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Development of the baby in two years: height, weight, gain, nutrition, vision, what should be possible, toys

We did not have time to look back and your baby is already two years old. During this time, he learned a lot, grew and became stronger.

Now this is no longer a helpless little tot, but a little helper and an independent personality (well, almost independent).

The physical development of a child in two years.

In two years, children’s movements become more coordinated,

The indicators of a child’s physical development at this age are very individual, since they depend on many factors (inheritance, race, type of constitution, presence or absence of comorbidities, diet and others).

At the age of 10 years, the average body mass index is calculated by the formula:

10.5 kg (average body weight of a child in 1 year) + 2 x n,

Where n is the real age of the child (in years).

On average child’s body weight at two years is

for children – 12 – 14.5 kg

for girls – 11.5 – 13.5 kg.

The growth of 2 years on average is:

for children – 83 – 88.5 cm

for girls – 82.5 – 87.5 cm.

At two years, the child should have 20 dairy teeth.

Neuro-psychological development of a child in 2 years.

The child is already 2 years old, what should he be able to do and what skills should he have?

At 2 years of age, the child boldly steps on obstacles, maintains balance when walking on a narrow board. Regardless, eat and drink.

The motor skills of a child in 2 years.

The child runs well, jumps, crouches, climbs and descends the stairs, passes over obstacles. Very mobile and active.

You can hold a pencil, knead and pinch the clay.

You can make movements at the request of an adult.

Cognitive development of a child in 2 years.

Your baby should already be able to distinguish objects in shape, size and color. Therefore, a 2-year-old baby can correlate a configuration of a three-dimensional geometric figure with a flat image.

It is well oriented in at least three contrast values. You can put together a matryoshka, a pyramid, hats after the show.

It focuses on 3-4 colors, find them on request, some can call.

Drawing skills are improving: a child can draw horizontal and vertical lines of different lengths (short, long) within a sheet. You can say what he drew.

The child is becoming more intelligent, put a chair, if you need something, you can catch your favorite water toy with a net. It can produce several consecutive game actions, use substitutes in the game.

At age two, children love to imitate the actions and behavior of a close adult. Very often these are common everyday situations.

During the game, the child can build family buildings from cubes (house, fence, garage, chair, table and others).

Emotional development of a child in 2 years.

  • During the day, babies usually have an active and active state.
  • The child likes (is happy) when he gets a conceived action, as well as when the adults praise him.
  • Many babies in two years become stubborn, vigorously insist on theirs.
  • In case of failed attempts, refuse to act, may express dissatisfaction.
  • To attract attention you can gesticulate, act and even scream.
  • He reluctantly communicates with strangers, can refuse to communicate with them completely.
  • When leaving mom can cry for a long time.
  • Able to be offended, love praise.
  • Shows emotions actively when communicating with loved ones.
  • When he communicates with children, he smiles, gestures, expresses emotions with facial expressions and speech.
  • He is interested in music, singing, outdoor games, dancing.
  • I like watching cartoons, children’s programs.
  • In two years, the baby becomes somewhat emotionally restricted. Then, the child can wait a bit, after explaining to the adult.
  • The child is already able to understand concepts like “good”, “bad”. Remain calm about an adult’s instructions and requests: “collect toys,” “come to me,” “can not be,” and so on.

Speech development of a 2 year old child.

Children in two years understand a short story about family events. They can answer questions about these events (for example, what the child did at a party or during a walk).

You can make up to three simple instructions, sorry, help at the request of an adult. Well know the names of body parts, can show on request.

The vocabulary is expanding significantly (in the baby’s arsenal, from 100 to 300 words). The speech contains phrases of 2-3 words.

Begin to use pronouns and adjectives, prepositions.

You can talk about yourself in the third person.

Name and show the elements in the image.

Start asking questions.

The words Lite are gradually replaced by the correct ones.

Domestic skills of a child in 2 years.

  • The child eats everything cleaner, without getting dirty or dripping.
  • They can wash and wash their hands. Cleaned while with the help of an adult.
  • You can independently put on simple clothes (socks, hat, shoes, scarf). Partially undressed
  • He knows what and where he should lie.
  • Able to use a handkerchief.
  • Control your physiological needs, ask for a pot.

Caring for a 2 year old child.

To make the baby feel good and have a good mood, he had a good attempt to observe the daily regimen.

