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Diary of the brownie, which will roll under the table.

I have a new notebook. I sit in the refrigerator, I write.

Three in the morning. The hostess eats sausages and thinks nobody sees her.

The cat throws. Sneeze

The baptized lady.

Read with a cat Kama Sutra. Well read

He laughed at the photos. But then they thought a lot.

The cat shits under the bed. I asked him: why?

He says, since it blew up. Worried

He asks me where to bury for a couple of days.

Khozhakin Khokhal crawled behind his sneakers and immersed himself in … the story. The cat was sitting in the closet and pretended to clean the dust there.

Hahle climbed up behind him, no, stumbled and broke his arm. I fell down laughing with the chandelier at the hostess.

According to the calendar – an auspicious day.

Hahal is not coming yet. The mistress of the nalupila, cat slipper. Now he does not speak to me.

I do it with that?

He sent a note to the cat with the proposal of the world. He pretended for a long time that he could read. In the end, he swallowed it and told me he agreed.

It seems I underestimated it. I hid the newspaper.

Hacked with a cat in one click on a scissor stone paper. No interest playing with him. Because apart from paper, you can not deliver anything.

Now lying on the bed and complaining of a headache.

Diary of the brownie, which will roll under the table.

The plumber came. I asked for a key for sixteen. I gave him

What is the habit of fainting?

Again pop censer again. I asked him not to smoke a lot. He said that once the money was paid, you have to be patient.

He insinuated about the recoil. He pretended to stop listening to me.

He told the cat that there are many vitamins in geraniums. What it will be …

The owner of the second day sleeps with the light. I turn off periodically.

It is difficult … I fall asleep every time to prayer. In my opinion, Yesenin wrote better.

Celebrate a cat’s birthday They drank valerian, they put up the curtains, they sang songs.

At night, he sat on the windowsill. The cat walked on the parapet and shouted that if it falls, then there will be no fig, because it has nine lives. So badly drunk that it becomes …

Looked with a planet animal cat. He says that all lions are stupid throwing because they sit on anabolic steroids.

I seem simply jealous.

He told the cat that if you sit in a box, you can really lose weight. Go, rzhu …

Tomorrow, our lady will visit us. We are waiting …

So they waited. Mom came lover.

He knew his bread and salt. That is, crumbs in bed and salt in tea. I do not like the guests.

The cat told me that I was a social phobia. I do not argue

A haxal in a mold made his relationship with his mother. Even a tolerant cat could not bear such impudence. Anyway, pissed off.

In the boot. On the right

The cat grabbed both the hostess and Zinaida Zakharovna, her mother. Haxal abstained. The cat suffered everything heroically.

Then he asked me if he looked like Jeanne Dark. How does he know about her?

They played football with a champagne cork cat. Zinaida Zakharovna stepped on her and flew her forehead towards the closet.

Now call him Zinedine Zidane. For the eyes, of course.

The mistress complained to Zidane for me. She replied that it was nonsense and she kept my cup of milk for me. This is a war.

Carthage must be destroyed.

At an emergency meeting, the cat declared itself neutral. Traitor

Nothing, I can handle it myself.

At night, strangle the grandmother. If only henna!

Now she also snores like a horse!

Today, at two in the morning, the hostess and the grandmother confronted each other in the fridge. I find kiskobludov on the Elbe, damn it!

Do not fight against the mood. All day I lay in bed with my grandmother, I saw season 27 of the Field of Miracles on DVD.

I remark with your comments.

I talked to the cat about string theory. They agreed that on the six strings the “eighth grader” is much weaker.

Ignition of the heating. At last

The cat thinks that the movie “Batteries are asking for fire” about workers in the housing and public services sector.

He told the cat that if you go up to the dinner table, this will establish his leadership in the apartment. He hesitated for a long time, but went up. The hostess appeared as always suddenly.

Flying by my side, he managed to call me shit.

At night, whispering in my grandmother’s ear that she should go home. He got up and went to eat meatballs. Women … There’s no logic …

The cat decided to stop eating kitekat. Walk angry, nervous.

At night, I went to the balcony five times, as in the bathroom. Kitekat’om takes a mile away. He broke up, but continues to claim that he can resign at any time.

But he does not give up because it calms him down.

It seems that the grandmother is going home. Glory to Perun!

Grandmother arranged outside. The cat shit (!) In his galoshes. It seems that she also got it.

Grandma did not notice, and trampled. He taught the cat to wet the crab. Decent fact.

Goodbye, Zinedine! You will always remain in our hearts! We will remember you like that, in gossip full of shit …

The icon has been dropped on the owner. My bowl is back.

It seems that we are beginning to find a common language.

He told the cat that the claws are better sharpened on the upholstered furniture. Now he’s sitting in a locked cabinet and yelling obscene chastushki over Brownies.

By the way, some very nothing.

Hahalyu pulled out the plaster. He arrived today. I study anatomy

They write that the clavicle breaks very easily. In it and for.

The lover wants to have a dog. Cat urinating in all the senses and angles. Let’s see who wins …

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