children do not like to be alone and follow mom on their heels.

Development of speech at 7 months.

The child pronounces syllables more clearly, the syllables appear in his arsenal using the tip of the tongue, such as “the”, “goes”, “yes”, “ka”.

At the age of 7 months, the child begins to duplicate the syllables (ma-ma, ta-ta, ba-ba, etc.), also tries to place the syllables on a string (ba-ba-ba, a-ta ta, y-da-yes and so on.).

He knows well and responds to his name.

He flicks his tongue, repeats laughter, sneezes, coughs behind adults.

View and hearing of the seventh month of life.

The visual analyzer continues to improve. At seven months, the child carefully examines the toys, the objects, concentrates on the details.

The child already knows how to focus on a particular subject and can already distinguish colors at an adult level.

A seven-month-old baby can track with his eyes even the rapid movement of an object.

The child begins to give preference to bright toys, books with large images.

Hearing is also improving, so the baby reacts sensitively even to the quietest sounds, turns his head unequivocally towards the source of the sound.

Child care for 7 months.

At seven months, babies can crawl, sit, learn to stand and stand, therefore, the environment must be safe for the child. Give the child a place to play comfortably.

This can be a playground or a warm blanket on the floor, surrounded by soft pillows.

If the plugs are low in your house, then, for safety reasons, close them with plugs. Keep all items that may be dangerous to your baby away and higher.

Teach your child to eat from a spoon, to drink from a cup.

Seven months is the age of active research, and for many children after an interesting and busy day it can be difficult to fall asleep. But sleep is very important for the development and health of the baby, so try to observe the daily regimen.

Feed and put your child to sleep at the same time, while accompanying the imposition of family rituals on the baby.

It is recommended to walk with the child outdoors 2 times a day and more often to ventilate the room.

In the seventh month of life, it is necessary to pay attention to procedures such as massage, gymnastics and hardening.

It is possible to bathe a baby at 7 months every day or every other day, while you can do it in a large bathroom. Duration of swimming is 15-20 minutes.

While bathing, do not leave the child unattended, as he is now very active and can easily turn around and choke on water.

Since the baby’s teeth are cut, pay attention to oral hygiene.

Nutrition of the baby at 7 months.

In the seventh month, the baby should be fed 5 times a day (after 4 hours) with a night rest of 8 hours, that is, the first feeding at 6 am and the last feeding at 10 pm.

As a general rule, at the age of seven months, the baby already receives the first complementary foods, therefore, in 6.5 to 7 months, it is possible to introduce a second supplement, provided that the child is fully adapted to the first type of food. prepared food. If the first dish was vegetable puree, the second will be porridge and vice versa.

The second supplements gradually over the course of 1-2 weeks replace the fourth feeding (at 18:00). During the rest of the feedings, the baby receives breast milk (or infant formula).

After the second complementary food is introduced, then for convenience and according to established traditions, in the morning the baby is fed with porridge (at 10:00) and at night it is given mashed vegetables (at 18:00).

At 7 months, the child’s menu expands and takes on the appearance of dinner, that is, the child begins to receive low-fat meat broth, which is gradually replaced by soup and vegetable puree. The ratio between them in volume is approximately 1: 2, that is, approximately 60 ml of soup and 120 ml of vegetable puree.

You can and combine these two dishes, then it turns out vegetable soup puree.

A seven month old baby can be given cookies, biscuits and wheat bread safely. The flour products are usually softened in broth (so that the baby does not choke on a piece that is too big).

From 7 months, you can add minced meat (chicken, veal, pork) to the child’s diet. Starting with small portions of 5 grams, gradually increasing to 20-30 grams.

With the expansion of the second complementary foods, the child must gradually become accustomed to other cereals: buckwheat, corn, then semolina and oatmeal.

If the child is not prone to allergies, you can expand the range of fruit juices and mashed potatoes.

When introducing a new product, monitor the condition of the child, especially the nature of the chair and the skin.

Necessary exams at 7 months.

At seven months, visit the pediatrician to assess the physical and neuropsychic development of the baby.

Prepare in advance the questions that interest you, for example, about the rules of introduction of complementary foods, about the care of the baby’s teeth and gums, the hardening, the prevention of colds and others.

How to play with a baby at 7 months?

In the seventh month of life, the baby is very interested in various actions with objects and in the study of their properties. While playing with your child, show and tell what you can do with the toys, for example, build a tower of cubes or lids, assemble a pyramid, etc.

It is very important at this stage to develop speech, to talk as much as possible with the baby during preparation, bathing, massage, gymnastics, bedding, games and walks. Do not distort or distort words, call them correctly.

Babies continue to be attracted to different sounds (now you can add aluminum foil, cellophane and tissue paper to the bells, rattles, bells and singing toys). The baby’s hearing is able to distinguish even softer and more delicate sounds.

Give your child freedom in action, let him make the pyramid rings or put the cubes together, even if he is not very good at it, be sure to praise and encourage him.

To stimulate the child to move, you can place the toys on a blanket or in the sand in different directions, so that the baby tries to reach them or crawl towards them.

You can put the toys in a big box, it will be interesting for the child to take them out and throw them on the floor, you can do it with him, which will have a lot of fun.

At seven months, the baby likes to turn, press, hit, shake.

What toys are suitable at this age?

In this stage, the child can offer: balls of different sizes, balls, a cube with toys inside, plates, pyramids, caps of different sizes and colors, cubes (preferably soft or plastic).

At seven months, the supply of protective antibodies that the baby received from the mother ends, and this means that the baby becomes more sensitive to several infectious diseases. Therefore, pay special attention to the prevention and protection of the baby against colds.

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