So, it’s better if the baby always has food and sleeps at the same time. At the age of two, a day of sleep of 2 to 2.5 hours is enough for a baby.

Teach your child personal hygiene. The child should wash daily (morning and afternoon), brush their teeth, brush their hair, wash their hands before eating.

If the child stays clean, then subconsciously he develops the need to do so.

The baby needs to rinse his feet before going to bed, in summer it should be done every day and in winter it can be every other day.

It is necessary to bathe the child at least once a week in warm soapy water.

At two years old, many children complete the development of the pot. Children can ask with words and signs (gestures).

Infant nutrition in 2 years.

Eating a 2-year-old baby is different from the diet of a one-year-old baby, but it is still far from being an adult diet.

The diet at this age can be four or five times only (according to personal preferences and family foundations). It is desirable that we take food regularly at the same time and between meals we take approximately equal periods of time.

A two-year-old baby should already have 20 teeth, so try to teach him to chew the food himself. At two years old, the child is quite capable of coping with small pieces of food that are not too hard.

In the diet, you can add several stews (curd, cereal, meat).

You can gradually introduce spices and simple ferries (dill, parsley, celery).

The soup must be present in the child’s diet at least 3 times a week. Borsch is considered the most useful, although it is recommended to cook it without tomato paste and pepper.

Tomato paste is better replaced with fresh tomatoes.

The bread should be included in the child’s diet every day.

From sweet children you can give cookies, vanilla cookies, marshmallows, jam, marshmallow. Chocolate is not recommended because it is a strong allergen.

It is also not recommended to get involved in pasta.

Do not do it on the diet of a 2 year old baby without cereals, dairy products and fermented dairy products. Since they are necessary for the formation and growth of the child’s bones.

The meat dishes must also be on the children’s menu. For a child of two years are suitable lean meat, lamb, veal, rabbit, chicken, liver, fish.

At two years, the child can be given a little pickle (to pick cucumbers, tomatoes, sauerkraut) for appetite.

Also in two years, you can expand the range of beverages, offer your child cocoa, tea with milk, jelly.

When you eat, teach your child to be careful, make sure the baby uses the cutlery properly.

Required exams at 2 years.

In 2 years, you must visit a pediatrician. The doctor will measure the height and weight of the child, if the neuropsychological development of the child is appropriate for the age.

Will give recommendations on nutrition, gymnastics, hardening.

In two years you must visit the dentist. They also prescribe control tests: clinical analysis of the blood, analysis of urine, stool in helminth eggs.

How to play with a two year old?

The main thing to remember is that a two-year-old child is not yet capable of long monotonous activities. All learning processes that develop a lesson should be fun and not lengthy.

At the same time, a constant change of activity is recommended.

In two years, the child is interesting to draw and sculpt, great! Get him a set of good pencils (wax can), safe clay, finger paints, an album and drawing paper.

Let the baby develop his creative abilities.

Learn new colors and shapes with your baby.

Teach to work and perform housework. Give the baby some simple tasks: put the spoons in place, wash the vegetables, put the pots in the cupboard, throw the garbage in the bucket and others.

Do not forget to praise the baby.

At this age, children love to play hide and seek. Explain to the child what to do. Let the child hide first, and you search for it, then vice versa.

You can hide the toy and look for it with your child.

It is also useful to play with the child in the games of the plot, games with imitation of everyday situations.

For the development of speech are appropriate: read fairy tales, jokes, sing songs.

What toys are suitable for this age?

At this age, children are very fond of realistic toys that are suitable for plot games (toy plates, furniture, tools, doctor’s games, hairdressers, stores and others). The most important thing is that the toys were not in abundance, from time to time it is better to remove toys that are already tired of the baby, and after a while to give them again.

The games of fruits, vegetables and animals are suitable to teach a child.

For the development of the child, cubes, pyramids, elementary constructors, manuals on the correct proportion of geometric shapes are needed.

At this age, you can buy dynamic toys for your baby (toys to roll, yulia, dolls, rocking horses and others).

For outdoor games you may need balls, hoops, gymnastics.

During the game, teach the child to consider two properties of the object at the same time, for example, color and shape. Let only put red cubes in one box, and green balls in another.

In two years, the baby actively develops independence and creative abilities. Help him, encourage him.

At this age, it is so easy to dissuade the baby from doing something, so do not scold him for minor mistakes. Let him not all go well yet, but try hard.

Praise and encourage your baby more often.

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